Thursday, July 9, 2015

Changes in Attitudes, Changes in Latitudes...

HI EVERYONE!  Did you miss me?

I apologize again for the long absence, writing while we had out of towners here just simply wasn't possible, but I'm back and everything is mostly normal.  I was going to wait until Monday to write a new post but eh, I figured that there was no time like the presence to resume healthy habits and yes, that includes blogging!

It's been a crazy couple of weeks.  The family visit was fun, interesting, enlightening but also crazy and tiring just simply from running around so much and sight seeing.  My eating was atrocious from eating fatty horridness to outright skipping meals, but I luckily only managed to gain two pounds throughout all of that.  I felt terrible for my family because a really awful heatwave hit Oregon the ENTIRE time they were here.  It was seriously horrendous, especially since neither my aunt or I have central air and have to make do with portable ACs.  Let's just say that I dread seeing the electric bill next month.

Since my family is private I won't share their pictures, but since I'm always fair game I thought I'd share a few other random ones.

I don't know if I've ever shared this bit of marital weirdness, but Eric and I have a thing we do that involves Michael Bolton (stay with me on this).  Long ago I won tickets to MB when I was like 14, and came away with this souvenir ticket that I have kept all these years for some ungodly reason.  I recently unearthed it during a decluttering spree, and ever since then Michael has become a fun joke for Eric and I to play on one another.  We like to hide him in random places for the other person to find, it's just a weird thing we do.  I personally feel I had the best "gotcha" when I managed to hide him in Eric's suitcase when we went to Cleveland, but Eric did get me pretty good by hiding him in my car one day.  Anyways, since we had family staying with us Eric and I shared my bathroom, and Michael wanted to make sure he felt welcome:


We are weird people.

That is the thermometer at my house, and that is no joke.  It was 80 INSIDE my house for the record.

Hence the constant drinking of water and lemonade, with sadly no alcohol component involved.  And in case you want to know what I look like when I'm at the zoo, it's a million degrees and I'm getting banged around and pushed by a thousand moms with giant strollers containing freshly birthed babies who couldn't possibly appreciate remotely ANYTHING about the zoo, plus being shoved by hordes of screaming kids....

That.  I look like that.  I was close to sacrificing myself to the polar bears.

To top off a very wacky two weeks, we came across this starving abandoned dog on our street Sunday and spent most of the morning dealing with that.  I estimate she'd been on her own for about a month, and bless her heart, you could see just about every bone in her body she was so starved.  Despite whatever she's been through she was just as a sweet as pie and very grateful to be given food and water.  She readily let me clip a leash on her and walk her over to our house, and we decided to take her to the animal shelter.  She didn't fight me on putting her in the car and was good as gold on the ride over there.  Long story short she was chipped, but as of Monday her owners still hadn't come gotten her.  It really upset me and I would have loved nothing more than to have taken her (she reminded me so much of my late dog Natasha), but with Molly we just can't have a second dog.  Hopefully her owners either come get her, or if they are assholes that dumped her off then at least she is in a safe place being fed and can be adopted by a nice family.  (The shelter we took her to is a no kill one).  If she gets put up for adoption she'd get adopted so fast, she was completely sweet and mellow, plus she was so cute!  

As my title suggests I am ready to get back to normal and to have a change in my attitude.  I've had a horrible attitude due to multiple factors lately, and I am frankly sick of myself.  I'm ready to be positive and healthy again.  I was pleasantly surprised how easily I just slipped right back into "the norm" this morning.  I fixed a healthy breakfast, went right back to tracking in MFP and am composing this post.  I may hold off on running until this weekend, but I feel proud at the moment of the other things I did today.  Old me would have had such a hard time finding the momentum to do right again, but everything I've done today so far just feels natural.

And as part of my campaign to get off my ass and stop feeling sorry for myself, I signed up for an orientation at the shelter we took that stray dog to so that I can start volunteering there.  I need to do something that benefits someone else and will also bring some positive vibes to my life, so there it is.  I used to volunteer a lot and I've barely done it the last two years.  It's time to stop wallowing and time to focus on helping.

Anyway that's about it!  It's good to be back!  :)


  1. Best news of the day - you are back!!!! I love that you stepped right back in this morning where you had left off. Those pesky two pounds will be gone in no time! Volunteering sounds like a fantastic idea.

  2. Welcome back! I sure hope that beautiful doggie can find a wonderful home. I'd love to get back to volunteering at a shelter too. I did so after Katrina and then for about 3 years beyond that until I got sick. It was so rewarding.

  3. I love volunteering at rescues! It's so rewarding :)

  4. WELCOME BACK!!! I love the sweating polar bear photo.

  5. Thank you for rescuing that sweetie and making sure she is in a safe place! I volunteered at our local animal shelter for a time. It was very rewarding.

  6. Welcome back! We had the same miserable experience at our zoo over the fourth. I was relieved when O broke a family rule (ran off - just far enough to have clearly broken the rules about staying close, but not so far I had to chase him because he came to his senses and stopped). It gave us an excuse to get out of there. What is it about hot crowded that make people think they can let their children act like demons? Sacrificing them to the polar bears might be a better idea than sacrificing yourself :)