Sunday, March 6, 2016

A Week of Eats

So I fully admit to being inspired to do this post because of a post that Katie from Runs For Cookies did a bit ago, and also because of a handful of situations I've experienced lately with people around me who deprive themselves of food they like because of the dreaded "I'm on a diet."  I can't tell you how much it bums me out when people say that to me, especially when I can tell that they are miserable and truly want to eat whatever the food it is they are denying themselves.  I guess I've just been there and know how it feels, so I want to help bust the myth that you have to eat a certain way to lose weight.

In general I eat what I want and don't pay attention to a bunch of bullshit nonsense like "don't eat rice or bread, too much fruit is horrible for you, you should avoid sugar" etc.  I do try to watch sodium due to my blood pressure.  I currently have my calorie limit set to 1500 a day, which seems about right during this lighter activity period of my life.

A few things to note about my pictures.  One, this has been a particularly good week since having internet eyes on me kept me honest.  Also this was the week that the FODMAP drama hit, so I have shifted my diet a bit to try to correct my GI nonsense and I kind of quit taking pictures until I sorted out my new way of eating.  I'm trying to be pretty on point and commit to that 100%.  In general, my diet has gotten "healthier" by most standards and I do tend to eat a lot of salads, fruits and vegetables, so you'll see my pictures reflect that.  Those are things I've always loved and ate even when I was heavier so it's not really any type of punishment or deprivation to me to eat those things, but I do acknowledge that a lot of people don't like "rabbit food".  I guess what I'm saying is don't look at my pictures and be like "oh, all she eats is salad and I'm not doing that."  My splurges tend to be dessert or alcohol related, so that's where you'll see my delightful naughtiness emerge.

Since I loved the way that Katie broke per post up by meal, I am going to follow her lead and do the same.  I didn't take pictures of every single meal since I eat a lot of the same things so it would be repetitive, and also because I didn't want to clog the post with a million pics!  I tend to eat the same things for breakfast and lunch, so the variety is mainly in my dinners.  One thing you will notice is that I really don't eat many snacks since I prefer to be hungry (but not hangry) for each meal.  Everyone is different so if you feel better having a little something between meals, go on with your bad self!


My Ride or Die Breakfast:  Tillamook Vanilla yogurt, Kashi Cocoa Coconut granola & a banana (380 calories)

Toasted English muffin with 2 TB peanut butter and apple (415 calories)

1 cup cooked polenta with 2 eggs (277 calories)


Tuna salad wrap (1/2 can of tuna), 1/2 c cherry tomatoes, 1 c pineapple (502 calories)
The BIG salad w/ veggies,chickpeas and balsamic dressing. Also a not pictured orange (467 calories)


Grilled chicken breast, broccoli/rice/cheese casserole, side salad and glass of sparkling wine (609 calories)

2 pieces of homemade veggie pizza on thin crust Boboli (350 calories)
A slice (that fell apart) of turkey lasagna and 5 oz of pinot noir (695 calories)

Sweets and Treats

Mini angel food cake with 1/4 c each strawberries/raspberries and 1 TB melted Nutella (243 calories)
Big mug of English Breakfast tea with sugar and half and half, two Samoas (200 calories)

I hope this gives you a glimpse into my typical day to day, and shows you don't have to eat rice cakes all day to lose weight.  Sorry there was no truly naughty stuff in here, but it happened to be a week where I didn't eat that stuff!


  1. Love this post and seeing that others eat "normal" and not all salads 24/7.

  2. Hell yeah look at you eating well and enjoying it and still losing weight!

  3. I love this. It's great to get ideas for meals and snacks.

  4. I love this. It's great to get ideas for meals and snacks.

  5. Oh the internet eyes...knowing that I am posting everything I eat has kept me on the straight and narrow (if you don't count the McDs incident). That veggie pizza is calling my name. And that nutella/berry cake is giving my ideas :) Thanks for sharing!