Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Getting Baked, Chocolate Fever & Earless Greyhounds

Last night I had another one of those moments where I was slightly in awe and feel like I'm slowly becoming a new person.  We have a busy week this week so I knew going in that my run days were going to be Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Friday.  Technically Saturday morning is an option, but my volunteer shift at the animal shelter is 9am  to 11 am so I'd have to get up really early, and that would make me sad.  Anyways, there was no wiggle room, those are my running options for the week.  But I didn't want to run last night.  I watched the hourly weather forecast all day yesterday, and my heart sank as I saw that it wasn't going to cool down even remotely until 9 pm.  Laugh if you must, but 9 pm is usually mama's bedtime.  I agonized about it and silently dreaded it at we were leaving work, was trying to bargain with myself and be like "but if I did this, then I could just shift a day", etc.  Anyway at the end of the day the weather is going to suck a bag of asses for the rest of the week, so there was no point in shifting anything around.  So run it was.

I'm almost glad I had that semi-traumatic experience with running Starlight, because that's the new bar I can hold up for myself.  If I made it through that race despite almost having a panic attack from heat and almost yakking up a sandwich, then I can make it through just about anything.  I know that's not very romantic or inspirational, but hey, whatever works.  I got out there at about 7 pm, and it was 85 degrees and 41% humidity.  At first I was like "oh this isn't that terrible" and then immediately 5 minutes later was like "this is terrible."  Much like Starlight, the actual temps weren't so much the issue, it was the pavement that had been baking in the heat all day that was now radiating heat from the feet up.  There was a breeze blowing, but it felt like someone was blowing a hair dryer on me.  I hated every second of it, but at a certain point, you don't have a choice if you're going to get your training in.  And that folks, that's what is surprising me about myself.  Two years ago I would have NEVER had that attitude.  How times have changed.

I was very proud because I only stopped once just for like 30 seconds to get water, and I only walked extra on the very last run interval.  I couldn't believe I stuck it out, but I was definitely happy it was only a 3 miler.  I don't know that I could have done much more than that.  (3 Mile Run:  Time - 40:59, Average Pace - 13:42)

I feel like every run selfie I take now is me looking like a confused, drenched lobster. It is not fashionable people!

After my run I went to the grocery store, which could have been a dangerous thing post run.  Luckily I was so hot that I wasn't hungry, so I thankfully didn't buy out the store.  I did stock up on some snacks for work, because I feel like I do my best nutrition wise when I have a lot of little snacks to look forward to throughout the day.  I've also been having issues at night with wanting just a little something sweet, which honestly is just who I am.  I have a horrible sweet tooth that is mostly under control, but damn it, I just need my little treats at night!

I wanted to recommend a couple of the products I got, starting with this granola.  I'm not a huge granola person, it's usually too sweet and the calorie hit vs the serving size usually isn't worth it to me.  It's like, is 240 calories for 1/4th a cup of sugared oats ever worth it?  But I saw this on the shelf and it had two of my favorite things, cocoa and coconut, so I immediately grabbed it.  I was pleased to see the serving size was 1/3rd of a cup and the calorie count was fairly respectable (130 calories/5 grams fat).  I tasted a little when I got home and it was SO good.  It's really not sweet at all, so it doesn't feel totally weird to have it at breakfast, but I could see sprinkling it over berries at night for a treat too.  I put some in my yogurt this morning, and it provided a lightly sweet note to my very tart plain yogurt.  Super tasty!  Oh, and the brand is from Kashi, I think that part got ripped off the label.

And dear God, go get a bag of these almonds immediately.  It was an impulse buy, which I really shouldn't be doing, and they were expensive as hell, but I don't even care.  Totally worth it.  Again, they are not really sweet at all but they have such a wonderful chocolate flavor to them.  These are definitely the perfect thing for a treat, and the calorie hit isn't really that bad either.  (160 calories, 13 grams of fat).  The serving size is about 1/4th of a cup, which is pretty typical for a serving of almonds.

Anyway, go forth, snack and enjoy!

I feel like I haven't mentioned Molly much lately, but she is still around and being a really ridiculous creature.  I will say that I'm pretty proud of her because she easily adjusted to Eric and I both working again without any fuss.  I was honestly worried since she's been used to one of us being home for almost a year, and I felt guilty because she doesn't get her long walks anymore.  But she has rolled with the punches pretty easily and there have been no revenge pee incidents or destruction.  She is still a nutty dog who sometimes gets both ears folded back, and then just chills out with no ears for a little bit.

Or she sleeps with very elegant faces, and I get to gaze upon this kind of magnificence.


  1. Mmm, those almonds look wonderful. I need to go find them immediately!

  2. I LOVE flavored almonds. They can be really hard for me to portion control though. I'm glad Molly has adjusted well to your return to work!

  3. You forgot a word: you're looking like a *thinner* confused, drenched lobster.

    This is our 4th week of getting up extra-early for a walk each weekday. The first 2 weeks I just wanted to hit snooze or make excuses every day, but it really did help that I could tell myself "nope, no days off until the weekend, you've got no choice in this matter, now get out of bed." Last week I realized that it started to not suck, and I might even enjoy it on some days now. I've heard legends that some people even start to "crave" exercise after a while, but I haven't confirmed that on Snopes or anything.

  4. Hurray for the fantastic attitude changes. Mollie is so lovely in all her grace and beauty :) #lovethelobster

  5. I have had those almonds and they are spectacular.

    Way to get it done, even though you mentally didn't want to. Good for you!