Wednesday, April 1, 2015

March Recap + April Goals

March Recap

I'm fairly pleased with March compared to last month.  I struggled in February with depression and a horrible cold that dragged on almost the entire month, so I really didn't hit any of my goals.  In March however I crushed my step goal of 310,000 steps by taking 339,251 steps!  Hitting mini goals really does matter, I felt so proud of myself for hitting my goal and it definitely is an incentive to keep going.

I also had a goal to do Stomach Formula again, but as previously discussed it started aggravating my back.  I couldn't risk a back injury like I had for all of January (coincidentally when I was heavy into Stomach Formula), so I felt it was best to stop.  As much as I love Richard, Stomach Formula will have to be permanently retired.  I guess the good news is that perhaps the hand weights weren't the thing injuring my back, so maybe I can start working towards tightening up my flying squirrel arm flaps.

Weight wise I did end the month on a loss, but not by much.  I started the month at 204 and ended at 203.8.  I can't be too bummed out about it, because I got my crap under control and ended in the negative before things got too out of hand.  I feel like I am learning and improving all the time.  Old me would have thrown in the towel, new me set the towel down for a couple of weeks, but then picked it back up.

April Goals

April is going to be a weird animal in a lot of ways due to our trip to Cleveland/Western NY in the middle of things.  I'd thought about having a running goal for this month, but let's face it, it ain't gonna happen.  I can barely get in a running groove when things are perfect and I have all the time in the world, and it's certainly not going to happen when we've got a fast paced vacation week going on.  I did settle on doing a stricter running goal for May, since I will definitely need to ramp up my game for marathon training, which will have to start around July (blech).  The good news is that we'll be doing tons of walking on our vacation, so I am not worried so much about activity levels, it's more of the food issue.  I'll have to be very vigilant about not overdoing it.

After doing some pondering, here are some goals and ambitions for the month:

  • Get to and maintain a weight of 199 or less by April 30th
  • Don't lose MFP tracking streak, especially not on vacation
  • Take 310,000 steps

I am usually very against trying to reach a certain weight in a set amount of time.  It's why I haven't set a forever weight goal honestly.  We know the scale can be a big old a-hole, so setting specific number goals can often end in failure for any myriad of reasons.  I used to say "I'm losing x pounds this month", only to get sick or face circumstances that didn't make it possible.  Then you feel disappointed and badly about yourself, dive into a swimming pool of cake and it's all over but the shouting.  But this is a goal I think I can attain.  For starters, I should have been in the 100s a month ago, but I dicked around and here we are, a little less than 5 pounds away from 199.  I'm over it, I'm ready to be in the 100s.  I think having that goal will remind me to buckle down until we leave, and then not go insane while on vacation in order to maintain what I've accomplished.  I feel so determined to get there that I think setting this goal is appropriate at this stage of the game.

It's no coincidence that I ended the month with a loss once I got my MFP tracking streak back.  (10 days and counting yo!)  I have long made peace with and gotten over the resentment of knowing that I will have to track food for the rest of my life.  I can maybe take a break here and there, but the weight always starts creeping back up if I go longer than a week without tracking.  I used to rail against the world and be so angry about not being "normal", and having to think about every tablespoon of everything I eat.  After reading forums on MFP with people in maintenance, I realized that the reason many "normal" people are slim is because they track their food and are mindful.  Tracking is a helpful tool and a way to diagnose ways to improve my health, not a punishment.  It took me a long time to come to grips with that, but here we are.  And the fact of the matter is, when I don't track, I gain.  My goal this month is to get in the 100s, ergo I track.  Simple as that.

For the step goal it's easy.  When I'm mindful of steps, I lose weight.

On an NSV note, a couple of little things excited me this week.  One was looking down and realizing that I can see my feet without a Herculean effort to suck my breath in.  It's kind of awesome.  Another thing?  I'm a side sleeper, but have discovered lately that my knees are getting bonier, so it hurts to sleep like I normally sleep!   I have to stack my knees differently or sleep on my back.  Bones.  Who knew those were there?!



  1. HA love those NSVs for sure and way to rock March! You KILLED it with those steps! Great job! I think retiring Stomach Formula sounds like a good plan.

  2. Hell yeah you crushed your goals this month! Go you!

  3. Gotta love those NSVs. Bones, who knew right? I'm with you - I'm starting to accept that I may always have to track. It's just my reality. Who knows what normal really is anyway, so who is to say this isn't eating like a normal person. I particularly love the part about setting the towel aside rather than throwing it in entirely. That's definitely progress. :)