Wednesday, April 20, 2016

New Policy Regarding Guest Posts/Product Reviews

So this is awkward, but due to recent email requests I felt that I needed to address what my stance is regarding guest posts and product reviews.  You will note a brand new statement there on the sidebar regarding these things, and I will elaborate a little more in this post why I've done that.  I get emails now and again from people asking me if they can do a guest post on my blog, or if I will promote their product/website/blog.  The short answer is no.

The only way I would ever entertain a guest post is if I personally knew the person and felt it directly related to the blog.  Like let's say my brother ran another race with me and PR'd or something, I might ask him to write a blurb about the experience.  Or if one of my Lovely Ladies had an inspirational something or another going on, I might ask them to write something/do an interview of sorts, although they all have their own blogs so I'd likely just point you towards their own content.  What I don't want (and this may or may not be a direct example) is to allow a guest post from someone selling life insurance since there is a whisper thin thread connecting it to health somehow.  That doesn't even make sense right?  And it would look awfully weird in between posts on my fitness stuff and regaling you guys with whatever thousandth concert I've been to that week.

The same thing goes for any product, blog, podcast etc. that I mention on the blog.  I want it to 100% directly relate to my life and be something that has personally helped me.  I talk about Fitness Blender and Cooking Light magazine a lot because those are two things I use on weekly if not daily basis.  I love both those things and have personally benefited from them, so I talk about them and sing their praises.  I don't do it for an personal gain, I'm just trying to help a brother/sister out.  I'm not going to write an entire post dedicated to a blog or a product that I don't use, even if I get paid.  This will sound like a dick thing to say, but I have been working on this blog for a very long time.  I've spend years, time and effort creating content and talking about my experiences and organically picking up readers.  If you have a project you're passionate about then frankly, you need to pay your dues and do the same thing.  If you're creating good content then trust me, people will find it.  It may not happen overnight, but they'll find it.  And if I were to be perfectly honest, it's not like I'm some darling of the blog world.  It's not like I'm Oprah and people are waiting with bated breath to see what products I'm into.  Being mentioned on my blog isn't exactly going to make you blow up into fame.

Anyway, that's a long winded way of saying that if I write about a blog or product and say "hey, I really like this and you guys should check it out," I want you to know that is 100% me and not because of an outside influence.  It's just how I personally want to run my blog and my life, and I'm going to keep it that way.

At the end of the day, I don't have an agenda and I don't do this blog for profit.  I do it as an accountability tool for myself and as a very public journal that I can look back on, and because I hope if others are out there struggling they'll stumble on this blog and maybe relate to my experience.  I have strong feelings about making people pay for help and being taken advantage of, which is so easy to do since people are desperate for help when they're trying to get healthy.  What I don't want is for people to read my stuff and wonder if they should have their bullshit detectors up.  If I start doing any kind of paid endorsement stuff or random guest posts, then I feel that hurts the honesty and trust I've built up with my readership, and I am just not interested in doing that.  I like building readers organically, and I like writing my blog the way I want to write it.  Paid endorsements and that kind of thing just seem like an albatross hanging from my neck that I honestly don't want.

I hope people understand that I'm not being a jerk.  I did take my email address off the sidebar since really the only emails I was getting were these kinds of emails.  If there is some kind of clamor from readers wanting to have contact with me, I'll consider putting it back up, but I doubt I'll get that clamor.

Anyways, thanks for reading and letting me do this PSA!


  1. Ummm, but I'd really like to do a guest post on purple hats. Pretty please? What about really spastic and idiotic pitbulls? She's a creeper like Molly :p

  2. Hmm, I think I'm going to remove my email too since that's all I get as well on my blog. I love this. And agree wholeheartedly. And I'd totally be willing to do a guest post on Alan Rickman or puppy snoring.

  3. I love this. :) I'd also love Desiree's post on Alan Rickman and puppy snoring, please.