Monday, August 24, 2015


Yesterday I posted briefly about the two races I signed up for over the weekend, and had one of my local friends reach out to me and ask which races I was signing up for.  I thought I'd detail them here just in case any other Oregon people may want to meet up!

Halloweenathon - October 31, 2015

So for the record, Halloween is going to be bananas this year since it's on a Saturday!  I'm already pretty excited because I love decorating the house and handing out candy to kids, it's pretty much the one time of year I'm not a complete curmudgeon.  I debated about whether to sign up for a Halloween race, and originally wanted to do one in Portland called Run Like Hell that I did a few years ago.  However I'm getting to the point where I'm getting sticker shock over race prices, and Run Like Hell was no exception.  I mean I don't know, is $89 really a reasonable price for a half marathon ($109 if you sign up race day)?  I guess I am more conscious of these things now that I'm not making the big cheddar, but that just seems outrageous to me.  Anyway, I figured that I was just going to do without any races for the rest of the year until the marathon, when I remembered the little Halloween race I did last year called the Halloweenathon.  It's put on by this company called Uberthons, who always does super fun, smaller races with really cute medals.  They hand out medals to everyone, even if you are just running the 5k!

After studying my schedule for October, I decided to do the 10k race.  My schedule for that week is actually my last "for realz" training week before my taper, and I have a 20 miler, two 5 milers and an 8 miler on the schedule for that week.  I figured that the 10k could count as one of the 5 milers.  Supposedly this year they are having it at a golf course that has actual asphalt paths instead of the sloppy mud we ran through last year!  If anyone local is interested in signing up, here is the link.

Oregon Winter Half Marathon - January 23, 2016

First of all, can you believe that we're a) talking about 2016 and that b) it's less than 6 months away?  Where has this year gone?!

Anyway, Uberthons is also putting on this one, in fact they are doing them for each season, but don't even TALK to me about spring or summer races, no thank you.  My luck we'll have some insanely hot spring.  I decided instead to sign up for the half marathon since I will still be in reasonable shape and it will give me the motivation I need to not slack and lose all of my fitness like I did the last time.
I won't fully say I'll never do a marathon again, especially since I've said it before and here I am doing marathon #2, but I just don't see myself doing a third one.  I've noticed my body is a lot more creaky and sensitive, plus it is just so damn time consuming to train for one.  I don't have quite the emotional thrash about it as I did the last time, but it still really blows to never sleep in on the weekends and to have to squeeze in the longer runs.  Anyway, I guess I'm saying that limiting my running "career" to half marathons seems a lot more appealing, but would still keep me in really great shape.  If any of you locals are interested, you can sign up here.  I put the link that has all of the seasonal races, just in case you're not a huge baby like me and are interested in the spring/summer/fall options.

After careful studying of the weather forecast, I'm going to make up my 8 mile run tomorrow night, my 5 miler on Wednesday, and then do my 3 mile runs on Friday and Saturday.  The weather looks like it is going to calm down, so I am going to do my best to squeeze in that 4th run this week!  I also need all the help I can get since we are going to the Oregon State Fair on Saturday, and I am ridiculously excited.  I will not only be eating all of the corn dogs, but all of the fried candy bars, and petting a billion animals.  It's my version of heaven.


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    1. Yeah, I am pretty stoked! And I am so excited for the fair, I didn't get to go last year and was so sad about it. Doubly excited for this year!

  2. Sounds like a good plan. I am sending you humidity and smoke free thoughts!

    I totally get sticker shock when it comes to races. I mean, come on, 100.00 is a lot for a half marathon!

    1. Thankfully the smoke blew out of here by Monday afternoon. Definitely gave me incredible sympathy and compassion for those who are actually IN the wildfire zone. We were all dying after 2 days, I can't imagine what 2 months of it is like.

      And seriously with the race prices. I'm not trying to be a diva about it and I know races are expensive to put on, but $89 for a half marathon is outrageous!

  3. Have a great time at the fair! I love fair food (everything is better on a stick right?)

    1. Totally! Every year I must get my corndog, a fried candy bar and a lime rickey phosphate from the old fashioned soda jerk guy. And then I have to go into the petting zoo and pet the everloving hell out of all the goats. It's tradition!