Thursday, May 26, 2016

Thinner Thursday and Nine Years

Ack!!  I can't believe I almost forgot to post my Thinner Thursday post.  It was a good one this week!

Previous Weight:  188.6
Current Weight:  187.4
Difference:  -1.2

Yes, after complaining and being mildly bummed last week, I finally dropped more than 0.4 pounds of weight!  I honestly think my digestive system is to blame (fructans are going just about as lame as I expected they would), but at least I had a nice loss this week.  I've really not done much of anything different as far as diet or exercise so, I'm just going to keep plugging away.

So today is a very special day because it's the 9th anniversary of my poor husband legally binding himself to me.  The poor guy.  In all seriousness, I can't believe it's been 9 years already.  It seems like just yesterday we were lining up in the balls ass hot sun of Las Vegas to take pictures and head into the Little Church of the West.  (Adorable chapel if anyone wants a quick but non-tacky Vegas wedding).  Our wedding was a glorious 4 minutes long and there was no reception.  We went back to Mandalay Bay, ordered room service cake and reveled in the air conditioning.

Eric is a wonderful person and an even better husband.  No one makes me laugh harder than he does, and no one seems more capable of putting up with my shenanigans.  There's no one else in the world I'd rather be married to or share adventures with.  I'm a very lucky lady!

The dysfunctional Layton family!

If there is a Sex Pistols poster in an airport, I WILL take a selfie with it.

Photo booth at the Holiday Ale Fest. Yes we were very tipsy.

The infamous Lucy statue!