Thursday, March 16, 2017

Thinner Thursday

Previous Weight:  181.2
Current Weight:  183.2
Difference: 2 pound gain

I was expecting that one this week.  It's been a weird week to be honest, I don't know if it's the daylight savings thing or the weather we've been getting but for the first time in awhile I've had a week where I am "down" and utterly unmotivated.  I actually took all of this week off from working out and have also felt like I'm constantly hungry for absolutely no reason, so my eating habits have been off.  Usually I have one snack a day devoted to whatever extra thing I want after dinner, but this week I've wanted to eat constantly.  It's very weird.

Part of me feels supremely guilty about it because I don't want to backslide.  I think the line between "I need a break" and "I'm making excuses and slacking off" is very thin, and I don't want to cross it.  At the same time, I'm trying to build trust within myself so that I can tell when I'm bullshitting myself and when I actually do need a break, and I really felt I just needed to take a few days off.  We've had a really busy week on both a work and a social obligation front, and I was also pretty physically wiped out from a yard project on Sunday, so I feel taking a break was needed.  I have a new Fitness Blender program starting Saturday, so it will be good to start something fresh and just get right back to normal.  Ultimately I think I'm just having a bad week, as humans are prone to do!

I really do think the weather has contributed a bit to my slump this week.  I like living in Oregon most of the time, but the rain can be really draining emotionally after a certain point, and we've had a really awful winter.  Besides the ice nonsense, it's rained nonstop and we've broken every existing record for rainfall that existed!  I read an article yesterday that in 5.5 months, we've reached the rainfall levels we normally get in a year.  I definitely believe it.  I used to kind of be depressed about summer and heat, but the last couple of years things have shifted for me, and I'm really becoming down during the winter and spring.  I didn't realize how much until we went to LA and I got some sun and felt so energetic!  The constant rain and grey skies definitely take a toll.  I really should get one of those happy lamps for my desk!  I take Vitamin D but sometimes wonder if it even does anything!  Thankfully we are getting a couple days of nice weather this weekend, so I should be able to finish up my yard project and soak up some sun.

Sunday I did a complete overhaul of our backyard all by my lonesome, and it was crazy but desperately needed.  I should have taken some pictures of the before and after, but basically I ripped up some garden boxes and rearranged things in the yard to have a much more low maintenance setup.  I used to grow a lot of vegetables but as any gardener knows, that's tons of work!  If I had the right setup I'd be more into it,l but my backyard is not only tiny but it gets punished by the sun in the summer, so my vegetables often ended up burned and stressed because I couldn't keep up with the water they needed.  We also have tons of slugs, so the bastards would eat about half the things I planted if the cabbage moths didn't land on it and lay their gross eggs first.  The last few years I've shifted to just having an herb garden and also hardy flowers like lavender and salvia, and it's worked out much better.  Not only does it require less water but I'm constantly using herbs for cooking, so it's very economical to have a huge bed dedicated to just that.  The flowers have resulted in a lot of honey bees and hummingbirds visiting the yard too, so that's fun!  I'm pretty passionate about honeybee conservation, so anything I can do to help the poor things out feels good.

ANYWAY, basically Sunday was rearranging my yard in order to better fit the goal of just keeping flowers, cleaning up things, and giving Molly more room to wander.  I'm pretty excited because I also took the existing garden boxes and turned them into one super tall box, so now I won't have to crouch to tend to my herbs!  I worked out there for probably 4 hours or so.  It was brutal, but I will say that the strength training I've done over the past year made the aftermath night and day for me.  Normally yard work would pretty much ruin me for a week, especially my lower back, but I woke up on Monday slightly sore but otherwise okay.  It was definitely draining, make no mistake, but at least I wasn't crippled.  I still have more to do this week, I have to buy barkdust to recover the yard, and also I need to buy new herbs for my bed since the ice storm killed everything except for my very stubborn rosemary.  (Bless that plant, I'm convinced that it's too mean to die).  I plan on getting mainly parsley, chives and cilantro since that's what I use the most of.  I also ordered a ton of sunflower seeds to plant, hopefully despite the stupid squirrels thieving them and Molly stomping around like Godzilla destroying Tokyo, I can get at least a few to grow!  Every year I plant sunflowers and only seem to be able to get one to grow thanks to all of the rascally animals I'm surrounded with!

It actually makes me look forward to summer.  I can't wait for everything to start blooming because I miss seeing my little hummingbirds everyday, and miss sitting outside and reading!

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  1. Oh my goodness. The mental image of Molly (aka Godzilla) stomping your plants just made me snort/laugh aloud!

    Hoping the sun starts shining for you again. I'm sure the weather definitely can play into a funky mood. Hang in there!