Sunday, November 22, 2015

One Week

This year is blowing my mind.  It felt like the stupid summer was never going to end, and all during the heat I was like "I can't wait for it to be cold."  Now here we are, it's cold and Thanksgiving is less than a week away!  Where did the year go?  I desperately want things to slow down so that I can fully enjoy the holidays.  The other unbelievable thing is that in a week, I will be lining up in my corral for the Seattle Half Marathon.

I fully admit that I have not run a step since Halloween.  Besides the emotional crap going on, I was so depressed over my injuries that I just kind of gave up and decided to just line up at the race, and whatever happens happens.  I know that's a terrible attitude to take, but it's just the place I was and kind of still am in.

Before all of this got rolling, I ordered some novelty tights that I was very excited about for my race, but they are paper thin so I hard to find a way to make them less publicly indecent.  After having no luck finding a running skirt, I decided to try putting the tights over the black Cold Gear tights that I already own, which will probably be smart since it is going to be very cold in Seattle and I will need all of the layers I can get!  Admittedly I am not the biggest fan of these tights and don't wear them very much, but decided to take a short walk/run yesterday to test out the outfit I plan to wear for the race, just to make sure it's not uncomfortable.

Poor Molly has been climbing the walls and I feel guilty that she never gets her long walks anymore, so I took her with me.  Much like the old days I thought I could walk her a mile, then put her in the car while I ran.  We had to bundle up because it was 34 degrees when we started out!

Most of the beautiful fall colors have sadly faded, but there is still a tree here and there stubbornly hanging on to their leaves.  I had to stop and take a picture of this tree, it looked like a beautiful flame with the sun hitting it.  As always, pictures can't do it justice.

There is ALWAYS time for selfies...

The walk with Molly was fine, just the typical dragging ass pace because she has to sniff every little thing and pee 700 times.  But she was so happy to be out there that I resolved to try to take her out more instead of sitting on my dead behind all the time.  After a mile I put her back in the car and set out to do a quick run.

So, I have mixed feelings on the outfit front.  Everything is technically comfortable and I'm not worried about chafing, it's more that the Cold Gear tights are annoying because they are a little too big, so I'll have to pull them up some during the race.  Not the biggest deal, I can handle it for a half marathon, but it's not ideal I guess.  The novelty tights worked out fine, it's just the tights under them that were annoying.  The bigger concern is my leg, because the same tendon that was bothering me before immediately started hurting as soon as I started running.  I literally wanted to put my fist through something, and the phrase "I'm so f**king done with running" may have been muttered about 25 times.  It really is so frustrating and I don't understand what's going on.  3 weeks of rest should have been PLENTY of healing time for my leg, but apparently not.  I ran for a half mile (at a sub 11 pace that actually felt easy!!!), and my leg was so sore with just that little distance that I decided to cut the run.

Part of me is devastated and scared shitless for this half, and the other part of me is in full on "Screw it, YOLO" mode.  My leg doesn't bother me in the slightest when I am walking, so absolutely worst case, I can walk the course if things get bad.  Otherwise, I'm just going to treat my legs well this week and show up to the race ready to finish it one way or another.  It's all I can do.

So I have spoken often about my Lovely Ladies group, and how wonderful and supportive they are.  This week they made me cry AT work, but in a good way!  My friend Anna from Losing My Puppy posted to the group this week that she knew how badly I'd wanted to be able to do the full marathon, and proposed that which ever ladies wanted to could divide up the remaining 13.1 miles among themselves and "finish" a full for me next Sunday as I was running.   When I saw the post, I sat in shock for a minute and then struggled unsuccessfully to hold back tears.  I love my group so much, it really has become this very rare safe place of full on support for both fitness and the things going on in our lives.  Even if the race gets tough, knowing my friends are running or walking all over the country to support me will be enough to get me through.

I wanted to end with some funny pictures of my garden, which seems to be in full on denial that it's going to be December in a very short while.  My roses have never looked better, and in fact my Mr Lincoln bush has one beautiful red rose bud on it.  My nasturtiums are going so crazy and constantly blooming that I don't have the heart to pull them up.

I planted celery in late spring of this year, and the crappy summer we had killed the plants, or so I thought.  I looked out yesterday and realized that my celery decided to rally and come back.  I am going to try to protect the plants as much as I can and see if they will make it.

My snapdragons also decided that it's never too late to bloom, and the plants are loaded down with buds!

My Sungold tomato plant decided to have a second run of tomatoes that likely won't ripen on the vine, but maybe I'll still pick them and see if they ripen in the window.

And last but not least, my ever infuriating kiwi vines.  The drought hit it hard and the kiwis are simply awful.  They are dry and more sour than vinegar, not even the birds or squirrels will touch them, but they do look awfully pretty and inviting while sitting on the vines.


  1. Tres chic pup in her sweater. I love those little pops of color still hanging on - this has been one of the prettiest falls. The kiwis look fantastic - too bad looks were deceiving. Grr...that is all I can say about your run. I hope all of us running/walking across the country will give you the needed boost to make it through Sunday.

  2. ^^ What Anna said! I'm looking forward to 'joining' you on Sunday! We will be rooting you on virtually speaking too!

  3. How cold is it supposed to be? Can you rething the pants? You say you can handle it now, but hiking up your drawers for 13 miles sounds like a drag.

  4. My advice is to flip your tights. If you have the bigger ones under the tighter ones, you WILL be rearranging constantly (I've done this). Of course the awesome tights won't show if they're the bottom layer, but they will make your looser tights fit better. - Jaye

  5. Koda is so happy this year to not have to deal with winter. It's nice not to have to force a sweater on her to just survive.

    And boo on your leg. It may be time to get get a sports med chiro or doc involved.

  6. I got teary about Anna's idea too. :) Even my husband, who doesn't completely understand the strength of online friendships ("imaginary friends" as he calls them), was impressed with that idea and our little group.