Monday, November 16, 2015

Back from the Wilderness!

Our cabin vacation this weekend was very nice and just what I needed.  Mt. Hood is my happy place and it had been awhile since we'd been up there.  We really didn't do much of anything, mostly just relaxed by the fireplace and drank, but basically that was the intent of the trip!  I made a pretty killer cheese place our first night there, and had sparkling wine with it.  And yes, there's basically never a moment where Molly isn't keeping a very close eagle eye on our food.

The weather was chilly but not as chilly as I was hoping.  Things basically looked like the picture below (in other words, like the Twin Peaks intro) for a majority of the weekend.  It did begin to snow the morning we left, though it was very wet and didn't stick.  All of the businesses were so excited, everyone we talked to was pretty giddy at the prospect of snow, which is the complete opposite of the city.  Of course, snow and ski tourism up to Timberline Lodge and Mt.  Hood Meadows is crucial up there, and the ski season last year was horrible due to the lack of snow and the drought we had this year.  Hopefully things are better for them this year!

Molly was awful at the beginning of our stay at the cabin and was incredibly anxious the first night because she is a delicate flower.  She kind of did this to us the last time we had a cabin vacation, so this time I was a bit more prepared to handle things and try to calm her anxiety.  I brought several of her interactive treat toys and also made her a frozen Kong (Kong filled with kibble, topped with wet food and then frozen), so whenever we'd leave I'd put all of these things down for her to work on.  When she'd focus on her toys, we'd quietly slip out of the house like no-drama ghosts and that tactic seemed to work for the most part.  She finally settled into the groove right about the time we had to turn around and leave!

Eric and I definitely had fun, and there were also lots of great conversations and reflection about the past year and the best way to move forward.  I think I likely will call someone a little above everyone's pay grade to talk about everything that has happened, and I also want to do little things to try to change my thinking and move my life back in a positive direction.  I decided that every day I'd like to write down 3 positive general things that happened that day, and 3 things I did that were good for my health.  I know that's a very small start, but I want to try looking at what I have and what's good, rather than what's going wrong.

It will be somewhat difficult at first, I'm sure you guys know but I trend towards sarcastic and cynical and have since I was a young one.  Writing down flowery things will be silly at first for me, but I feel it would be something that may help me change my brain ever so slightly.  It's kind of a self reflection type thing, but I will try to post some of my "3 things" observations here from time to time.

I didn't want to end my post without acknowledging the attacks in Paris on Friday, although at the same time, I don't know what to say to convey how sick, heartbroken and sad I feel for the people of France.  I think Eric and I were very affected because of our love of music and concerts, so the thought of something like that happening at a concert, something we've enjoyed many of over the years, was frightening and sickening.  There is no sense to be made or understanding to be had when you have young people who are out enjoying a band or a good meal at a cafe, innocent people bothering no one, to have them gunned down and gone in an instant.  All I can say is that I'm so sorry.  Je t'aime Paris.


  1. I'm really glad you guys had this weekend. Sounds like it was much needed. Paris has been on my mind since this happened. Unreal.

  2. I'm glad you had a wonderful, relaxing getaway. Molly cracks me up... I think if our cat, Elliot, was a dog, he'd be just like her.