Friday, July 17, 2015

Preseason Week 1 + Blue Angels!

Hello all, just wanted to update you on my last two runs of the week, which officially means I made it through Week 1 of preseason training!

5 Miler

Yesterday was my 5 mile run, which was originally supposed to be today but I watch the weather forecast like a stock trader does the Dow, and saw the weather was supposed to be very cool and borderline rainy on Thursday.  I figured that would be my best chance at having a good run, and it mostly was!

My hip was still pretty dodgy, although I felt great for the first 3 miles.  The weather was perfect and it did indeed start to sprinkle towards the end of my run.  I fueled up with a coconut water pre-run, then brought Gatorade to keep in the car to sip on after each mile.  Physically my breathing was a lot better and I didn't feel fatigued.  Best of all, no leg cramps this time!  I will say that I am pretty impressed with that Gatorade Endurance powder I am using, it actually tastes pretty good and I do notice a difference in how I feel after drinking it.  My stomach doesn't seem to mind it either, so those are all pluses!

But back to my hip, once I hit mile 4 things started to go downhill.  The pain started coming back, and while I was able to fake it for that mile, mile 5 was agony.  I had to stop my watch a couple of times so that I could stretch, discretely massage the trigger spot in my glute and do some leg swings.  That managed to hold me over so that I could finish out my run, but it definitely didn't feel good.

4 Miler

Today I did a 4 miler, and I was NOT looking forward to it.  My hip was bothering me from the minute I got up, but I did some stretching and managed to get it to a place where I felt like the run wasn't going to bother it too badly.  The first mile was uncomfortable but okay, the second mile was great, then starting the third mile it was agony again.  I decided to walk mile 3, which was honestly torture because walking made it feel worse than running.  Mile 3 seemed to take FOREVER to finish!  I decided that I was just going to go ahead and run mile 4, which I did.  My hip was definitely in pain, but I will say that the pain when I was walking was worse!

I am definitely concerned about my hip, but am wondering if it's just residual soreness from massaging the trigger points so aggressively.  At least I have 2 rest days now, and I am going to try to baby things along and stretch as much as I can.  Hopefully that helps matters!  My hip actually feels pretty good right now, so here's hoping.

Odds and Ends

The last couple of days have been awesome because the Blue Angels are practicing over my house!  The airshow is this weekend, but I don't even need to go to it because their flight path is right over my house.  I am not an adrenaline junkie by any means, but watching them fly is pretty thrilling.  Besides the fact that the sound of the engines will scare the piss out of you and vibrate your whole body, your heart is in your throat the whole time they are doing their routine.  I can't imagine the skills it takes to be able to be a member of the team and fly those jets, it really is pretty amazing!

Tomorrow I have my certification class so that I can be a volunteer at the animal shelter!  I forgot to update you guys but I did have my orientation last Saturday, then had to fill out an application, have an interview (because I just LOVE doing that) and all that fun stuff.  Of COURSE I am working in the dog section, not that I don't love kitties too, but dogs are my fave so I requested to be in that section.  You have to go through several different certifications to do different stuff with the dogs, so I don't think I'll have a ton of hands on stuff at first, but eventually you get to help train dogs and do behavior modification.  It should be a learning experience for sure!


  1. How fun to volunteer! Maybe you'll find a running buddy.

  2. Poor hip! I am impressed with your perseverance - I would definitely have requested the full body cast by now :( I can't wait to hear about your shelter adventures - if you can't wait until you are fully certified, I will send Millie to you so you can work on "behavior modification." :)

  3. Yikes sorry the hip is still wonky. Hope it eases up soon. We are hoping to actually take a day trip in a few weeks(month) to go see the Blue Angels practice in P'Cola. Should be a nice little trip!
    Good luck with the class! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  4. Nice work on your runs. And I love the idea of the Blue Angels practicing over you rhouse. How cool!