Friday, April 10, 2015


Much like Saul Goodman, I have been Slippin' Jimmy with the blog posts this week!  A ton of stuff has been going on is really my only excuse, but it's still no excuse.  My friend Anna and I were chatting via email today, and like my hard ass fairy godmother she says, "hope to see some posts soon from my favorite blogger..."  And we all know what ellipsis mean...

She's totally right, so thanks for the gentle push Anna!  So in a nutshell, here is some stuff that's been going on this week:

1.  I weighed in at 202.4 this week, so I am still losing!  That has really not been due to exercise, but to tracking my food.  Anyway, I'm so very close to my goal to be at 199 during this month!

2.  Still dealing with some emotional fallout for having the job I wanted yanked from under me.  This has been way tougher for me than I anticipated.  Lots of questioning, lots of feeling like a loser, lots of "I still don't know what the hell my purpose is" etc.  I know I need to get over it, it's just been tough and frightening so "getting over it" hasn't come easy.

3.  I have my 5 miler race tomorrow.  I have not run since the Shamrock.  And my ankle has been killing me since Shamrock.  This should be a blast.

4.  We are almost a week away from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony and our fabulous trip to Cleveland and Western NY.  I am SO EXCITED.  It will be really nice to get away  from here and get perspective on some things.  I need some stimulation for sure.  I've already started packing, and I need to pick out something to wear for the ceremony!

5.  I have gotten two people close to me (won't identify them because they are private people) to join MyFitnessPal and start tracking their food.  It's been awesome and has brought up some great conversations about food, nutrition and health enlightenment between all of us.  Both people like the tracking and the patterns they're seeing emerge, which is fantastic!  I know I'm not the picture of perfection, and God knows I'm not consistent, but it thrills me when I'm able to make even a tiny difference or convince someone to adopt a healthy habit.

I will post on a more regular basis next week, I promise.  There is just a lot going on (some other behind the scenes stuff) so it's been tough!


  1. I just wanna say, I feel you on the job thing.

    A year ago I was in your shoes. I applied at a company I really, really wanted to work at. I'm not sure I ever wanted a job so badly. At the time I was employed part time, but on a work restriction (doctor's orders) after having shoulder surgery. My job was literally ruining my body, and I needed out. I was in pain every day, and just dreaming of a job that wouldn't make me hurt so much, and provide me with the income I really needed.

    So I applied for this entry level job. and I interviewed. And man, did that interview go well. I was sure I had the job, especially because they were hiring three people. Then I waited and waited to hear back from the recruiter. I was one of the first people they interviewed, so I knew I'd be waiting for a while. And finally she called....and told me I didn't get the job.

    I hung up the phone, curled up on the couch with my dog, and cried. I thought I had it for sure, and the rug was pulled out from under me. What I saw as the salvation from the bad work situation I was in was gone. Evaporated. And I felt like shit because I was sure it was something I'd done (even though the recruiter told me they had just made the decision to hire one person internally instead).

    A week or so later I contacted the recruiter to ask for the manager's feedback on my interview. She assured me I hadn't done anything poorly, and the manager wanted me to apply for another opening in the other department she co-managed. So I did. And at the same time I applied and interviewed for another job at the same company, in a different area. And I interviewed, and I was sure I wouldn't get it, because I hadn't before. And I wasn't hopeful in the slightest.

    And I got it. Actually - I was offered both jobs.

    I could not believe it, and was so beyond happy. I accepted the job with the manager I'd interviewed twice with and later, months after I started, I found out the whole story about that first interview. It turns out they wanted to hire me, but one of the people who originally moved out the department to make space decided she didn't like the position she'd moved to, and moved back. So they could only hire two people - and I would have been the third. On top of that, my manager almost didn't hire me for the second position I interviewed for because she knew another position would be opening in the first department she managed, but the other woman who sat in on the 2nd' position's interview with me told her to make me an offer because she knew the other (3rd) job would be offered to me.

    My whole reason for telling you this is that it blows when you get the no. I was really, really devastated because I felt like the world just crumbled around me. But you should get some feedback about why they didn't offer it to you, because maybe there's more to the story. And whatever happens, you're awesome (or at least you seem so!) and when it finally works out, it will be worth it.

  2. Hey! You aren't supposed to tell everyone I said "favorite blogger"...I love them all equally :) This blogging stuff is hard work and and I am super glad to see you post again.

  3. Aww, and I thought I was Anna's favorite blogger :p

    And yay for a new post! Your upcoming trip sounds like it is going to be a freaking blast. I can't wait to hear how it goes!