Tuesday, May 26, 2015


I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend!  We certainly did, we just did a lot of random stuff and kept the schedule open for whatever fun we felt like at the moment.  We went bowling at a more chill place than that last one, watched a couple of movies, bought some rose bushes for the yard, had a couple of nice meals, did some karaoke, had dinner with my aunt and uncle...all very laid back stuff.

This week the new challenge for our ladies group is doing at least 30 minutes of activity a day, so hopefully I will be successful in that!  Yesterday I squeezed in my activity under the wire with a couple of ballet barre workout videos on Youtube and a walk with Molly around the complex.  It's a good time to remind everyone that you don't have to pay a bunch of money for videos that you may or may not like, because Youtube is a great resource for videos!  The two videos I did kicked my butt, especially the calf exercise one.  This Lisa Maree girl does great videos, and I've posted a couple below for you to check out if you are interested in barre workouts.

The exercises in that calf muscle video look easy, but parts of my leg I didn't know existed were BURNING and my calves are sore today!

Today's activity was nothing spectacular, just a 35 minute walk with Molly!

I wanted to take a second to mention that it's a very special day today because Eric and I are celebrating 8 years of marriage!  I know it sounds cliche, but I am truly happier every single day we are together and couldn't imagine life without him!  It's crazy to think that we've been married for 8 years.  In some ways it feels like yesterday!

Eric and I met through work though we were in different offices.  Apparently my constant questions annoyed him, and his curtness annoyed me.  In typical me fashion, I became determined to make this guy be friendly to me, so I kept making jokes and being the hilariously wonderful person I am whenever I'd email him.  He finally joked back to one of my jokes, and we became friends who talked every day, though only on work email/IM.  I went down to California for a training and we finally met in person.  Fun fact, Eric almost didn't come out with me the first night because he was sick, but I guilted him so badly about being all alone in a strange place that he relented.  I remember being so glad to see a friendly face (I was insanely anxious to be in a strange place with no one I knew), that I threw my arms around him the first time I saw him because I apparently have no boundaries!  We got drinks and talked for forever, and I was amused that he felt the need to give me his cell, home and work numbers.  We had lunch the next day together, then planned to do drinks again that evening.  I was kind of starting to like him, but figured it was a bad idea to get involved with a coworker, because isn't it always a bad idea to get involved with a coworker?

We went out for drinks at this now defunct bar in Burbank called Razberries, which honest to God looked like a crazy bar out of a Tarantino movie.  We were playing the jukebox and talking about something, I don't even know what, when he grabbed my hand and told me that he really liked me.  I admitted I liked him back, there may or may not have been some public kissing involved, and I found myself with a long distance boyfriend.

That was August 2006, we got engaged in December, in January 2007 he moved up here, and by May 2007 we were married in Las Vegas.  By choice we only had 15 people at our wedding, all family, and it was a blast!  (Another fun fact, I didn't meet my in laws until our wedding day.)  Our relationship was definitely at warp speed, but all I can say is, when you know you know.

Wedding Day!  May 2007

It's truly been a wonderful 8 years, and I am blessed with one of the most kind, loving and hilarious spouses a girl could ask for.  There are things I honestly think I couldn't have done without the support of my husband, including and especially running my first marathon.  My life definitely took a turn towards the positive because of him, and I can't wait to see what the next 8 years hold.

May 2015


  1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I love hearing/reading about couples' how they met stories. Those are the best!

  2. Happy anniversary! What a great "how we met" story!

  3. Happy anniversary! Love the 'how we met'!

  4. Awww, how cute! I'm generally fine being a single lady, but now you made me all depressed I might live a single life forever!!! Haha, I kid. Congrats on 8 years of happiness!