Monday, July 20, 2015

Da Weekend

This weekend was pretty glorious because of how happy I was overall, but I'm withholding the source of that happiness until tomorrow's post!  For now I just wanted to recap some of my weekend.

Friday night we went to see Trainwreck with Amy Schumer and both really liked it.  It was surprisingly touching in parts to the point that my waterworks were going, (I tend to be a baby bitch sissy at movies) but was of course very funny as well.  I absolutely adore Bill Hader, (side note, if you have not seen Skeleton Twins you should!) and liked him in this quite a bit.  And as much as it pains me to say this, LeBron James was actually pretty funny in it.  *shudders and hangs head in shame*

I did tell Eric that I am still waiting for a movie about a woman who can be funny and strong without being...well a trainwreck.  In many ways the movie had a very typical rom com formula, and that aspect disappointed me a little.  You know, the woman is lovably messed up, meets a guy that "fixes" everything, and suddenly at the end she has to change her foolish ways to keep the guy, and now she can be happy and normal.  I mean I don't know...if you drink, (high five for those of us who sneak wine into movies) curse and enjoy sex does this mean you're a trainwreck who needs fixing?  If it does, I'm in trouble.  I also wish that childfree women could be depicted a little more fairly in movies.  I mean...we're regular people.  We're not always troubled alcoholics who have no direction in life and get plowed by 10 guys a night, and we're not always cold, clinical ball busting career women.  Shock of all shocks, most of us are just normal women with normal jobs who enjoy quiet solitude, traveling and what have you.  There's not always a deep seated issue or something that needs to get fixed, believe it or not we can be fulfilled, content and happy with who we are.  I know that doesn't make for an exciting movie, it just frustrates me to have the same predictable, one note characters.  Anyway, I know I am doing too much deep seated analysis on a Judd Apatow movie, it's just something that bugs me!  Maybe I should write my own movie script.  ;)  I did like the movie, it just didn't break down any barriers for me!

Saturday was my first certification class so that I can start volunteering with the dogs at the local animal shelter.  It was a two hour class, but it was super interesting and fun!  They use a method called Open Paw training that is implemented at shelters across the United States, and in a nutshell this method teaches the shelter animals that people are a good thing!  It helps socialize them and builds their trust and confidence in people.  We did a little bit of learning in class, then actually went into the kennels to start practicing what we learned with the dogs.  There were two sections in the kennel, one for the dogs up for adoption and a section of dogs not up for adoption because they are being evaluated, are evidence in a trial or are on some kind of medical hold.  I was instantly drawn to one very sweet pitbull who had a cone of shame due to a skin condition.  I admittedly am very nervous around pitbulls because I live in an area where unfortunately many are used for fighting and are abused, so typically the ones you run into around here aren't exactly the friendliest dogs.  I know they are not overall bad dogs as a breed, I am just very realistic about the area I live in and the life they unfortunately lead and the behavior issues that causes.  My dogs and I were almost attacked on a walk a few years ago by a loose pit (thankfully we escaped), and during marathon training a few years ago there were some incidents with thankfully fenced pits that didn't help my jitters.  Eric was bitten unprovoked by one of his neighbors pits when he was in LA, so we are both nervous around them but are working on it.  At least now I can be part of the solution, help save them from bad homes and help teach them that people are good and not to be feared.  I am sure it will help me and this small streak of nervousness I have too!  All dogs deserve loving homes and a good life.

Anyway, this boy was very sweet and I kept coming back to him and giving him treats because I was so drawn to him.  He sat so nicely for me every time I came by his kennel and took treats very politely, unlike Molly who takes a treat and two of your fingers along with it.  He was extra pitiful with his cone of shame and bald spots, so I think he made out like a gangster with treats from all of my other classmates too!  He was definitely the favorite of the group and hopefully I can work with him some more!  

I had to take a test after class was done and found out today that I passed with 100%, so I can now call the shelter to schedule my shifts and officially be a volunteer!  Whew!  I know that all seems like a lot of hoops to jump through just to volunteer, but I am thrilled they take the animal's welfare so seriously.

Sunday I needed to go shopping so Eric and I went out and about for a bit then came home and started Season 3 of House of Cards.  (Um the Russian episode?  It got weird).  The Blue Angels performed around 3 pm on both Saturday and Sunday, so it was pretty exciting to watch them from upstairs.  Sadly Molly didn't think it was so awesome and was utterly terrified.  The poor dear can't catch a break between the fireworks and the planes!



  2. Yay for volunteering! I can't tell you how happy that makes me. And yay for helping get rid of the pittie stereotype! I love my Koda, but I know that there are a lot of bad owners out there.

  3. I think it is great that make you go through all of that training. Those poor puppies deserve the best help they can get after all they've been through. I totally agree about the way childless women are presented in movies. Even my husband noticed in Jurassic World. I'm going to see Trainwreck next week so thanks for the heads up. :)