Monday, June 5, 2017

Just Another Manic May

OMG you guys.  I'll go through my same old song and dance for the two people who read this blog but sorry, didn't intend to take this long of a break, but things were apeshit for all of May basically.  Nothing bad, in fact it was all good, but things were constantly busy and I had to let a lot of stuff fall by the wayside for the sake of sanity.  The blog was one of those things, my music project was the other, and to a certain extent my workouts/weight loss stuff.  I hated it, but it honestly couldn't be helped.  I'm slowly adding those things back into my week, I'm feeling a bit like I'm trying to jump into a double dutch game without falling on my face!

I meant to do a longer post today with all of the updates about May and the cool shit that happened, but for now I'm just putting this out there to slay the dragon and so that people know I'm alive!  I promise to do the updates this week, but work is crazy again today and the day is slipping away from me!


  1. Meh, we will be here when you have time! We know you are a busy lady :)

    1. I know, I'm like other bloggers who are "sooooo busy!" ;)

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  3. Yay, glad you are back. Looking forward to the chaos updates.

  4. Hell, I have not updated since SEPTEMBER so a few weeks to me is nothing :)