Monday, May 18, 2015

Race Spectating and Cinematic Adventures

What a weekend!  I am actually going to start by telling you about my race spectating experience on Sunday, then we can Tarantino it back and talk about Friday and Saturday.


Sunday was my first time ever spectating a race, and it was SO much fun!  I have been meaning to do it for years, but wanting to support my friend in her first race gave me the push I needed to finally get off my butt and do it!  I got up and had some breakfast/coffee then rolled on out to Portland.  For the record, it was so weird initially to go to a race and not actually run in it!  I stood by the start line trying to find my friend E, and it was funny to look at all the corrals from a spectator perspective and not a runner perspective.  The RnR seemed just about as crowded as the Shamrock, maybe a little less so, although it seemed a bit more organized and with better amenities.

I never could find E, so afterwards I went to stake out a good spectating spot, and found a pretty primo one where I could see the runners coming and was close to the finish line, but not so close that I would be assaulted by the speakers blaring that awful "Bang Bang" song, "Blurred Lines", and what I think is the Harlem Shake song on a loop.  It's whatever has those lyrics "to the left, to the left, to the left" that make me want to walk to the left, to the left, to the left over a cliff.  *shudder*  Seriously, I needed to cleanse myself with some Metallica after hearing that crap.  Anyway I got a good spot, though it was touch and go for a bit because some dude in a devil costume and a cowbell got in front of me and blocked my view  with his damn devil cape, even though there was a ton of space around us.  Y'all know I have personal space issues as well as sensory issues because I'm a special snowflake.  Crazy bastard was ringing that cowbell more enthusiastically than a medieval "bring out your dead" character.  Just as I was thinking, "I'm about to shove that cowbell somewhere where it shall ring no more," he packed up and moved somewhere else.  There was peace in all the land after that.

This was the sign I made, and it's a variation of another sign I saw online that said "Run like Kanye is going to give your medal to Beyonce"

It was a huge hit!  I had so many runners smile and laugh at it, which made me feel good.  I've been that person who really needed a laugh mid-race, and it truly helps when things are tough, so it felt good to give some of that back.  Several people took pictures of me with my sign, including one of the runners who stopped mid-race!

Also while I was waiting, I noticed that some Rose Festival people brought out the stupid ass roll of airport carpet that is the f'ing GRAND MARSHAL in the Rose Festival parade.  Only in Portland would they choose a dirty piece of carpet with googly eyes to be a grand marshal, sigh.  Anyway I was bored, so I took a picture with it.

Do I even need to make a mustache ride joke?  Aren't we pretty much all thinking it?  Yes?  Okay then.

There was a thing where you could track runners during the race, so I set up a tracker for E.  It picked up her 5k mark, but stopped giving alerts after that and I totally freaked out.  She has been dealing with a lot of injuries, so I was afraid that she'd had to quit or something, although she did text me at the 7 mile mark so I knew she'd made it that far.  Her husband found me and we chatted for a bit, and he confirmed that while the tracker wasn't working for him either, he'd gotten a text from her at the 10 mile mark.  I was definitely relieved, and figured it couldn't be much longer.

I finally saw my friend E coming towards me, and I probably looked like a crazy person because I started jumping up and down and squealing after standing quietly for 3 hours!  She ran up and hugged me, we had a little moment, then I started running next to her to make sure she was okay.  After confirming that she was over it all but physically okay, I peeled off so that I could go with her husband, BIL and two kids over to the family reunion area.  She got over there pretty quickly and we were able to share a longer hug and moment.  I am honestly so proud of her, she did training HER way on her terms, and she was able to make it through.  She also has two young kids and still was diligent about squeezing in her training, so talk about no excuses!  As I always say anyone can do these races, you just have to pick a training plan/system that works for you and do it!

We apparently have similar styles because she also doesn't like running with people, and the mental struggle was the worst part for her.  She says she won't ever do a half again, but I think all of us runners know how that goes.  ;)

I am so glad that I got to share part of her special day with her and support her!  I am also happy to have supported my fellow runners, and everyone should honestly spectate a race at least once.  It's a lot of fun and encouraging people will give you the warm fuzzies.  As a runner I can tell you, it really means the world for people to take time out of their day to try to cheer us on or make us laugh, especially us slow pokes in the back.


Okay, now for Tarantino moment and going back in time...first of all on Friday, I finally did it and finally hit what I've been wanting to hit for months.  I am in the 100 Club!

