Wednesday, June 14, 2017

June Update Part 1: Recommitting to Fitness

So now that May is over, it's time to get back to brass tacks when it comes to my health.  I gained about 5 - 7 pounds between the beginning of April until the end of May.  It's amazing how much that feels like now, I was convinced I'd gained like 20 pounds back based on how I felt and how uncomfortable my pants were getting.  It's not horrible I suppose, but obviously not great, so it's time to buckle down again and really get serious about getting closer to my goals.

I really slacked on my lifting starting in April, but especially in May.  I do have the traveling excuse to a certain extent, but basically my fitness was nonexist.  I knew that May wasn't going to be great for me, so before the month was out I committed to getting back on track and really pushing my strength goals again as soon as June began.

June has been going really good so far.  I decided to start up Fitness Blender's Mass Building program again and really try my best to push my strength limits.  I'm on day 17 at this point (I started right when I got back from Virginia), and I'm really happy with my progress!  My legs are starting to get nice and toned again, and my arm muscles are definitely getting more defined.  I have much less of a flying squirrel wing on my arms than before!  And I've been really proud of my strength progress.  I'm up to 50 pounds total on deadlifts and 40 pounds total on lunges.  My upper body strength is a frustrating work in progress since I'm really weak in this area, but I had an awesome moment the other day of being able to do 3 sets of 20 pound total chest flys.  I was very excited about it!  Any gain I get on upper body is a win, no matter how small.

I remember the first time I did FB Mass I was ambivalent about it and not impressed, but now that I have my fancy new weights, it's made really and truly pushing myself easier so I'm seeing way more of a difference in my body.  Being able to go higher on my lower body lifting amounts has definitely benefited my upper body as well.  There are times I still can't believe how much I've come to love strength training and how easy it feels compared to when I used to run.  It's not like it's a cakewalk, trust me, there are days I'm cussing, spitting and huffing during routines.  But it doesn't feel mentally like a struggle, and that's really nice.  It's nice to like what you do.

I was going to write about the nutrition piece in this post, but I am actually trying out a Fitness Blender meal plan, so once I got into talking about it, it was going to make the post 500 years long.  I decided to make this a 2 parter (June will be over basically by the time I tell you about June lol).  It's just that it's been an interesting ride on the nutrition front, so I wanted to make sure the whole post was devoted to that!


  1. I love that picture of you!! Your progress is amazing :) Now I am off to find a video on how those weights work..

  2. Look at all that bad ass progress!!! GO YOU!!!