Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Catching Up

Sorry!!!  Just thought I'd post a few bullet points of what's going on with me lately since it's been a bit.  I am actually crazy busy trying to prepare for a visit from my family, hence the radio silence.  You will probably get a bit more radio silence over the next couple of weeks, but I will try my best to post if I can.

1.  Yes, I'm still running

Last Friday the weather calmed down enough for me to take Molly with me and do a "walk the dog a mile, run by myself a mile" thing.  I did 4 miles all together, 2 of them being running.  Saturday was freaking awesome and I did 6 miles pretty easily, AND my pace was great!  Yesterday was kind of a downer because I tried to go for a run and only made it 1.5 miles thanks to PMS symptoms.  I did do a total of 3 miles because I walked 1.5 with Molly.  I plan on running tomorrow, possibly Friday and then doing a long run before we go pick my dad up.  And hopefully I can do some runs when they are here before everyone gets up in the morning.

2.  Family time!

I am very excited that my family is coming up to see us.  My brother/SIL/niece will be up here for a week and my dad will be here for 2 weeks (one week overlaps where everyone will be here).  My brother hasn't been up here in like 9, 10 years or something, so it will be fun to show him around.  I love taking people around Portland!  My mom is staying back home to hold down the fort and feed everyone's cats (and probably throwing a parade over the alone time).  My aunt and I are so crazy that we have a shared Google doc to coordinate meals/activities, but hey, at least we're organized!

3.  I saw Jurassic World

I was happy that some friends from my old job asked us to go see JW with them, even though I really hadn't planned on seeing JW.  I mainly just wanted to catch up with the friends since I hadn't seen them since we went to their wedding almost a year ago.  I did laugh at my friend Nick, who was trying to have this philosophical discussion about the Jurassic Park movie franchise and all the plot lines, and his wife turns to him and says in her dry manner, "All anyone really needs to know about the plot of any of those movies is that there are dinosaurs and they're in a park.  And they will get out and eat people."   And there were indeed dinosaurs in a park that ate people in this one.  The movie was pretty entertaining, though a couple of things bugged me.  The whole thing with the chick having to be in high heels the whole time was like, what.  Kind of dumb.  And I personally got my feathers ruffled at a scene where the chick's sister snottily tells her "WHEN you have kids" after the girl had expressed not really being sure if she wants them.  It just hit close to home and some of my personal encounters with people, but at the end of the day we're talking about a movie where a genetically modified dinosaur gets out and eats a bunch of people, so I'll let that one go.  What I did get my skirt blown up about was seeing the trailer for Star Wars.  I am trying so hard to not get pumped for it, but I'm totally getting pumped for it.  Like seriously.  I can barely wait!!

4.  Going to see Brian Wilson

So this was unexpected and awesome, but Brian Wilson actually is coming to a casino up here next month, which is spooky timing after just having seen Love & Mercy.  I asked my aunt if she'd want to go with me, so we got tickets and are going.  I am SO excited!  The term "blessed" gets overused, but I definitely feel blessed and humbled at the music acts I've seen and will see this year.  These people will not be around forever, so it's good to get out there while you can.  One of my most cherished shows is the BB King and Etta James show we saw a few years ago.  Etta died not long after and of course we lost BB recently.  We're losing good people and can't take them for granted.  I get really irritated when people make fun of bands like the Rolling Stones or Aerosmith for continuing to tour.  I mean...they're rock stars.  What are they supposed to do, retire and start doing some stereotypical old man hobby?  What's with the ageism shit?  I think anyone who is still out rocking it should be commended and not made fun of, because shredding guitar in your 70s is pretty badass.  Anyway, to my point, we're seeing Aerosmith and The Who later in the year, and now Brian Wilson.  Actually, we have quite a few shows coming up!

That's really about all the news going on around here.  Hopefully I can touch base more in the next 2 weeks!


  1. Sounds like you're going to see some fun concerts! I just saw Paul Rodgers (Bad Company) on Sunday night. At 65, that man still brings it - the smoothest voice in all of rock!

  2. Some of my favorite shows have been shows by artists who are at retirement age, like Billy Joel. I just saw Neil Diamond and I swear to you I turned to my sister and said, "I know he's in his 70's but damn he is awesome. And I would totally sleep with him."

    I don't know if this is still true, but when I worked at a music venue about 20 years ago we couldn't serve booze at the Aerosmith show because the band didn't want it served. At the time all I could think was how bad ass do you have to be to tell a venue they can't serve booze during your show, have them say ok, And you still sell out the damn show. That is badassery at it's finest!

    Good job on your runs!!!!

  3. I was just thinking about when should entertainers retire - thoughts inspired by a not so great Carrie Underwood song that came on the radio. I wondered if I had made a massive amount of money would I want to keep doing the same thing. I supposed it is in their blood.

    Great job on all your running :) It will definitely come in handy if the dinos get out at a park near just have to be faster than a few people!

  4. You are killing it with the running lately! So proud of you! Hope the visit goes smoothly with family and y'all have a fantastic time together!

    I totally love old people bands. I've seen Chicago, er, 5 times or so, Neil Diamond 3x, Earth Wind and Fire once, Jimmy Buffet once and they all blow those young whippersnappers out of the water (performance wise!)

    That did irk me about the movie too. The sister harping and the shoes. BUT other than that I lurrrrrved it.

  5. We're going to see Jurassic World this weekend and I'm already braced for that character, with all I've heard about her. Why do movies get women so wrong so often?
    Great job with the workouts despite the weather!