Today I was up to 199.8, but I am still in the doorway of the 100 Club at least.  ;)  It has been weird to see a 1 as the first number on the scale instead of a 2.  I've been in the 200s for at least the last 10 years, so it's a total mind trip.  I am not very far away from my high school weight at all, and then my goal weight isn't that far from that!  I'm thinking that 140-145 will be a good maintaining point for me.  I'm already wearing a size 12 at this weight (I was wearing an 18 mere months ago...crazy), and I don't have any big desire to be like a size 4 or anything.  I'm fairly tall and I don't want to look gaunt.  We'll see what happens.

I met Eric at the theater to see Ex Machina, and holy crap I LOVED it!!  I'm usually not a huge scifi person, but this movie was pretty amazing.  It was so methodical, brainy and creepy.  It's my definition of what a horror movie should be (not these crazy torture porn things they do nowadays), because it's completely messes with you on a psychological level.  I can't say too much more because it will spoil the plot, but I highly recommend it.  We were both saying that it is Oscar worthy due to the acting and the original script, but more than likely wouldn't be considered.


Saturday we decided to go see a totally polar opposite movie, Mad Max:  Fury Road.  I liked it but Jesus, you pretty much never get a break the entire movie.  Constant car chases and stuff blowing up, that type of thing.  I know it's the anarchist future but I could have stood for a few more quiet conversation scenes.  It's a spectacle for sure compared to the very quiet Ex Machina!  And actually I have to say, our two movie experiences were kind of Halle Bopp comet meets a unicorn.  No one brought in a screaming baby or toddler, no one texted during either movie, and not a single person whispered or talked through the movies.  (Although someone could have dropped an atomic bomb behind me in Mad Max, and I still wouldn't have heard it).  I'm usually geared up to passively aggressively stare and make snatchy comments when I go to the theater, but everyone was on their best behavior.  It's sad that I have to remark upon that but...

Oh and of course we selfied pre-movie and were trying to do our best serious Mad Max character faces.  You know, because I have SO much in common with Charlize Theron!

Afterwards we went bowling at this fancy place across the street, and unfortunately it was pretty lame.  We rarely do bowling, but played several times when we went back East.  We had so much fun that we said we need to try to do it more around here since it's generally a cheap, fun activity.  This fun center isn't like your old school bowling ally, and I honestly kind of hated it.  It probably didn't help that I'd sat through this crazy loud movie that was overstimulating, then walked into an overstimulating place with lots of lights and loudness.  We picked this package where basically you have an hour to get in as many games as you can, and you do it in this VIP area.  Apparently in the VIP area they only do cosmic bowling, which I'd never done before.

Hated it.  I thought cosmic bowling was more of a black light, glowy type thing, but this was just straight up bowling in the dark.  I couldn't see the ball or my lane, and since I am old and have horrible eyesight this was not a good thing for anyone involved.  Ever since I got my Lasik it pretty much destroyed my night vision, so all lights look like starbursts and I basically can't see.  The lanes had these weird running lights next to them, so I was pretty much bowling blind.  That coupled with the bad service and the overwhelming loudness of the place irritated us both, so I think from now on we're sticking with old school bowling places!

This Week

This week is a new challenge for my ladies group, and this one will be a piece of cake for me because the challenge is to get in 5 servings of fruit and veggies a day!  I basically do that anyway so I am all about it.  I did well with the 100 oz water challenge until the weekend and then kind of bombed.  I honestly didn't want to have to pee 700 times during the movies, and then didn't catch up at night because I didn't want to wake up 700 times to pee!  Ah well.  The challenge did illustrate that I skimp on my water a lot, so I'm going to try my best for 8 glasses (64 oz) a day.


  1. But I'm not dead yet!

    I love spectating at races. I've volunteered at a few as well. I know how important it is for me to see people cheering, so I try to give back and do it :)

    And I am so happy for you and one-derland! Hopefully I'm not too far behind you!

  2. Yayyyy 100 club!! Great work!! I like hearing what the challenges are, too. I just joined up with a friend's healthy-eating FB group and I might have to do something similar there.

  3. I love that you went to spectate! And whatever you think of the dirty carpet guy the picture of you two is adorable :) I completely agree about the water - much more difficult on the weekend and if I didn't get the water in early I dreaded the several potty breaks a night. I plan to continue with the water, but shoot for somewhere between 70-100. Hurray for the 100 Club entry!