Thursday, April 16, 2015

Plane Snacks!

Hey all!  Just wanted to elaborate more about the picture I threw on Facebook of the bento snack boxes I made for Eric and I on our plane trip.  I always stress about eating when I fly, and of course while it's not impossible to get somewhat healthy food in airports, it's not exactly easy either.  I always throw a million granola bars and packs of almonds in my carry on, but I get so sick of sweet snacks!

I did some digging online and got the idea to make bento boxes with various little yummy things.  I got the idea mostly from this site, and while it's the type of modern parenting thing that makes me thank the Lord we're not having kids (I would laugh in other mom's faces if they expected me to do this shit for my kid's lunch every day), it's the PERFECT idea for eating while flying.

I obviously did my own little spin on it, but here is my "brunch bento" for tomorrow:

So everything in here is reasonably healthy, reasonably portioned, and there is a minimum of sweet stuff.  Savory breakfasts always seem to leave me more satisfied, and I love the variety on this.  More importantly, they're all solid things that hopefully won't get me strip searched by the TSA!

You could always do your own thang, but I packed half a boiled egg, crackers, a cheddar cheese stick (Trader Joe's), a couple slices of prosciutto and a half cup of blueberries.  I am going to cut up an apple right before we leave and divide it between our two boxes, so that's what's going to go in the little empty space at the top left.  This was super easy and cheap to put together, I got the tupperware at the Dollar Tree, and I already had muffin cups for the crackers/blueberries.  (BTW, genius, why have I never thought of that!!)  I got everything at Trader Joe's, so it was pretty cheap, and it's definitely better than paying $10 for some crappy snack box on the flight!

I am pretty excited for this tomorrow, it's good to know that we have a ready made little brunch whenever we want it, and that it is all contained in one spot.

If you have a flight, road trip, or even just want a creative way to pack your lunch this would be the way to go.  You could do cheese sticks/cubes, dried fruit, jerky, nuts, pretzels, crackers, cherry tomatoes, cut up veggies...the sky is really the limit!  These containers fit easily in my carry on, so make sure you keep that in mind when packing!

Well everyone, I will radio silent for the next few days while I'm in Cleveland/Western NY.  I will miss you guys and give you tons of updates when I get back!


  1. Thanks for the great suggestion. That would also be awesome for a road trip when driving long distances. Awesome ideas.
    Have a wonderful time and I can't wait to hear all about your trip.

  2. Seriously, I want to wait for you in the airport and steal your brunch!! That looks like the "perfect" idea for so many occasions. And I am pretty sure that would be way more than $10 in flight! That website does have some good jumping off ideas, but if hire you to make my lunches you have to promise no baked teriyaki tofu.

  3. What an awesome idea! Have so much fun in Cleveland!!!

  4. Wow that is brilliant and I never ever would have thought of the muffin cups for that either! Neato!

    Have a safe trip and we anxiously are looking forward to living vicariously through you!