Saturday, October 3, 2015

Run Cut Short

So, today was not my day.  I set out for my 16 mile long run, and while I didn't expect it to be a New Year's Eve party, I felt like it was going to go pretty well.  I was well rested, the weather was crisp and beautiful, I had all my crap packed and ready to go the night before, etc.  And the first part of my run did go pretty well, although I was still feeling the same leg fatigue that I've been suffering with for the past few weeks.  Around mile 5 I started getting this odd twinge in my inner right thigh.  It was more annoying than painful, so I obviously kept going.  Despite feeling fatigued, I was enjoying all of the fall colors and the crunchy leaves all over the sidewalk, as well as how nice and cool the air was.  It was truly perfect running weather.

Which is why I started freaking out and getting pissed around mile 8, when this pain in my thigh started getting worse.  I stopped several times to stretch, I took walk breaks but it steadily started getting worse but I didn't want to stop since I only had about 6 miles left to go.  However, right around the beginning of mile 10, my leg sent up a "no bitch, seriously" SOS pain that just about sent me to my knees.  I stopped and leaned against a tree, and realized that I was done for the day.  There is pain that you can run through, and there is pain that is going to ruin you if you keep going.  Of course, I was about a mile away from the car, and let me tell you guys, that was a very long, painful walk back.  The pain just kept getting worse and worse, and I kept having to take breaks even from walking.  I genuinely started freaking out and wondering if this is going to be something I recover from, etc.  Plus there is nothing more rage inducing than being forced to stop a run, especially when I have to hit these higher mileage runs.

I did some Dr. Google research this afternoon and from what I'm seeing it looks like I likely have a strained adductor muscle or tendon.  Of course the treatment for it is freaking rest, which is exactly what I cannot afford to do at this point.

All during this training I've been telling Eric that I'm definitely done with full marathons after this, not because it's hard, but because I don't think my body can withstand another one.  Training for my first marathon was difficult from a mental and emotional standpoint, but that aspect is fine for me this time around.  Now it's the constant aching, the little minor pains, the plantar fasciitis flare ups and BS like this.  If you've ever seen the movie Black Swan, when I get up in the morning, it's like that scene where Natalie Portman is getting out of bed and cracking every single joint.  Everything on me cracks and pops now.  It's ironic that I had less injuries when I was really overweight!  Anyway, I will keep you guys posted.  Right now I'm still in a lot of pain but can at least get up and walk around.


  1. Oh Mary, that sounds horrible. You are a tough cookie, but that is even too much to bear. Hoping you get some relief quickly.

  2. Sorry to hear you had to cut it short. Do you also do cross training or are you training by running only for the marathon? Maybe throw in a little cross training and see if that helps with the different pains you have been experiencing. Might help with the leg fatigue as well.

  3. Oh balls to having to cut your run short because of pain. Fingers crossed Dr. Google is right and you rest up and all is well!