Tuesday, April 19, 2016

An Ode to Two Gomers

I am a little sad today because I found out that my favorite podcast, Two Gomers Run For Their Lives, is coming to an end.  I just needed to take a moment and talk about the podcast and what it's meant to my life and my fitness.

My fitness journey journey began in 2009 at 250 pounds.  It was the lowest point of my life, and I knew I needed to do something but felt completely lost and overwhelmed.  I had always wanted to run but didn't know remotely where to start.  I stumbled on the Gomers when I was searching on iTunes for running advice podcasts.  I had no idea what I was doing and I was completely scared and overwhelmed by "serious" podcasts.  I thought that maybe a fat dork like me just wasn't cut out for running.  When I saw the description of their podcast I became intrigued, then I listened and became hooked.  It was funny, charming and inspiring all at the same time.  It was fun listening to them figure out running, fun to listen to them chat about Star Wars and Full House and especially fun to listen to what an absolutely solid friendship these guys have.  Their antics and stories have made me laugh aloud at my desk many, many times.

Most importantly, it gave me the courage and inspiration to start running, and helped me be at peace with the fact that I was going to be bad at it when I was starting out.  The Gomers made me realize that it was okay that I didn't know what in the Seven Hells I was doing when it came to running.  That it's okay to be silly and geeky and figure things out along the way. That you can work towards a goal and be successful even if you're a Gomer.

It's been fun to follow them through the years and watch both of them become fit and healthy.  The difference in their fitness levels from where they started is incredible and inspiring.  They went from running in khaki shorts to running marathons and doing triathalons, all while remaining hilarious and putting out one of the most entertaining podcasts I've ever had the pleasure of listening to.   I too have changed over the years.  I kind of know what I'm doing most days, and while I'm taking a hiatus from running, I'm pretty confident at it now.  I've significantly slimmed down and am steadily getting slimmer, am much healthier and feel like I have my shit together most days.  Their podcast has been a constant thread in my life, and I admittedly am a little heartbroken that it will end.

Here's the thing, as incredibly sad as their podcast ending makes me, I get it.  Adding fitness into your life and striving to live a healthy life can be very challenging, and when you add a public accountability element to the mix, it does add an unspoken level of pressure.  I sometimes feel stress and pressure with maintaining this blog (purely self driven) and barely anyone reads it.  I cannot imagine putting together a regular podcast and having the pressure of hundreds of listeners who are clamoring for fresh content and new episodes.  Sometimes life just gets in the way.  Sometimes you need a break and sometimes you need to do what is best for your life, family and mental health.  That doesn't always mesh with trying to put together something like a blog or a podcast to keep yourself accountable and also inspire people.  So I am sad, but I'm grateful for the seasons the Gomers were able to give us.

If you have not listened to their podcast, you really should.  It's on iTunes under "Two Gomers Run For Their Lives", and they are now in their 7th season, but you really must go back and start at Season 1 to appreciate the strides these guys have made.  They will be doing one final season after this and the theme will be a sub 5 marathon.  I wish them the best of luck and have 100% confidence they can do it!

Steven and Anthony?  Thank you.  Thank you for making running and fitness approachable and something that anyone can tackle.  Thank you for inspiring me and countless other people.  Thank you for being charming and honest about the good and the bad.  Thanks for taking countless hours out of your lives to put together this podcast.  You both are and always will be an inspiration to fellow Gomers everywhere!


  1. Bummer for sure but I totally get it. Are they on other social media that you can follow at least?

    1. Their Facebook is tied to the podcast, so it's not likely. They both do individually tweet about their runs, so I follow that, but it's not the same. They would be amazing honorary LLL members. They are all about the Star Wars and the Rickman.

  2. I will have to go back and listen to this from the beginning. I love normal people runner stories.