Sunday, January 15, 2017

Getcha Back

My back has continued to bother me throughout the weekend, though I think at this point it's a muscle thing.  When I woke up Saturday there was a pinching sensation in the lower right, but when I worked out (more on that in a second) it loosened up and felt great by the end.  I got out my trusty trigger point therapy workbook and saw that the massage trigger point was actually in my glute.  It didn't take me long to find it, there was the most painful knot in the world right about where the book indicated there would be one.  I massaged it and woke up today with it back to feeling pinched and sore.  I honestly think it may need another day or two of stretching, massaging and low impact workouts to set things right.

As much as it bums me out to not lift weights or do HIIT, I know it's important to listen to my body, so I went slightly old school and did this hour long pilates routine from Fitness Blender on Saturday.  It actually was really fun to do this now that I'm fitter and have a stronger core, this was my go to video back when I first started, but now that I'm stronger I was able to really do some of the moves properly.  And holy God, even though most of it is done on the floor, don't let it fool you!  I woke up with very sore abs and thighs today!  Today I did this barre routine from FB, and for whatever reason my back didn't seem to appreciate it as much as the pilates.  There are some weights involved in the routine, but I just stuck with my little baby two pounder weights.  I looked at the workout on the schedule tomorrow and it's strictly a lifting routine, so I'm hoping my back is a bit better so I can do it with at least lower weights than normal.  Worst case, I can do it with just body weight, though it will be much more effective WITH weights obviously.

One thing that I need to be better about is getting back into doing some free style type stretching in the evenings when we're watching TV.  Doing those low impact routines that are mainly stretching brought home the fact that my hamstrings and other parts of my body are pretty tight and stiff.  I've always had great flexibility and don't want to lose any of that, so the only thing to do is work at it a little every day, even if it's only 5 minutes.  I downloaded a free interval app and spent a good chunk of the Green Bay/Dallas game going through a series of both dynamic and static stretches.  Despite my back pinching and barking at me a bit, it felt good so I need to keep at it!

We are still a hot mess of snow and ice all over the roads, but I was able to make it to my shelter shift today and then limp over to the grocery store for fruit, salad greens, bread and some other staple type things.  I had a menu planned out and technically we could have survived with pantry items this week, but it's good to have some fresh fruits and vegetables around.  I am really very over the weather!  The roads get more dangerous by the day since the snow softens during the day, the freezes rock solid at night.  I think most Oregonians are pretty disgusted with Oregon's lack of planning or action during the storm.  Most major streets remain unplowed and a sheet of ice, and don't even think about going down a rarely traveled side street!  Anyway, it is supposed to thaw mid week, however, now flooding is a threat because it will be raining every day.  Um, yay?


  1. Ugh back pain sucks balls. Glad you have a plan!

  2. So sorry about the lingering back issues and all the weather woes too! So much! Ugh! Hope all is back to normal soon!