Monday, June 27, 2016

10 Minutes

So I had a bit of excitement this weekend and believe it or not, it had to do with running!  I am not sure if you caught it when I posted my PFT results, but I had a TBD next to my "after" timed mile.  I guess I should have mentioned this but I waited until the weekend to do my timed mile because it was simply easier that way.  I technically could run during lunch at work, but didn't feel like dealing with taking a shower here and dealing with the 58 comments about it, so anyways, I did it Saturday.  And wow, is all I can say.

When I began the FB Fit program April 30th, my timed mile was 12:48, which was disappointing since I'd expected more like a 12 minute mile even though I'd taken such a long break from running.  I think some of what affected me was my piss poor attitude about having to run at all, and as anyone who runs knows, the mental stuff is about half to 70% of the battle.

On Saturday my feelings towards running were less volatile I suppose, though I definitely was dreading it.  There was a moment on Saturday morning when I was sipping my coffee that I was doing mental gymnastics with myself, rationalizing that I could totally put it off until Sunday.  It's just so funny, I never have that stuff about my workouts that I do now, I just go do them without thinking about it.  I finally just told myself that it was at worst going to be 12 minutes of my life and that I wouldn't have to do it again until I did another PFT in the future.  (In hindsight I'm so happy I didn't wait because Sunday was flaming hot, and you know how much I loathe that!)  So I laced up my shoes and went to get it over with.  I even decided to run by my house to make it as painless as possible, though I really hate running around my hood and don't feel safe, but at least I wasn't driving a 30 minute round trip to the safe spot where I used to run.  The very first thing I noticed was how much energy and power my legs had, despite not running since my last timed mile 8 weeks ago.  The feeling of my quads actually propelling me forward was noticeable!  The next thing I noticed was how much lung capacity I had, which is not typical of me at all.  There were many times in the past with running where I felt my lungs were about half inflating, but on Saturday I swear I was able to take never ending inhales and things didn't feel as hard as I expected them to.  Suddenly before I knew it I'd hit the half mile point, then I turned around to go home.  I ran until my lungs were burning, and then suddenly it was over and done.

I'd hit a mile.  In 10:02.  I went from running a mile in 12:48 to 10:02.

I have probably at some point in my travels hit a mile in the 10 minute range, I can't even remember honestly.  Saturday felt special though because of the power behind the mile, and I was SO close to getting a sub 10.  I don't know when I'll do a PFT again, but I'm assuming the next time I'd be able to hit a sub 10 mile, and that's crazy.  The experience didn't awaken any deep seated love for running, but I did feel a sense of happiness and accomplishment afterwards that was pretty great.  My body was not quite as happy with me, my feet are still super angry about everything and my legs are still very sore.  (That did not make for a fun leg workout yesterday, let me tell you.)  In general I was left with a lot of muscle fatigue over the weekend that is still resolving itself.

When I was running I always scoffed about strength training, but I'd say it's pretty clear that strength training works!

The rest of the weekend was pretty chill, just a couple of happy hours and of course the Game of Thrones finale.  We usually watch GOT on Mondays because if I watch it before bed on Sundays I have trouble sleeping, but we wanted to watch the finale live.  To give the evening a little more pomp and circumstance I pulled out my newest cooking toy, my cast iron tortilla press, so that I could make fish tacos.  I've used it a couple of times now and while I still feel like I have some learning to do, making tortillas is pretty fun.  They taste a lot better than the store bought ones, that's for sure.

Not much else to report so I will leave you off with a picture of Molly being her beautiful, glamorous self!


  1. Way to go girl! I was worried because you hadn't posted in a while. Glad all is going well and Molly is so....well Molly. ;-)

  2. That is so freaking awesome! Every time I find myself wanting to put off strength training, I'm re-reading this! Way to go!