Monday, June 20, 2016


OMG you guys, I am so sorry!  I didn't post at the beginning of June because I was in Minneapolis, then once I got back I became consumed with both work and my side project and my blog/reading other people's blogs just kind of fell by the wayside!  My side project has kind of become a monster, I say that with love because it's growing in the best of ways, but it is incredibly time consuming and like a second job at times.  Keeping up with the social media involved with it plus doing my actual job is a feat some days!

Anyway the good news is that the blogging break did not equal a break from being healthy and keeping up with my fitness.  While my eating isn't as tight as it could be post FODMAP, I am still going strong with my FB Fit program and actually only have TWO days left.  Kind of blows my mind, the 8 weeks really flew by!  On Wednesday I get to go through that fitness test again to see what improvements I've made, so of course I will have to share the results of those.

I have taken a bit of a break from the scale just out of mental necessity.  I am finding that between my stomach trying to regulate once I've reintroduced certain foods coupled with strength workouts, my weight fluctuates wildly day to day, and it always magically seems to be on an upswing on weigh in days.  It was becoming a point of frustration for me, and finally I had to pull out my tape measure to prove to myself that no, I'm not getting fat, it's actually the opposite.  My body has changed really nicely from an inch standpoint, and judging by people's reactions I definitely am slimmer, it's just not reflecting on the scale.  I decided to just take a break for a bit from weighing, though I am going to weigh in this Wednesday and take full measurements just to record how the FB Fit program has changed me.  I'm actually pretty excited to take my measurements and see what changes have happened.

I am still grappling with food and how to eat now.  I am eating more high FODMAP foods than I probably should, and it definitely shows.  I've got some more bloating going on, my issues are flaring up again and I just physically don't feel as good.  It's just very difficult because I'm enjoying the flexibility at restaurants and not feeling self conscious and fussy as a dining partner, but I hate that I don't feel as good.  My experiences with gluten have really not been great, pizza made me feel like I was going to die and beer feels like a lead balloon in my stomach.  Gluten is easy enough to avoid so I honestly do 95% of the time.  Other things don't necessarily cramp my stomach or make me feel bad, but make the constipation issues immediately flare up.  It's incredibly challenging and I'm still trying to strike what the best balance is for me.

Anyway, sorry again for the gap in posting, I'll try to be a bit better and post on a more regular basis!  I will definitely post again Wednesday to let you guys know my program results!


  1. You've had lots of very exciting distractions. :) Can't wait to hear how your fitness test turns out!

  2. Anxious to hear the results of the fitness test! I know the tape measurement doesn't lie, so use that instead of the stoopid scale!