Saturday, May 2, 2015

May - The Ultimate Yogi

Whew!  Back to our regularly scheduled postings!

Here's the deal, and I'm going to be honest with you.  April and all of its goals went in the toilet, and I guess I really should have planned my goals out more appropriately in regards to our vacation.  With our vacation it was nearly impossible to get in steps and all of that due to poor weather.  So that was out of the door.  Let's not even talk about eating or tracking my food.  That didn't happen.  And while I'm happy to report that I ended the month on a loss and am at 201.2 pounds, I didn't reach my 100 Club goal either.  So yeah, poor planning on my part.

I really need a change.  Steps are good, they are important, but I'm finding that it's not an effective enough carrot to dangle for myself anymore.  As a result, I took my Jawbone off the other day and haven't really looked back.  I feel like I am not getting actual fitness like I was back from Oct-December.  I am dropping weight, but certainly not like I was, and I don't feel like my body is toned the way it was.  I just feel squishy in my tummy and thighs, and it ain't a good look.  I want to be lean and have muscle, and want to be stronger.  With all of that said, this is going to be my challenge for the next few months.

So I've mentioned Ultimate Yogi on here now and again, mainly the Yin Yoga disc that I am passionately in love with.  But really Ultimate Yogi is a program that you are supposed to do every day for 108 days.  I have owned this DVD set for 3 years or so and have never attempted to do the program or really check out many of the other discs.  The funny thing with me and yoga is that I love it, but there are certain things I hate.  I absolutely hate flows/sun salutations.  Hate them.  I would much rather hold positions, work on flexibility or focus on balance and have a more quiet, gentle, meditative experience.  One of my favorite teachers had a class that was basically her walking us through positions, and it was all very methodical and gradual.  Then there is Yin, which I adore because you basically hold certain yoga positions for 3-5 minutes at a time.  It's pretty much the greatest thing ever for someone like me who is prone to injuries, and it's also a great mental challenge to sit quietly in one position.  But with flows it's like you're rushed, your hair is all in your face, your bra is getting all catywompus, it's just a mess.  I feel like I can't catch my breath for a second.  A lot of the reason that I didn't go through this whole program is that it's all about the flows.  Yuck.

But I decided to suck it up and attempt to do this program.  For one, I need to start getting some discipline about me.  With the way this year is flying by, my marathon will be here before you know it.  I need to start sticking to a schedule/time table of sorts.  When the schedule for this is up, I will pretty much be going right into my marathon training.  So there's that.  The other thing is that I want to be lean, strong and flexible by then.  Weight training seems to not be the thing for me since I have gotten hurt repeatedly trying to do that.  I literally do not have time for injuries anymore.  Yoga always sets me straight and has never hurt me, plus I always build some fantastic muscle when I consistently do yoga.  I know some people roll their eyes at this, but yoga is a lifesaver for runners and recovering from injury.

I did the Cross Training disc yesterday (ie Day 1) and did pretty well.  So many positions are easier now that I'm thinner!  I still hate the flows but am trying to be more open minded about them.  There were points where I did my own thing with other poses that I held when Travis was directing people at light speed through a bunch of flows.  I am pretty sore today, which is good!  It's been a long time since I've felt that soreness where you realized you did something that will change your body for the better.

I don't expect to be perfect in this and I'm sure that I will miss days here and there, but for right now I'm pretty excited about this change and can't wait to see what the results are!


  1. It'll be great marathon prep in terms of strength and balance. I'm with you - I prefer my yoga to be slower than some of the faster paced flow classes, but I have to admit those are good for me too. Good luck!

  2. I used to hate flows, but they have grown on me. They get a lot easier over time and only then do you really understand the purpose behind them. Sounds like a fun challenge for 3 months though!

  3. Good luck with your yoga. I have honestly never tried it, but it has always intrigued me.

  4. I like the calming part of yoga, the stretchy part, not so much.