Friday, August 21, 2015

Times Two

So I did something rather rare and did the remaining two training runs for the week practically back to back.  Last night I did an ill-fated 3 miler that was supposed to be a 4 miler, then very early this morning did a redo and was able to complete the 4 miler.

Thursday Night 3 Miler (Time 39:56/Average Pace 13:19)

Last night's run was incredibly frustrating and disappointing.  I had been excited all week because it was supposed to be in the 70's after having been almost 100 degrees for two days in a row.  I'd anticipated the cool down and was like, "oh man, it's going to be amazing, my run is going to be so good."  Um no.  First of all as usual, the weather people are liars and the highs were more like 86 degrees.  Honestly guys, I'm so over it.  I'm tired of feeling like I can never walk outside.  I'm tired of having to drag the air conditioner around the house and do a bunch of crap to cool the house down.  I'm tired of feeling like I'm constantly sweaty and stinky.  Most of all, I'm tired of being incredibly limited on when I can run.  Early morning and late evening are my worst times when it comes to running, yet that's basically what I'm having to choose between.  Late evening is the worst because eating dinner impacts my run even though I eat at 4 pm on those days, and I basically have acid reflux and burp the entire time.  It's terrible and painful.

Anyway, I got out around 7 and it was so hot, and the sidewalk was practically steaming.  I had decided to forego the Galloway method last night and just run/walk whenever the spirit moved me, and surprisingly this was a huge mistake.  I don't know what it was, but my performance was terrible.  I could NEVER get into a running groove, mostly because I couldn't breathe, but I also found that I fell back into the old pattern of not pushing myself.  So weird, because when I set the intervals on my watch I follow them pretty religiously and totally push myself.  I don't know why.  It's not like the Galloway police are going to jump out of the bushes and arrest me if I take an extra walk break, I'm not accountable to anyone, but somehow the set intervals keep me on track!

I was just not feeling it last night.  My legs hurt and felt like lead, I was tired, couldn't breathe and I was having major chafing issues.  After struggling and being near tears the whole time, I decided to cut my run at 3 miles.  When it's like that, there is no point in pushing it, it just makes it worse emotionally.

Friday Morning 4 Miler (Time 49:24/Average Pace 12:22)

So one of the great things about my new job (in a very long list of great things) is the fact we have a shower at work, so I decided to get to the office at 6 am today and do my 4 miler, then shower and start my 7 am shift.  Again it was incredibly humid, but not quite as much as last night.  My legs still felt really exhausted and had absolutely no spring, so I don't really know what's going on with that.  Hopefully that goes away for my long run on Sunday!  I probably should roll them out tonight with The Stick, I've been super lazy about that lately!

Anyway, nothing exciting really to report.  It wasn't a great run, I was really tired and not feeling it, but apparently I was much faster than I thought, in fact my average pace was the fastest today out of all the training runs this month.  Go figure!  I did use the intervals on my watch and magically I pushed myself and ran more than I wanted.  Apparently I am afraid of my Garmin and will obey its command!  I will say I didn't hate the morning run as much as I thought I would.  I think I hate the prep that goes along with it more than anything, you know, just having to pack toiletries/work clothes/towel/breakfast, etc.  I did have the good sense to pack everything the night before so that all I had to do was grab my bag and go this morning.  If the weather is going to continue to be a jerk ass, then doing a morning run at least once a week may be my best option.  The work shower worked out well, so I definitely may deploy this a bit more.

Next up will be my long run on Sunday, an 8 miler.  I'm not looking forward to it, especially since the high on Sunday is supposed to be 93, which means I'll have to get out there at the ass crack of dawn so that I don't roast!

I guess I should end on a positive note and say that I'm proud that I've managed to push and consistently do 3 training runs a week this month.  (Grand tally is 37 miles!)  I know technically I'm supposed to do 4 runs a week, but that is simply going to have to wait until the weather dies down.  I honestly feel like my stamina is improving with even just 3 runs a week, but definitely want to add that 4th run in once things are cooler.  At least I'm behaving differently this training go round and taking things more seriously, and I definitely feel positive about the marathon, I just need the weather to change!  


