Thursday, April 7, 2016

Thinner Thursday, Powered By Kale

Previous Weight:  194.8
Current Weight:  192.8
Difference: -2 pounds

So my last recorded weigh in was on March 17th, though I did weigh last week and was 194.7.  Officially I'm down 1.9 pounds, but if we're going by recorded weights then I'm down 2 pounds.  I highly doubt you guys will tar and feather me over the numbers!  ;)  Regardless, I am very pleased with this weigh in.  This is officially the lowest weight of my journey yet, and it makes me oddly nervous but happy.  Every milestone like this brings just a little more relief.

Kale Chat

I decided to rock a scoop of rice with vegetables again for lunch.  I cut up another squash then decided to throw a handful of kale into the mix too.  I also threw in some butter because I'm me and butter is delicious.  It was a nice, filling lunch with a side of pineapple as a treat.  Technically I'm not supposed to have more than 2 servings of fruit, but today I decided to live dangerously and have 3 servings.

I'm Walkin'

Apparently I'm into tough love with myself lately because besides the "get yourself together" diet chat I had with myself, I had another sassy talk with myself today at lunch.  Our weather has been absolutely gorgeous lately, perfect in fact, so this morning I was like "Oh I'll go for an extra walk at lunch just to get in additional activity and challenge minutes for our Lovely Ladies challenge."  Of course by the time lunchtime rolled around, I started hemming and hawing about it.  Sassy Personality chimed in the middle of all of my waffling and was like, "Bitch.  You have whined and complained about how crappy the weather is for months, now it's beautiful and you don't want to walk???  Just shut up and get your ass out there."  So I stopped having a Three Faces of Eve crisis at my desk and got out there, and of course I loved it and would have majorly regretted NOT walking.  Thank you Sassy Personality!


I accidentally took this, but decided it was kinda cool

Yours Truly
Mother Goose

So like most office parks we have quite a few Canadian geese who like to hang out, eat grass and take multiple dumps on the sidewalk that would rival a Great Dane's.  I don't mind geese really although I'm very cognizant that they will pretty much eat your soul if you anger them, so I try to be respectful around them and listen for the dreaded hissing sound that is the warning bell before your soul is eaten.  They've never bothered us on our walks, so I'm good with the geese.

We had one pair in particular hanging around our office parking lot and it was clear they were getting ready to nest.  The male never outright threatened us but definitely kept a very beady eye when we would approach.  The male did once bow up at my car like he was going to fight it.  My offense was driving into our work driveway, which both he and his partner decided were a really rad place to hang out and sleep.  The female goose finally made her nest and has been sitting on it for about 2 weeks, and the male disappeared out of nowhere, which was puzzling because I thought the males stuck around to guard.  I don't know why it's bothered me so much, I guess I just worry about the poor female.  She literally NEVER moves.  I just wonder if she ever gets to eat or drink anything.

Eric and I began a little goofy thing yesterday because I was commenting how sad it made me to see her alone, and was like "I guess Mother Goose can do bad all by herself."  This devolved into coming up with goose themed movie titles about empowered women, which also extended to my Lovely Ladies since we all love a good bizarre tangent.  Some of the groan worthy selections are:

  • Mother Goose In Rodanthe
  • Mother Goose Under The Tuscan Sun
  • How Mother Goose Got Her Groove Back
  • Eat. Pray. Goose.
  • Goose Floats
  • Pretty Goose
  • Erin Gooseovich (my personal fave, credit to Des)

Yep, I need a life.

I will keep you posted on the seat of your pants drama of Mother Goose's eggs hatching!


  1. Goosewatch 2016! You know my feelings on those little fuckers but the babies are cute. Glad you are getting out and enjoying that sun! Hope it sticks around a bit for you!

  2. The big geese can be downright scary, but I love to see the babies! I hope Pappa Goose comes back soon and didn't just knock her up and ditch her.

  3. Hooray for the loss! That's a great milestone :) I need to give myself a strong talking-to and get my butt in gear too!

  4. Wonder where the loser dude went? Poor mother goose!