Thursday, April 30, 2015

Vacation Part 2 - Southern Tier Adventures

On the last very special episode of Runs To Get Waisted, Mary and her long suffering husband were bouncing all over Cleveland and living a rock star life...

On Sunday we woke up and had a little breakfast, which for the record, I was super impressed with the Hampton Inn and their breakfast in the mornings.  I mean look, it's not brunch in Paris but it's a hell of a lot nicer than what most hotels offer, which is usually Methuselah aged processed danish and withered apples that may have possibly come over on the Mayflower.  The first morning we were there they had omelets, roasted potatoes, cereal, fresh fruit etc.  It was the first time I was able to have cold cereal in a long time since I can't keep it in the house due to binge issues, so I was happy.  The second morning I went to town with the waffle machine and some fruit.  It was a great way to save money since we never had to go out for a proper breakfast.  Anyways, if you're thinking about staying at the Hampton Inn, they'll treat you right.

We rented a car to drive to my husband's hometown, which for obvious safety reasons I'm not going to name specifically just so some internet creeper doesn't hunt my mother-in-law down lol.  The town is south of Buffalo, just so you know roughly where we were at.  I happen to love going back to his hometown, it's a really cute place and there is tons of stuff to do!  The drive from Cleveland to there is about three hours, though we took a couple of fun breaks along the way to have lunch with his aunt and uncle in Pennsylvania, and then a VERY special trip to Celoron, NY.  Where the hell is Celoron and why in the world would we want to go there?  Well, Celoron is a very tiny town at the very tip of NY:

Our reason for going?  We wanted to see Lucille Ball.

Yes, we made a special trip just to see the horrible Lucy statue that's been in the news, which is conveniently not very far from where Eric's from.  Sweet Jesus.  The statue is truly just as messed up and scary in person as the pictures you've seen on the news.  One of Eric's friends actually knows the sculptor (who has done several other very nice statues), and according to him he got some bunk picture of Lucy and that's why the statue looks like Eleanor Roosevelt crossed with a demon.  I mean whatever, but it's pretty clear it doesn't look like Lucy!  Some people are all up in arms about it and want the statue taken down and redone, but let me tell you, they need to keep it as is.  We literally had to WAIT to take pictures with this thing there were so many people surrounding it and taking pictures.  I mean would anyone even know Celoron existed without it?  It's a tourist attraction!

After viewing that horror we decided we needed a beer, so we stopped at the Southern Tier Brewery.  We've had a couple of their beers before since they carry them now and again here on the West coast, but have been wanting to stop in and try the other stuff we can't get.  I tried a sample flight and while everything was pretty delicious, the Espresso Porter was the winner!  SO good.

After that we got to my mother-in-law's house and proceeded to have a VERY busy week filled with friends and family.  My MIL is so cute, she cried as soon as we started walking in the door because she was so happy to see us!  I just love her.

Much like the Rock Hall post, if I posted every detail of everything we did last week, you'd be reading this post all night.  Here are some picture highlights, though I am not including the million pictures of friends/family I took since I didn't ask for their permission to be on the blog, so these pictures are mostly going to be food.  And yes, we ate a lot.  Don't be like me.

Oh East Coast, you have delicious soft serve ice cream that we can't get back home
A famous Beef on Weck
We bowled, we drank, we selfie'd
I was Baby B because of my usage of a kid's bowling ball, referred to as a "baby bitch ball" by my husband. 
This blueberry beer is one of the best beers I've had in my life, hands down.
It snowed for a day and I was freaking stoked.  The locals not so much.
Wings, glorious wings that I cannot get on the West Coast
I plotted on how to steal my sister-in-laws adorable dogs. I am making that face because Cece licked my nostril.

So there will be one more vacation post tomorrow and then we'll be back to "normal".  I hope I'm not bugging you guys too much with all of my pictures!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Vacation Part 1 - Cleveland and the Rock Hall

For the love of Pete, I am so sorry to be writing this late!  Hiiiii everyone!  Did you miss me?  I am so glad to be home, we definitely had fun, but the trip was almost a bit of aversion therapy by the end.  We ate crappy, didn't drink enough water and didn't sleep or exercise enough.  I am more than happy to be back on the health train, and if I never look at a wing or a fatty sandwich ever again I will be thrilled!  As you can imagine, I have lots to tell you about our 9 day whirlwind trip back East, so I'm going to be breaking up my posts into probably three chunks so that you don't have to read a wall-o-text.

Obviously the main purpose and biggest excitement of the trip was attending the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (from here on referred to as Rock Hall) induction ceremony in Cleveland.  You guys, it was more amazing than I'd even anticipated, we had SO much fun (although the 2012 ceremony still reigns as my fave).  It was literally the "I laughed, I cried" experience, and something I will cherish for the rest of my life.  If you are a music lover you should try to attend at least one, and one of my planned posts is actually going to be a PSA about what to expect if you go to a ceremony in person.  Be on the lookout for that one, people do need a PSA for real.

So we got to Cleveland on Friday.  I don't understand why people are so snarky about Cleveland, it's a great city and while we've only been there twice, we've had a blast both times.  Tons of good food, things to do and the people are very friendly.  As much as Lebron James makes me roll my eyes, I think it's actually been good for the city so it seems like they are making improvements.  On Friday night we ended up meeting this internet friend of mine.  We've known her for about a year due to our greyhound group on Facebook, and she lives like 10 minutes from our hotel, so we decided to meet for dinner at Great Lakes Brewing Company.  We had a fantastic time and tasted some amazing beers!  As an aside, Portland needs to watch out.  I had some pretty fantastic craft beer while I was back East from up and coming breweries.