  1. Mary, In reading your blog posts, something always strikes me. Normally, when you speak of Molly, or Music or Movies, you are super happy and you seem to really enjoy life in general. However, when you post your running reviews, you seem constantly downright miserable. You use the word hate so much to describe the experience and then say you are "in tears"?. Life is too short to do things that you feel suck. Why do you put yourself through this? In what world is crying good for you in any sport whatsoever? You know there are so many fitness options that you could partake in besides running. Is this marathon so important to you? It just seems to me that if you truly don't enjoy the running, it is putting undue stress on you to train for one. Like a bad job. Have you considered trying another sport? Cycling, or Swimming or Hiking or something.

    1. Well firstly it's not running I hate, it's heat and summer. That is where this is coming from. I genuinely feel depression and panic attacks when I am hot, hence the tears. It's nothing to do with running, it's purely frustration with the heat because it's not letting me progress in my running. Oregon literally has broken all time records this year weather-wise, and it hasn't been fun. Due to my limitations when it comes to injuries and such, running outside is literally my only option, so yes, I am very frustrated because the weather is the one thing I have absolutely no control over. No, you are not going to see joyous posts from me when I'm facing 8 mile runs in 90+ degree heat. Secondly...I love running. I may be self deprecating about it and try to approach things with humor or good natured complaining, but make no mistake, I do enjoy it. I love when I see my pace improve, I love when I feel a rush when I'm done with a run, I love the feeling of pride when I push through a horrible run and conquer it anyway. There are a million little things about it that I love, or else I wouldn't be doing it. I do feel like I've expressed excitement several times about the marathon, seeing my pace improve, how enjoyable runs are on cool days etc. Realistically though, running isn't always flowers and rainbows, so I write what's real and I always will. The marathon is important to me. I wouldn't have spent hundreds of dollars in lodging, train tickets, entry fees, etc and spending a ton of my spare time training if I was lukewarm about it. I don't say any of this to be snarky, I guess I'm just sad and surprised at the feedback because I am actually so proud of myself for how consistent I've been with training for this marathon despite the challenges I've faced, so to read that someone thinks I shouldn't run really bothers me. :(

  2. I did not mean it to come off as someone who thinks you shouldn't run at all. I am sorry if it came off that way. Obviously from your reply, there are many aspects that you love about the sport so that's great and it's only the weather that is the issue. Obviously, I misunderstood and I am not judging you at all. I was just curious because of the dichotomy of your posts on some things vs. running reports.

    And, of course, you should be proud of yourself for all the milestones you've made and will continue to make. I am happy to hear that you really love running and continue to push through what sounds like misery for you at times due to high temps to consistently train on schedule. I hope your weather woes will be ending soon now that the Fall is coming.

    1. All good, I know you weren't trying to be judgmental! I just wanted to make sure it was clear to lurkers that yeah, despite my bitching I do love running! It's just a depression spell from the heat. :) Trust me, you will hear a lot more cheer in general from me when the temps drop. The weather here has bled into all aspects of our lives, which is a lot of the frustration you're hearing. Our house doesn't have central air, so we have to set up a portable AC that is barely effective and is expensive to run. It's a nightmare! It just gets old having the heat run your life 24/7. I am already fantasizing about going for runs when the leaves are falling and the air is crisp! Have a great weekend!

  3. For every month of crappy runs, here's hoping for two months of excellent runs. I feel the same way in thr winter when I bitch about the cold and the ice and the jerks who don't shovel their snow. I love running but why can't every run be in the 50's with zero humidity, a light cloud cover, and a nice breeze?!? We need a bubble to run in lol

  4. It'll get easier when the weather changes. In the summer, I always feel like my legs weigh a thousand pounds and it sucks and why do I do this and then fall comes and I remember why. :) Good for you for sticking it out through the dog days of summer!