Monday, May 4, 2015

Looking Out My Back Door

Hola and hope everyone had a great weekend!  This weekend was unusually calm and quiet for us, and frankly quite wonderful.  We were both still getting over our colds and also burned out from running all over America, so to sit and pretty much do nothing was just what the doctor ordered.  The weather here was just gorgeous this weekend and we took advantage .

So I've bitched about my neighborhood before because everyone is crunched together and it's really loud.  We've also had a parade of nightmare neighbors at the house next to us, so we have not been able to enjoy our yard for about 3-4 solid years, no exaggeration.  Every year I bust my butt planting flowers and doing all this nice stuff to my yard then think to myself, "Why?  It's not like I can you know, sit out there."  But this year will hopefully be different since we had an epic throwdown on the landlord that owns the house next to us, and the nightmare of all nightmare neighbors will be moving out in a week.  It has been blissfully silent for the past week, so we did the unthinkable all weekend and...sat out in our yard.  For hours.

I literally forgot how nice it was to just sit outside, read and listen to music.  I kicked my shoes off, propped my feet up on a planter and went to town on the newspaper.  I watched the hummingbirds visit the flowers I planted.  Bees buzzed around my feet.  My honky legs got way too much sun.  Even the dog came outside and sunned herself.  And bonus, our local jazz station was live streaming some of the Jazz Fest from New Orleans!  It's like I can't even remember the last time we were able to sit out and take advantage of our yard like this, which is kind of sad but at least we're getting to do it now.

I am going strong-ish on my Ultimate Yogi challenge.  I'm adding the "ish" because as I mentioned before it is very hard for me to get past hating the flows, so there are times that I do a few of the flow sequences, then focus on holding another pose that I like.  I figure it's better to do that than to quit altogether.  Several of you mentioned that I may get past my intense disdain, but I sadly fear that I probably will not.  I've been practicing since my 20s and it's still something I can't get past.  I can somewhat deal with the sequences when they are done at a slower pace, but I absolutely cannot stand when an instructor goes through a rapid fire flow sequence that you cannot keep up with.  For me it defeats the purpose of yoga, because it does the exact opposite of calming my mind.  There is a point on the Cardio DVD for UY that I honestly just wanted to blow my brains out because of how fast it is.  The Travis guy has a very nasal, surfer-dude type voice, so I was additionally insane by the end of it because his voice is so weird.

While I can tell that I will dread that particular DVD, the other ones have been pretty good.  I actually really liked the Strength DVD since it focuses a lot more on holding positions and using your body weight to strengthen yourself, which is ultimately what I need.  I've felt really sore since I started doing the challenge, so I know that it's doing its job.  I was excited to look at the schedule today and see that today is Yin day, so at least I know that will be calming and feel really awesome.  I realized I was a dummy and didn't take measurements when I started the DVDs, so I will have to do that tomorrow!  Hopefully tomorrow is a good weigh in day!


  1. Your yard time sounds fabulous. We talked about getting out the hammock this weekend, but worked in the garden (fully clothed) instead. I have only tried yoga once. There are a couple classes at our gym that intrigue me.

  2. I have some yoga DVDs I have to do with things on mute because I hate the voices and the music. Glad you got to enjoy your yard!