Sunday, May 1, 2016

FB Fit 8 Week Challenge

After my big happy lovefest over my measurements and body shape progress the other day, I decided that I really wanted to challenge myself for the next couple of months.  As you guys know, I've been pretty much exclusively using the free Fitness Blender videos on Youtube and just kind of picking workouts that sound good or fit in my time table.  I know I've gushed about them a lot, but the significant body changes I've noticed have been as a result of those videos, so I gush for good reason.

While their Youtube videos are free, they do have a handful of structured programs you can buy.  It's all online based and it sets it up in a nice calendar for you and everything.  I'd been toying with this for a couple of weeks, but I finally broke down and bought one of their paid programs.  While yes, I could do a zillion of their free videos, I do want to support what they do so I thought throwing some cheddar their way would be good.  I also feel like I'm at the point where I want to be guided a little more as to what muscle groups to work which days if I'm going to be more serious about strength training and sculpting.  I mean yeah, I can pick some videos out at random, but I feel like I'm not working as effectively as I could.  Anyway, I kind of struggled with which program of theirs to pick, and finally settled on one of their 8 week FB Fit programs.  8 weeks is a long time and I tend to have a short attention span, so this will be a challenge for me in more ways than one.  In retrospect I wish I'd picked their FB30 program since all of the exercises in that are 30 minutes or less, but it's all good honestly.  Our schedule is fairly light the next couple of months, so I can spare the hour a day.

You have to do a fitness test at the start of each program (a timed mile, the amount of squats/push-ups you can do without rest, how long you can hold a plank and a reach test to see what your flexibility is) so that you have numbers to compare at the end of the program to see what progress you've made.  I have to admit, I'm loving having my focus lately be on noticing improvements in my strength and physical changes in my body rather than worrying about the scale, so I was somewhat looking forward to the results of my test on Saturday and focus on improving those numbers.  I am actually quite eager to see what my numbers look like once I complete the program!

One part of the fitness test I wasn't looking forward to was the timed mile.  I haven't run a step since February or something, and I felt incredibly stressed and anxious about doing this mile, so I am definitely still adverse to running.  I finally kept having to tell myself that worst case it was 12-14 minutes of my life and it would be over and done with.  So I did the run on Saturday and it was...interesting.  Part of me thought that maybe I'd stress and kevetch about the run, but then do it and suddenly rediscover how much I loved it.  Nope!  I felt sluggish and awkward the whole time, and while it has been awhile since I've run, I expected to be faster than I was.  I was very disappointed that I finished my mile in 12:48.  I've lost a bit of weight since I last ran and gained all of this leg strength so I was expecting better, but I guess it just wasn't to be.  I don't know, I kind of hated it the whole time and was so relieved when it was over.  At least I won't have to do it again until June!

Here are the results of my "test":

Timed Mile:  12:48
Half Push-ups:  7
Squats:  15
Plank:  49.40 seconds
Reach Past Heels:  1 inch

I did my first workout in the program today and oh my God....I was literally dripping sweat in a way that I never had, plus EVERYTHING hurt!  It was good hurt, but still, I think I'm in for a tough go the next 2 months!  I immediately undid my workout by having wine and appetizers with our neighbors, but hey it was totally worth it.  ;)  My neighbor made these insanely delicious pickled asparagus and ham roll ups that immediately made me say "FODMAPS and sodium be damned", and I consumed a ridiculous amount of them!

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  As always I will be keeping you posted on my challenge, FODMAPs and all my usual happenings!


  1. Wow that workout does sound killer! Bet you burned a ton of calories too! Great job!

  2. Whew a good workout is always awesome!

  3. Can't wait to see where you end up after this is done!