Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Catching Up: A 2016 Review and 2017 Forward Look (Part 1)

Hey everyone!  I know it's been a super long time, but I thought I'd pop in and say hi, talk about what I've been up to the last few months and also talk about my hopes/plans for 2017.  This post ended up getting a little long, so I've split it into two...the first being a review/look ahead on my health and fitness stuff.  Tomorrow will be my personal life stuff!

Health and Fitness

For the most part 2016 has been great because I found the "formula" that works for me when it comes to being healthy.  1500 to 1600 calories seems about right for me, and I really did fall in love with lifting weights and doing HIIT.  Running is really wonderful exercise, but I think I've made peace with the fact that it's maybe not the right fit for me at this stage of my life.  The FODMAP stuff was an interesting though depressing journey, though I do credit it to a bulk of my weight loss this year since it helped my bloating, plus there were basically like 5 things I could eat so, that helped!  In all seriousness though, I felt a lot of things click for me this year in the weight loss department.

Currently I'm not doing so hot in this area, and as always I will be real about it with you guys.  It's great when you find out what works for you, but you do have to actually follow it for it to keep working.  I did really great until October when my FB Booty program ended, and since then I've floundered a bit.  I won't make excuses, there was really nothing holding me back other than myself.  I've been dealing with personal issues and depression and it has kind of emotionally crippled me.  Again, that's a reason but not an excuse, you know what I mean?  I honestly don't know what I weigh right now since I've avoided the scale like the plague.  I'm still fitting into my "thin" clothes though they are definitely not as comfortable.  I can tell my face is bigger and my belly/legs are definitely gaining.  I suspect I've gained about 10 pounds probably, though again, I haven't really weighed.  I really need to do that tomorrow and slay the dragon.  I promise I will update for accountability purposes.

I've guess I've learned (for seemingly the thousandth time) that you can never really ever be "off duty" when it comes to your health.  You think you can, but you can't.  I mean sure you can be relaxed somewhat on vacations or special occasions and enjoy life, but you also must make every day a choice, be accountable and be aware.  I've failed in that department and have been very complacent.  Oddly, I rebel against structure (though that is changing in my old age) but also desperately need it.  My Fitness Pal and writing on the blog were both good structure and accountability tools for me and I took them for granted.  I just think it's clear at this point when I try to go rogue it works okay for a spell, but I always backslide.

I guess the good news is that I haven't tremendously gained and am at least mindful that this isn't okay on any level and I'm not satisfied.  I know that's not exactly gold medal worthy, but in the past I would have just ignored it and allowed myself to gain like 20 pounds, but I just honestly feel so gross and uncomfortable that I can't stand it any longer.  I REFUSE to buy bigger clothes.  I refuse to give into the excuses and whine about it.  All I can do is move forward again.  I spent last night filling out my Fitness Blender workout calendar and threw in the FB Booty program, which I honestly liked the best out of all the programs I did with them.  They are also releasing a new workout program in the new year that I will likely purchase, but it's an 8 week thing so I'm holding off until March.  We are going to Los Angeles again in February, so I'm just sticking with a 4 week plan for now.  Actually, the trip is a good inspiration for me to get back into it oddly enough.  I felt so good about myself when we were there in July and I want to get back to that place mentally, plus I want to be able to wear cute and comfortable clothes on the trip!

A huge part of this is that I need to get my nutrition together again.  My biggest downfall is not planning and that I have not been shopping efficiently.  Basically it just comes down to me needing to sit down and plan out menus and shop sensibly.  Oh, and eating a damn vegetable now and again would probably be awesome.  I am still having my digestive BS after fully going off FODMAP eating.  At this point, I've honestly given up on trying to figure out what the issue is.  I know that's terrible, but I'm honestly exhausted with the whole process.  I'm going to be mindful of a lot of the FODMAP principles and limit certain things that really trigger me like gluten, onions and lactose, but I'm not going to stress about having things like mushrooms or sweet potatoes in my diet.

Not tracking my calories in MFP has been a HUGE downfall, so I'm going to be doing that again.  Again, it's easy and there is no excuse for me to not do it, I've just got to get back into that habit.  I also decided to do no alcohol in January and get back to focusing on simple, whole foods.  Oatmeal with fruit, hefty salads with quinoa or rice and plenty of vegetables, hard boiled eggs, baked sweet potatoes with black beans, etc.  You know, the basics. Honestly, I'm kind of excited about it.  You guys know I love my sweets and booze but my God, I am so sick of feeling like crap.  It's time to dial it back and get back to sensible eating that actually nourishes my body!

And finally, I want to make the effort to write in the blog again.  I didn't realize how much it kept me in a more mindful state until I took this long hiatus from it.  Yeah I'm busy or whatever, but I'm going to make an effort to check in at least once a week on the blog to document my progress and have that accountability.  I also miss being able to look back on the year and see what I did from both a health and a personal standpoint!

In Summary:

2016 started off pretty good but I allowed myself to get complacent and lax during the last 3 months.  2017 is going to be filled with me getting back to basics and following the general principles that work for me.

  • Staying within the 1500 to 1600 calories a day range
  • Logging food in MFP
  • Exercising at least 5 days a week with lifting and HIIT
  • Eating whole, simple foods and limiting treats/booze
  • Blogging and regular weigh ins for accountability


  1. Yay, so glad you are back and posting again, with that truthful honesty that makes you, you. Here's looking to another successful new year. Best of luck with everything in 2017!

    1. Thank you! It's good to be back! I hope you had a nice 2016 and an even better 2017!