Friday, January 13, 2017

Best Laid Plans

So I'm a bit pissed at myself right now because I screwed up my back on Wednesday shoveling snow.  It was hurting when I was doing it but I kept going anyway, which was really stupid on my part.  It felt tender all that night but I did some stretching and figured it would go away with a good night's sleep.  It still felt off when I got up yesterday morning, but I figured again that once I got up and moving that it would loosen up.  I wrote out my Thinner Thursday post, then went to do my upper body workout.  The first set was a ventral raise (ie this but with dumbbells) and warning bells immediately went off the second I did the first few reps.  You know how sometimes you've got aches and pains, but you know if you keep at it the soreness will work itself out?  This was more of an "abort mission bitch!" kind of pain.  I stopped and attempted to do it again and the pain in my lower back started getting sharper, so I decided to back off entirely.  I decided to stretch and just do a Pilates routine later, thinking that would be less intense.  I gave it a couple hours, but about 10 minutes into the Pilates routine, the pain started getting really sharp again so I immediately stopped.  Sigh.  I know it was the right thing to do to stop, but it still frustrates the hell out of me.

We did go for about a 2 mile walk yesterday to go get some lunch (our lunch unfortunately obliterated any caloric benefit from walking), so at least I wasn't without activity, but it totally stresses me out to not be able to lift weights.  Today is technically a rest day so I'm going to respect that and hopefully give my back a chance to mellow out.  I really hope this passes soon, I really hate injuries.  I mean it is what it is, I have backup routines I can do that are low impact so that I will at least be burning some calories, but this is a good reminder to be on point with my food!

The snow event we got is getting less charming by the second.  So to recap, we got a shitload of snow on Tuesday night, it slightly softened up Wednesday then got below freezing, then melted slightly more yesterday and got to 14 degrees last night.  We've been working from home, but since we don't have VPN it's difficult for us to fully work the way we need to, so out of guilt and stupid optimism we decided to drive into work this morning.  (We were also led to believe by a coworker that the roads were better than they were, not that I'm bitter). HUGE error in judgement because the roads were straight up ice.  We were spinning at the first intersection leaving our house and it wasn't much better from there.  Thank God Eric is a total pro at driving on that crap, so he got us to work safely but Jesus.  It was like Ice Road Truckers, but not even that glamorous!

The weather isn't really going to improve the next 2 days so I've really got to get in our freezer/pantry and make a weekly meal plan from what we've got going on in there so that I don't have to go shopping out in this nonsense.  We're pretty stocked up on vegetarian options, I've got lots of frozen veggies/spinach and we have potatoes, beans, pasta and rice.  I'm not terribly worried about it, it's just more annoying than anything.

I am very nervous because tonight we're having our pet sitter come over and go over a plan for watching Molly when we're in Los Angeles.  The pet sitter is a new thing for us and so far we've only had her come do quick 30 minute visits to let Molly out when we've needed to be at work functions or plan to be out and about for awhile.  This will be the first time that she'll be watching Molly for an extended period.

I can't remember if I talked about this on the blog or if this happened during my hiatus, but basically the kennel we've used for years f'ed up the last time we kept Molly there.  We got her home and she had a huge scratch as long as my hand with a bunch of hair missing on her shoulder, and it was very red and swollen.  When I contacted the kennel, they had no knowledge of the scratch and had no idea what could have caused it.  The fact they didn't notice it pissed me off majorly, especially since the kennel isn't exactly cheap and we pay extra for her to be VIP or whatever.  I asked to speak with a manager and basically it was kind of like "oh our bad" with a shoulder shrug.  Anyway, I was pretty furious about it, especially since we've been very loyal customers for years and have recommended a lot of people their way, so I decided that was Molly's last visit.  She is getting older (she'll be 9 this year!) and has a heart condition and it has always broken my heart to drop her off and watch her tremble and be scared, so on that level I think everyone will be happier in a pet sitter situation where Molly can be at home in her element while we're on vacation.

The nervousness just comes from the unknown and the whole trusting a relative stranger with our house key and our dog.  Logically I'm sure it will be fine, the pet sitter is licensed, bonded and all of that jazz and has so far been very reliable for the short visits we've had her do.  I'm just hoping we're making sure Molly gets enough potty breaks and attention while we're away!  The thought of her being lonesome makes me kind of sad.  Despite being a diva, she really is just a big old baby!


  1. Aww bless sweet Molly. I think a pet sitter will be a great idea though. She can stay in the comfort of her own surroundings. Yea, those road conditions would cause me to have hives. I guess that's why all of Louisiana shuts down when we even get an inkling of snow. Hope the back feels better asap.

  2. Such a good dog Mom you are. A pet sitter in your own home sounds like a great compromise. So sorry to hear the kennel screwed up. It's understandable you would be pissed. Hope your back feels better asap. I only just caught up on your blog from the last few posts and that picture of Molly running in the "snow track" was adorable. I sometimes forget she's a greyhound the way you diva describe her.
    Feel Better!