Monday, May 23, 2016

FODMAP Challenge Week 5: GOS

This week's challenge category was GOS and my challenge food was English peas, and I don't know who was more excited, me or Eric!  He loves peas!  I love them too, plus they are so easy to have around and go with so many things.  I missed being able to toss them with pasta or have them as a quick side with dinner.

The challenge went...okay.  When I had the peas in a half cup portion things were great.  Bathroom trips were good, didn't have cramps or heartburn, life was good.  On Thursday though when you have to have at least 3 servings of your challenge food, things got a little squirrely.  No cramps, but let's just say that I was not productive and leave things at that.  I finally had to take an aid last night, which really didn't help me.  So irritating because my stomach is all bloated from not going.

It seems like the end game with the GOS group (or at least peas) is that in small amounts it's fine and won't hurt anything, but I shouldn't expect to sit down with a giant Costco bag of peas and go to town anytime soon!  And honestly, this really seems to be the theme of all my challenge groups other than avocado/sorbitol.  I've kind of made my peace with it at this point since my weight loss does center around portion control.  I shouldn't really have more than a half cup of ice cream or peas in a sitting anyway.

I am really incredibly nervous about this week's fructans test group.  This is the group that contains gluten, garlic, onions and all of the stuff that I suspect will be a disaster.  I've already kind of mentally prepared myself and am at peace with living without wheat (it's the fructan carbohydrate, not the gluten protein that causes issues in people with IBS) and severely limiting things from this group.  It really doesn't help that I'm already starting out on a stopped up note either.  I've already decided to not bother testing onions, the few times I've accidentally had them the last couple months have been horrible, so I already know they bother me.  Today I'm going to have the Cheeseburger Pizza from Cooking Light, so that will be my gluten serving.  Hopefully it goes well.

At the request of my favorite people, I took some Molly pictures this weekend.  I have been incredibly neglectful in not updating everyone with pics of America's favorite diva!

It will come as a shock to no one that Molly is incredibly spoiled.  Yes she has her OWN couch that has TWO dog beds on it, yet she consistently lays between the two beds because she's a weirdo.

She did "help" me yesterday during my workout by watching me and making sure I was lifting with proper form.  (Side note, those are 15 pound dumb bells, yay for Fitness Blender!)

Then we took selfies, because that's what us girls do.


  1. Good luck with this test. At least avocado made it...

  2. I swear, that dog gets cuter with every picture!! <3

  3. Yessss. She doesn't even seem pouty here. Clearly if she's not exasperated, that's a definite sign you haven't been doing enough selfies with her lately.

  4. Love the dog/girl selfies! Jaye

  5. Hopefully being able to have small amounts of things will at least make eating out easier. Thank goodness for avocados though!