Thursday, March 2, 2017

Thinner Thursday and Doctor Musings

So, last week I told you guys that my scale was wonky and I was getting a new one.  I did my first weigh in on the new one this morning and I don't know.

Previous Weight:  186
Current Weight:  182 (???)
Difference: 4 pounds

I don't want to sound crazy and obsessive, but I'm having a hard time completely trusting the new scale.  I think I definitely lost weight since last week, but I don't know about 4 pounds.  Just to compare, I stepped on my old one and it said that I was 184.6, which sounds more on the nose so now I'm in a bit of a tailspin.  It didn't help that when I got the scale the other day and did the dumbbell test, it was typically about .4 pounds under (ie reading 14.6 vs 15 pounds).  The old scale reads 0.8 pounds over.  So either my dumbbells are totally wonky, both scales are inaccurate, my scales are accurate with bodies but not dumbbells or I'm legit insane.  (We definitely know the latter to be true).

Since it's the beginning of the month I also took measurements and lost 1.5 inches overall (0.5 in my bust and 1 in my hips!).  So I dunno, maybe I am 182.  I feel like I look thinner than 186 but also don't want to be delusional at the same time.  I actually have an appointment with my new GP tomorrow so I'll be interested to see what their scale says.  Unfortunately it will be after lunchtime, so even that will be a bit off, SIGH.  I may just try to eat a light lunch so as not to throw things off too badly and then grab a banana right after my appointment.  I don't want to get too hung up about scale numbers, especially when they're in my favor, but at the same time I also don't want to feel complacent about it and always assume the lowest number is the correct one.

As I said, I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow and am very hopeful but nervous.  The GP I was with left that office, so I have to find someone new.  In some ways I'm really bummed, I liked that my last doctor was very supportive of weight loss and lifestyle changes over throwing medication at me (other than my BP meds obviously).  He was an ultra marathoner, so we always had great chats about running, our favorite races, I was able to ask his advice on running specific injuries and all of that.  What I was less impressed with was how hard I had to battle with him over figuring out my digestive issues.  He was convinced that goji berries (I'm serious) and Colace would fix my issues, and didn't seem to believe that I was up to taking 8 Colace a day every day with literally NOTHING happening.  I basically had to insult the poor guy and raise my voice at him to get him to suggest the FODMAP diet, which kind of helped but is not a long term solution.  I'm still not convinced IBS-C is my issue, so I'm back to the drawing board.  Hopefully new guy can help me out.  I'm probably going to start off on a bad foot with him because I'm basically going to tell him I will flip a table if he tells me to take Colace or Miralax.  I won't really word it like that, but you have no idea how many times I've had doctors just try to shove laxatives at me to get me out of the office.  Either I have bad luck or maybe it's me doing something wrong, but I'm pretty astounded at how flippant the doctors I've seen are about gut health.

There are two potential tests I want to talk to him about, one being a hydrogen breath test that measures for small intestine bacterial growth (I think it's called a SIBO test).  I talked to a girl with similar issues to mine, and she did this test and it came back positive, but antibiotics and small diet changes fixed things for her.  This definitely sounds like a good direction to start in, especially since the FODMAP diet seemed to indicate that something of that nature could be going on for me.

The other thing, and this is a bit scarier and nuclear, but I was prompted to think about due to the recent colon cancer study released this week saying that colon and rectal cancers in people ages 20 to 39 years old have dramatically increased since the mid 80s.  The study is pretty sobering, especially since some of the symptoms line up with what's going on with me.  The most scary thing is that most of the people didn't even really realize they had it.  One girl was 22 and in stage 4 before she got diagnosed, and a big part of that is that doctors simply aren't looking to test people that young for colon cancer.  My experience has definitely been that doctors I've seen are pretty unwilling to take digestive issues seriously, much less think of testing for something like this, so there is a fear that something like this could happen.  Now at the end of the day, I assume my risk is pretty low and this likely isn't my issue, it's just more something to think about I suppose.  I would rather have all avenues explored and eliminated than to shrug it off, then drop dead a year from now.  While I was obese when my issues started, I don't have any other of the risk factors such as being a smoker or having a family history.  So we'll see.  I'm just going to discuss it with him and see what he says.  Hopefully he won't scoff because that will piss me off, lol.

Anyway that's about it.  I'll be busy tomorrow so I don't know if I'll get a Favorites Friday post up.  This week has been pretty steady and not exciting on the workout and meal front!

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  1. This reminds me of your scale dilemma.