Thursday, December 29, 2016

Catching Up: A 2016 Review and 2017 Forward Look (Part 2)

So this post is going to be more of a catch up on all the personal life stuff with me.  Before  I get into that, I wanted to update with weigh in results!  I should go run out and get a Powerball ticket because I estimated in my last post that I had gained about 10 pounds, and that's exactly what my gain was.  (I was 183 in September and am now 193). At the very least, I could go to some shady fair and guess the fat lady's weight or something.

So it's not great, but I guess less of a disaster than it could have been, and at least I had the sense to stop myself and say enough's enough before it gets any worse.  It is sobering to be close to the 200's again, but I really have no one to blame but myself for this and all I can do is just get back on the horse.  I did that starting Tuesday with both calorie counting and my workouts, and I'm already down to 191.  I've actually been surprised that my body hasn't thrown a shit fit over the fact that I'm eating 1500 calories per day as opposed to like 3000, but I haven't really been super hungry thankfully and actually feel really good.  It is very hard to break the nightly dessert habit though!  My sweet tooth is the worst basically.

The Good

Overall things have been pretty decent this year.  Job is still going well, Eric is doing great, Molly is still asleep most of the time and a demanding diva when she isn't asleep.  I am still volunteering weekly at the county animal shelter and got promoted to the next level there, so now I help walk the dogs!  That has definitely been an interesting journey, it's mostly pretty awesome but there have been some scary moments.  Thankfully those are few and far between.  I still have my tribute campaign for my music artist, and that is going very well too!

We had a really blessed year when it came to concerts.  I did somewhat keep my goal of limiting the concerts we saw to artists we really, really wanted to see, but the ones we did see were amazing.  I know I'm going to forget some, but we saw Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen (twice!), The Who, The Monkees, Brian Wilson, Leon Bridges, and The Beach Boys.  It feels so good to see some of these legendary people because as this year has shown us, we need to treasure them while we can.  I was especially emotional about Brian Wilson.  I feel very lucky to have seen him twice.

I didn't travel after our LA trip in July, but my mom did fly up to see me in October, and Eric flew out to see his family also in October.  I would have loved to have gone with him, but was out of vacation time!

I know this is a very vain thing to put in my "hey this is what I've been up to" recap, but one thing that's made me very happy is that I got my hair healthy enough to start growing out again.  I read up on the Curly Girl method, which is basically not using shampoo and only washing your hair with non-sulfate/non-silicone conditioner every few days.  I've been doing it for a couple of months now and am absolutely blown away at the difference.  My hair looked like straw once it got to a certain length and absolutely refused to curl.  I know this is silly, but it was so upsetting and baffling to me since I don't color or use heat on my hair!  I have no idea what caused the change after all these years, but at least after 3 years of having to keep my hair short I finally can start growing it out again.  It's so much healthier and actually curling again!  It's the little things right?

The Not So Good

The year definitely had some bumps.  It certainly wasn't as awful as last year on the active family drama front, but I am still dealing with a bit of emotional fallout.  I go through phases of being very depressed and anxious, feeling very alone, etc.  I know I should probably see a professional about it and that I am very ridiculously stubborn about doctor related stuff.  It's a bad habit I need to break.  It really has not exactly helped that basically any musician or celebrity I've really liked has dropped dead this year.  Like seriously.  I know I can't add anymore to the "What the fuck 2016" conversation than has already been said, but I think we can all agree that this year has been pretty brutal.  I feel like it's not even just the celebrity deaths, I just feel like everyone in general has had a bad year and terrible things happen to them.

The worst part of this year were the Louisiana floods, and I'm sorry to say that my family was heavily affected by them.  My mom lost her house (my beloved late grandmother's house) and my brother's house (childhood home I grew up in) was flooded and pretty damaged but thankfully able to be saved, so they are currently in the process of doing that.  The absolute worst part is that my mom, brother and niece almost drowned when trying to evacuate.  Long story short they drove through flood water and the vehicle started floating and filling with water.  My brother was trying to break the windows out but couldn't and thank God some random guy in a boat saw them and saw they were in trouble, and came with a crowbar to smash the windows and get them out.  At this point the water was up to everyone's chest.  My brother got a deep cut in his arm when being pulled out, then he and my SIL had to walk through waist deep flood water for a few miles until they could get to a dry point to get my brother to the hospital to get stitches.  So YEAH, that happened.  It was a very horrible traumatic thing for them, as is the whole rebuilding process.  This all happened in August and my family just got back into my brother's house at Thanksgiving.  Unfortunately there's still some work that needs to be done, but I am very thankful that they are all safe and have a roof over their heads.  We are very, very lucky on that front.  One of my dear friends was also affected by the floods and had to also heavily renovate her house.

Honestly to quote Spaceballs, that's the short, short version of this year.  Mostly smooth sailing but with some pretty big ass bumps now and again.  I wish it were more exciting and thrilling, but that's been about the gist!

I think on my next post, I'll focus on the whole goal thing.  I've definitely been reflecting and planning what's in store for me.  I'm very excited about 2017!

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