Thursday, April 30, 2015

Vacation Part 2 - Southern Tier Adventures

On the last very special episode of Runs To Get Waisted, Mary and her long suffering husband were bouncing all over Cleveland and living a rock star life...

On Sunday we woke up and had a little breakfast, which for the record, I was super impressed with the Hampton Inn and their breakfast in the mornings.  I mean look, it's not brunch in Paris but it's a hell of a lot nicer than what most hotels offer, which is usually Methuselah aged processed danish and withered apples that may have possibly come over on the Mayflower.  The first morning we were there they had omelets, roasted potatoes, cereal, fresh fruit etc.  It was the first time I was able to have cold cereal in a long time since I can't keep it in the house due to binge issues, so I was happy.  The second morning I went to town with the waffle machine and some fruit.  It was a great way to save money since we never had to go out for a proper breakfast.  Anyways, if you're thinking about staying at the Hampton Inn, they'll treat you right.

We rented a car to drive to my husband's hometown, which for obvious safety reasons I'm not going to name specifically just so some internet creeper doesn't hunt my mother-in-law down lol.  The town is south of Buffalo, just so you know roughly where we were at.  I happen to love going back to his hometown, it's a really cute place and there is tons of stuff to do!  The drive from Cleveland to there is about three hours, though we took a couple of fun breaks along the way to have lunch with his aunt and uncle in Pennsylvania, and then a VERY special trip to Celoron, NY.  Where the hell is Celoron and why in the world would we want to go there?  Well, Celoron is a very tiny town at the very tip of NY:

Our reason for going?  We wanted to see Lucille Ball.

Yes, we made a special trip just to see the horrible Lucy statue that's been in the news, which is conveniently not very far from where Eric's from.  Sweet Jesus.  The statue is truly just as messed up and scary in person as the pictures you've seen on the news.  One of Eric's friends actually knows the sculptor (who has done several other very nice statues), and according to him he got some bunk picture of Lucy and that's why the statue looks like Eleanor Roosevelt crossed with a demon.  I mean whatever, but it's pretty clear it doesn't look like Lucy!  Some people are all up in arms about it and want the statue taken down and redone, but let me tell you, they need to keep it as is.  We literally had to WAIT to take pictures with this thing there were so many people surrounding it and taking pictures.  I mean would anyone even know Celoron existed without it?  It's a tourist attraction!

After viewing that horror we decided we needed a beer, so we stopped at the Southern Tier Brewery.  We've had a couple of their beers before since they carry them now and again here on the West coast, but have been wanting to stop in and try the other stuff we can't get.  I tried a sample flight and while everything was pretty delicious, the Espresso Porter was the winner!  SO good.

After that we got to my mother-in-law's house and proceeded to have a VERY busy week filled with friends and family.  My MIL is so cute, she cried as soon as we started walking in the door because she was so happy to see us!  I just love her.

Much like the Rock Hall post, if I posted every detail of everything we did last week, you'd be reading this post all night.  Here are some picture highlights, though I am not including the million pictures of friends/family I took since I didn't ask for their permission to be on the blog, so these pictures are mostly going to be food.  And yes, we ate a lot.  Don't be like me.

Oh East Coast, you have delicious soft serve ice cream that we can't get back home
A famous Beef on Weck
We bowled, we drank, we selfie'd
I was Baby B because of my usage of a kid's bowling ball, referred to as a "baby bitch ball" by my husband. 
This blueberry beer is one of the best beers I've had in my life, hands down.
It snowed for a day and I was freaking stoked.  The locals not so much.
Wings, glorious wings that I cannot get on the West Coast
I plotted on how to steal my sister-in-laws adorable dogs. I am making that face because Cece licked my nostril.

So there will be one more vacation post tomorrow and then we'll be back to "normal".  I hope I'm not bugging you guys too much with all of my pictures!


  1. can't get soft serve on the West Coast?!?! EFF THAT WOMAN! You need to move!!!

  2. LOVE the pictures, love that you stopped to take a picture with one of the Weeping Angels, love it. Glad you had a wonderful time with the in laws!

    1. Every single statue I see... this is what I think too. *Don't Blink*.

  3. Aww so love hearing your vacation adventures! And so glad you got to witness that hideous Lucy Weeping Angel in person!

  4. OH and I have that same RHCP shirt.. :P

  5. This post just makes me hungry :p Also, that statue is fucking creepy!

  6. You looks so relaxed and happy! I love reading vacation adventures. I have reviewed the food choices. My first instinct would be the wings, but my intense need to try new things would have me eating that beef on weck pronto :)