Thursday, June 23, 2016

Fitness Test Results and What's Next

Hey everyone!  Just wanted to update you with the results of my personal fitness text after completing my 8 week Fitness Blender program.  If you want more details on the PFT and exactly how to perform the exercises, you can find them here on Fitness Blender's site,.  You could use this fitness test to measure results with any program you choose to do!

I cannot tell you how pleased I was with the results, especially the push ups.  (For the record, they were push ups on my knees).  I have always had a very weak upper body and have never really been able to do push ups unless they were against a wall!  Doing the 7 at the beginning of a program was a big feat, and I was only able to do them because I'd already been working on strength previously.  To be able to do 15 push ups felt so empowering!  I was also blown away by my squats improvement, and also quite shocked by how much my flexibility improved!

As far as physical changes, I regretfully didn't take good before pictures for me to show you guys the difference in my body.  I mean I took some, but I was shirtless and only wearing a sports bra in them, and as much as I love ya'll, I'm not trying to be like half nude on my blog lol.  I did take some after shots, since I feel like I haven't done any types of pictures of myself on here lately.

Here are some stats for you.  I lost 5 inches total:  1.5 from my bust, 1 from my waist, 2 from my hips (!), and a random 0.5 inch from my right thigh.  I get quite giddy when I lose anything from my bust, it's always been a huge source of shame and frankly tons of back pain, so getting rid of 1.5 inches there made me stoked!  And yeah, you can bet your sweet ass I'll take that 2 inch loss on my hips!

The other amazing thing about this whole program?  I went for 8 damn weeks, working out 6 days a week and did NOT get injured.  It was a huge morale boost after constantly being injured in my training for the Seattle half last year.  My body finally no longer feels like the enemy, it finally feels like we're on the same page!

I led with all of that information because if we were going on just the scale alone, things were not impressive.  I lost 2 pounds since beginning the program but I have to be honest, I'm not disappointed nor do I care really.  How can I be disappointed when I am physically fitter and can clearly hit my workouts harder, lift more weight and can see with my own eyes that my body has changed shape and is smaller?  I am dropping my calories to 1500 for the next month just to kind of play around with things, but other than that I'm going to continue healthy eating with foods that will keep my IBS in check, and eat when I'm genuinely hungry.  I'm not too stressed on the eating part really.

So what's next for me?  Not surprisingly I am so happy with Fitness Blender that I have purchased another one of their programs called FB Mass.  This one focuses on strength training, which is something that I've really come to love more than anything I've ever done.  I've always thought I was doomed to a certain body type and that fat was never going to budge from certain places, yet I'm finally seeing the changes I've always desperately wanted since I started picking up weights.  I'm definitely excited to get started (officially on Saturday).  This particular program is only 4 weeks and ends the day before our LA trip, so the timing is perfect.  Once THAT program has ended and we're back from vacation, I'll start their FB Booty program to try to help my tragic cans.

If you guys have any specific questions on the FB Fit program, leave them in the comments and I'll answer them as I can!


  1. Love your Blog! with the FB FIt program, was their alot of jumping? and how long are the workouts? Great Job and keep up the good work

    1. Hi Linda, thank you! So there is jumping with FB Fit, however Kelli and Daniel are really great about offering low impact modifications, which was a lifesaver for me since my feet/ankles are weird about things like jumping jacks. The workouts range from 30 minutes to an hour and a half (yes trust me, that wasn't a fun one). They do have a program called FB 30 where all of the workouts are no higher than 30 minutes, which is what I might have done in hindsight if I'd realized sooner. My recommendation is to just start out with doing videos from their site (that's free) and just pick things that are at a level you are comfortable with. That's what I did before I paid for their programs. And honestly with the way their site is, you could tailor your own program for yourself just from their free videos (they've got hundreds). I personally paid for the one I did because I am so new to strength training that I needed to be told specifically what to do and when to do it. I hope that helps!

  2. You've definitely sold on strength training! I'm looking at their site now for some routines to include in my next training cycle.