Monday, November 9, 2015

Catching Up

I don't really have much to report, I am still kind of having my weird whatever going on, but I thought I'd do a quick update post of random whatnots.

1.  Ain't Nobody Got Time for Long Hair....

I decided for about 5 seconds that I wanted to grow my hair out until I started running into the same issues I've been dealing with for the last two years.  My once unruly but pretty curly hair has changed in very bizarre ways, and despite taking great care of it, once it gets a certain length it becomes very coarse and looks damaged.  It's saddening and bizarre, especially since I don't color, straighten or blow dry my hair.  I assume hormones are the reason for the change in texture, it used to be very soft and wildly curly, but who knows.  Regardless, it looked like crap, so I walked into my friend Amanda's salon and begged her to Mia Farrow me, which she did very nicely.  Seems like I'm destined for short hair, and I'm fine with that.

2.  Idle Hands...

Now that the weather has cooled off, I've found myself pulling out my crochet projects that I've been working on for roughly the last 7 million years.  Back in 2009 I taught myself to crochet by watching Youtube videos, and it's been a really long love/hate relationship ever since.  I basically can only crochet single crochet scarves or throws, or granny squares, which I have no idea how to sew together to actually make a blanket.  I seriously have a huge pile of granny squares that intimidate the everloving out of me!  I wish I knew someone really good at crochet to teach me in person, and may ask my sister in law to show me some things when she comes out to visit next year.

Anyways, whenever it gets cold I get the urge to pull out my crochet projects and work on them.  I've only technically finished a few projects in my lifetime, as of right now I have three unfinished throws, one of which was supposed to be a baby blanket for my friend's baby who will be 3 years old next year.  Yeeeeah.   This weekend I started a throw that I am very nervous about, not because it's difficult but because I am using yarn that belonged to Eric's grandmother.  June could crochet like no one's business and was incredibly talented.  She was constantly working on projects and we have the honor of owning a few of her beautiful crocheted throws.  She passed away  a few years ago, and recently Eric's sister asked me if I'd like some of June's yarn since there was no way for my SIL to use it all in 7 lifetimes.  It's been sitting in a box all summer, but I finally braved pulling out a few rolls of yarn and decided to make a throw for us with it.  At the rate I work it will be finished in roughly 10 years, but hopefully I can make June proud with my very humble single crochet work.

The bonus of crocheting is that your hands are not free to snack, so it's been a good distraction in the evenings from poking around in the cupboards.  It's also pretty relaxing.

3.  Molly is still annoying

That's really all that can be said.  She has this insane high pitched nose whistle that is at such a high frequency that it could kill a dolphin.  Here she is whistling into my ear, just because she can.  I love her, she's just so crazy!

4.  Infused with awesome....

I started a much easier but expensive project this weekend...liquor infusions!  It started out with me wanting to try to recreate the horseradish vodka that we love from Kachka in Portland, but evolved into several different infusions.  I decided it would be fun to make a rosemary vodka to bring to our office Christmas party, just to be fun and different.  Rosemary has that pine quality that seems to fit in with Christmas.  Then I reasoned that since we have an ungodly amount of tequila that I could do some fun infusions with that too, so I also am in the process of making jalapeno tequila and ginger tequila.  I just started the jalapeno tequila infusion yesterday and it's already spicy enough to blow your head off, but I'm going to let it sit one more day.  The ginger tequila is going to be beautiful, but is going to take a little longer to infuse I think.  Against all odds I found fresh horseradish, so I made my horseradish and rosemary vodka infusions tonight.  It's fun and I think I'll be able to make some amazing cocktails from them!  I found a grapefruit and rosemary vodka cocktail recipe that I have my eye on once my rosemary vodka is finished.

5.  Sizing down....

I feel a little phoney posting this since I'm not exactly setting the world on fire weight loss wise right now, but I went shopping this weekend to freshen up my wardrobe, and had a wonderful moment in Old Navy.  I grabbed a cute dress in a large, and it looked like a tent in the dressing room.  At first I was like "oh this dress is cut weird", but skeptically grabbed a medium to see if that fit better.  I have never ever in my life worn a medium, so it was a bizarre feeling to have it fit!  I still don't feel my best, but it was an exciting little NSV for the day.  And yes, Molly is pretty much surgically implanted up my behind whenever I'm home,especially if I"m standing in the kitchen.  She's my shadow!


  1. Wow, liquor infusions. Sign me up as official taste tester. Ok, well not with the rosemary. I hate rosemary.
    Love the haircut and the dress and Molly all up your butt.

  2. Ooh, you are the official bartender of #LLLRetreat and Anna is the official cook! Sign me up for clean up duty!
    BTW, you look stunning with short hair. Not many can pull it off but you totes can.
    Love that NSV and the dress!

  3. I love liquor infusions! So much fun.

    And adorable dress :)

  4. You are just too cute...seriously it is ridiculous. I would love to get on the crochet train. I might have to try again.

  5. Yay for NSV's! I'm currently contemplating letting my hair grow a bit... we'll see how I feel about that in another month or two :D