Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Healthy Meals with 5 a Day Focus

Say that 3 times fast!  Or 5 times, whatever.

I mentioned yesterday that our ladies group started a new challenge this week, and we're supposed to get 5 servings of fruit and vegetables a day.  This thankfully is pretty easy for me because I generally get about that much per day, and I genuinely love 98% of fruits and vegetables.  I grew up with a Not The One mother, and she wasn't having it with picky eaters yesterday, today or tomorrow.  There were no separate meals in our household or any of that kind of thing, and the famous saying was "eat it, don't eat it, I don't really care."  As a result I pretty much ate whatever was in front of me without complaint and never really knew that not liking fruits or vegetables was an option.  You just ate them and whatever else you were served.  This has served me pretty well in life because I am pretty adventurous food-wise, I'm not a pain in the ass at parties or restaurants, and I happily eat healthy food.

Anyway, I wanted to pass along a few of the things I've been eating just to show you how easy it is to fit in those veggies and fruits into the day!  And if you take anything away from this, PLEASE make that Sticky Chicken recipe.  The lovely Anna clued me into the recipe and it was definitely a keeper.  It tastes a lot like the orange chicken you get at Chinese places, except without the sodium and feelings of regret.  The spicy green beans were a nice touch too.The links to the chicken and green bean recipes are below.

Day One:

Breakfast:  Scrambled egg wrap with spinach, plus a cup of raspberries (3 servings)
Lunch:  Green salad with feta and one sliced tomato (2 servings)
Dinner:  Sticky Chicken with rice & Spicy Garlic Green Beans:  (1 serving)
Dessert:  Raspberry/blueberry mix with whipped cream and shortbread cookie (1 serving)
Total:  7 servings

Scrambled Egg Wrap w/ Spinach

Sticky Chicken and Spicy Beans (recipe links above)

Day Two:

Breakfast:  Scrambled egg wrap w/ spinach, plus watermelon and feta salad (3 servings)
Lunch:  Sticky chicken and green bean leftovers:  (1 serving)
Snack:  Grapes (1 serving)
Dinner:  TBD, but I know I will have salad (1 serving)
Total:  6 servings

Watermelon and feta salad at breakfast, because I can
All it takes is "a little here, a little there" mentality, and it's pretty easy to get in your veggie/fruit servings!

Oh and the reason my dinner tonight is TBD is because we are going to see Phantom of the Opera!  I am very excited, it's one of my favorite shows of all time.  We are going out to eat and while I did peruse the menu, I'm not entirely sure what I'm getting.  I'm leaning towards soup of the day and salad, unless the soup is some cream bomb, then I will probably just get salad and the most reasonable entree I can find.

Just wanted to end with a couple of randoms.  Last night we watched the original Ocean's 11, which Eric had never seen.  It is pretty much against the law to be married to me and not have seen this movie, simply because I'm a HUGE Rat Pack fan.

*Sigh*  Can you imagine living during the time when people actually dressed nicely like that all the time?  It seems unfair to be living in the "bros in pastel shorts and boat shoes" era.  It was nice to see the movie again, it had certainly been awhile.  I throw a hard side eye to the "modern" remake they did of this, I thought it was pretty terrible.  You just can't surpass Dean and Frank, sorry.

And while I had cool and classy on the screen in front of me, I had this going on to the left of me:

Yes, that is her tongue.  Greyhounds are so elegant and all.


  1. HAHAHAHHA Molly's tongue is awesome!

    I'm going to have to try this famous chicken recipe now.

  2. Molly is about as graceful as my monsters!

    And I definitely will be making this chicken in the next week. Looks yummy!

  3. One of my favorite things about this challenge is hearing/seeing what everyone is eating. It is so easy to get in a rut about what I make and eat. I have been trying to get through a watermelon and wouldn't have thought about having feta with it. I am also oogling your spinach/egg wrap. So far it seems like it won't happen, but with all the teeth Zommie had removed they warned she might not have enough left to hold her tongue in her mouth.