Thursday, May 12, 2016

Thinner Thursday

Weigh In

Previous Weight:  189.6
Current Weight:  189.0
Difference: -0.6

The scale is continuing to be nice to me and keep moving down, although it would be nice to have a bigger loss.  Right now my daily calorie limit is 1600, but when I work out I obviously replenish those calories until I hit a net of at least 1300.  If I cut my calories I would probably see a bigger loss each week, but at the same time, I feel like I've got things calibrated pretty nicely and I don't want to mess with anything.  I find that I'm consistently satisfied but not stuffed, so I don't want to tweak things to where I'm hungry all of the time.  I guess having smaller losses will be the trade off, and I'm at peace with that.

I got better perspective when I took waist and hip measurements just for fun this morning.  I was down a half inch in my waist and almost 2 inches in my hips since when I last checked at the end of April.  Pretty insane right?  It was just a good reminder that there are so many metrics when it comes to measuring success, and I can't always depend on just the scale.  I'm going to do "official" measurements at the end of this month and record them, but having that bit of reassurance this morning was nice.


The diet stuff is going okay this week.  I'm testing sorbitol and my challenge food is avocado.  I'll cover it more when I do my FODMAP challenge post for the week, but I just about cried with happiness the first time I bit into some avocado on Monday.  I just really love it, and it's been SO LONG since I've eaten it.  I think I'm going to make tacos tonight, and I'm so excited to have taco with avocado on it!

I had a awful blip on Saturday at the movies.  We went to the fancy theater that serves food, and since it was around lunch time I ordered some fries, literally the only thing on the menu that was FODMAP friendly.  Apparently not because I bit into a fry and realized instantly that not only was it seasoned with garlic powder but that the fries were coated with some kind of breading.  I was so hungry that I decided to chance it, and that's how Mary learned the lesson that she apparently needs to bring her own food to the movies.  I had awful, awful cramps and stomach pains, plus was comically bloated for the rest of the day.  I am dreading my test week with the fructan group (gluten, onions, garlic) because I already know it's not going to be pretty.

At this point I've made peace with the fact that eating out is what it is.  It does really bring home the fact that nothing, and I do mean nothing is cooked simply at restaurants.  Everything has random ingredients in it, and I've just kind of accepted that eating out will be something where I have to risk stomach pains or be hungry.  Otherwise it's just too easy to get freaked out and obsessive about it.  I mean there are certain situations where I can talk to the server and ask questions/modify my food, but I realistically don't expect the 16 year olds making minimum wage at the movie theater to accommodate me.

FB Fit 

I am still going strong with my FB Fit challenge and am starting to feel stronger every day.  I can't believe how much I've taken to and like strength training, it's made me view my body in a completely different (and more positive!) way.  It's a total trip seeing and feeling muscles in my arms and being able to physically do things like tricep dips.  The other day I rubbed my stomach and was like "What the hell is my stomach hard for...oh my God are those abs?  Those are abs aren't they!?"  I had the same reaction this morning when I went to scratch my side and was like, "What is this hard thing in my side...oh my God are those ribs?  Can I actually feel my ribs?"  Anyway, it's just silly little things like that that keep driving me forward and encouraging me to work out!  I've  never stuck with any kind of regimented training program this long!

Long Term Weight Loss and The Biggest Loser

I posted this article on my Facebook yesterday that was a bit of a rebuttal to the New York Times article on the medical study done on the Biggest Loser contestants.  I was really, really bothered by that article, not so much because of the study but everyone's reaction to it.  I tried several times to write a post about my feelings and finally stopped because frankly, I would have probably majorly pissed some people off.

The long and short of it is, I already feel like we in the US have a defeatist attitude towards health and weight loss, and I watched last week as that NYT article became an anthem for "see being healthy is pointless" by many, many people.  It just really frustrated me.  For starters, the study is not a complete picture and is flawed in several ways and does not address a lot of questions I personally have.  They used a small sample set, did not compare the BL contestants to others who lost weight more traditionally and there was just a lot of other general information that was missing and questions that were not answered.  But the damage is done, the media portrayed weight loss as hopeless and many people now have a reason to not try.

The article I posted yesterday really articulates how I'm feeling and I LOVE that it brings up how building muscle can help your long term weight loss.  It just really brings more of a message of hope and a message that you really shouldn't give up on your health.  I truly believe people's attitudes have so much to do with their success in weight loss.  I myself was not successful until I changed my piss poor attitude about it and realized that I can do it!  Anyway, I guess what I'm saying is that things can be hard, but not impossible, so you've got to keep trucking along.


  1. I also had problems with that BL study. They studied a very small sample of people who all had lost weight in the same very extreme way - huge amounts of weight in a very short time period, extreme exercise, calories way too low for the amount of exercise they were doing. It says nothing of those who have lost weight in a more traditional way - smaller losses over a longer period of time. I'd like to see more studies.

  2. I really liked the article that you posted on your Facebook. The first thing I thought of when I read the BL study was "But they lost the weight *so* quickly, under such extreme circumstances!!" It's basically a gaping hole in their hypothesis, and I'm really hoping it leads to more research about weight loss, RMR, and body composition.

    Also...I would have cried if I'd gone as long as you have without avocado too, so I 100% don't blame you there!

  3. The only good thing I found out about the BL article was to show BL is HORRIBLE and the show should go off the air because it drives me nuts and I hate how unhealthy it is. There, I said it.

    Congrats on the loss. I still cannot understand how hipster Portland has places that serve food without listing every single ingredient. I watch Portlandia, I know how it is. ;)

    1. It does amaze me, legally and medically, that the Biggest Loser can stay on the air!