Forcing my husband to do selfies in the Cleveland Airport 

Great Lakes was one of the most excellent breweries we experienced
On Saturday morning we got up and went to the Rock Hall museum to check out the exhibits, and since we are members we not only got in free but were able to get in an hour before the public.  Considering my general disdain of crowds, this was pretty fantastic.  We had so much fun touring the museum and were there from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm!  I still feel like we only saw half of everything that's there.  Again if you have never been to the Rock Hall museum you really need to go, it's pretty much the greatest thing ever for music fans.  Afterwards we went to the Warehouse District and had our first of many gut bomb meals, and I had the most delicious sandwich of my life, a corned beef with cole slaw AND french fries on it.  JAY-SUS was it good, but yeah, not exactly health food.  Afterwards we hoofed it back to the hotel to take a nap since we knew the ceremony was going to be long.

Rocking out at the Rock Hall

Me and Prince doing our best guitar faces

A very welcome reminder of why I was so in love with Slash as a young lass
Me continuing to be boy crazy with Jim Morrison

This crazy dude from Pink Floyd's The Wall

Good God, what can I say about the actual ceremony?  In a word, it was magical.  There were definitely times where I wish the magic was sped up (the ceremony was almost 6 hours long), but I saw things that pretty much will never happen again.  Joan Jett crying from the overwhelming standing ovation she got.  Bill Withers singing a few lines of "Lean On Me" after delivering a hilarious acceptance speech.  Tearful, emotional inductions for both Stevie Ray Vaughan and Lou Reed.  And of course seeing the two living Beatles perform....what more can be said?  Watching Paul and Ringo hug then burn the house down with FOUR songs filled me with joy that I can't even describe.

Public Hall where the Cleveland ceremonies are held
Waiting for things to get going!
Paul and Ringo!

Some highlights from the show:

  • Joan Jett opened the show with three songs "Bad Reputation", "Cherry Bomb" and "Crimson and Clover."  She absolutely burned the house down and was totally bad ass.  We're so excited for The Who show we're seeing in the fall because she's the opening act!
  • Jimmie Vaughan gave an absolutely beautiful speech about his brother Stevie Ray.  I mean seriously, by the time he was done I had tears streaming down my face.  Losing him is still clearly a very painful, raw thing for Jimmie.  The set following was pretty incredible, although it took 4 guitarists to replace the great SRV! (Gary Clark Jr, Jimmie V, John Mayer and some other guy with crazy hair whose name I can't remember.)
  • Bill Withers is hilarious and should tour as a comedian.  Seriously, after sitting through some ass numbing speeches, Bill livened the crowd up again with hilarity.  One of the songs they did for his set was "Lean On Me", which was another powerful moment since the whole audience was singing along.  Beautiful.
  • Patti Smith made me cry again over Lou Reed, who I am not even that big a fan of!  She broke down into sobs trying to induct her friend, and it was incredibly moving.  Karen O and Beck both did a fantastic job  with the Lou Reed set
  • I got exposed to a new (to me) artist named Leon Bridges.  Seriously guys, check him out, he sounds exactly like Sam Cooke.  He did the tribute to the 5 Royales, and also paid tribute to Percy Sledge.  Freaking voice of an angel.

There is so much more, but I've got to cut this off or else the post will be 7 pages long.  The ceremony will be available on HBO May 30th, so if you are interested set your DVRs!

Part 2 (hopefully posted tomorrow) will be our Western NY adventures!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Plane Snacks!

Hey all!  Just wanted to elaborate more about the picture I threw on Facebook of the bento snack boxes I made for Eric and I on our plane trip.  I always stress about eating when I fly, and of course while it's not impossible to get somewhat healthy food in airports, it's not exactly easy either.  I always throw a million granola bars and packs of almonds in my carry on, but I get so sick of sweet snacks!

I did some digging online and got the idea to make bento boxes with various little yummy things.  I got the idea mostly from this site, and while it's the type of modern parenting thing that makes me thank the Lord we're not having kids (I would laugh in other mom's faces if they expected me to do this shit for my kid's lunch every day), it's the PERFECT idea for eating while flying.

I obviously did my own little spin on it, but here is my "brunch bento" for tomorrow:

So everything in here is reasonably healthy, reasonably portioned, and there is a minimum of sweet stuff.  Savory breakfasts always seem to leave me more satisfied, and I love the variety on this.  More importantly, they're all solid things that hopefully won't get me strip searched by the TSA!

You could always do your own thang, but I packed half a boiled egg, crackers, a cheddar cheese stick (Trader Joe's), a couple slices of prosciutto and a half cup of blueberries.  I am going to cut up an apple right before we leave and divide it between our two boxes, so that's what's going to go in the little empty space at the top left.  This was super easy and cheap to put together, I got the tupperware at the Dollar Tree, and I already had muffin cups for the crackers/blueberries.  (BTW, genius, why have I never thought of that!!)  I got everything at Trader Joe's, so it was pretty cheap, and it's definitely better than paying $10 for some crappy snack box on the flight!

I am pretty excited for this tomorrow, it's good to know that we have a ready made little brunch whenever we want it, and that it is all contained in one spot.

If you have a flight, road trip, or even just want a creative way to pack your lunch this would be the way to go.  You could do cheese sticks/cubes, dried fruit, jerky, nuts, pretzels, crackers, cherry tomatoes, cut up veggies...the sky is really the limit!  These containers fit easily in my carry on, so make sure you keep that in mind when packing!

Well everyone, I will radio silent for the next few days while I'm in Cleveland/Western NY.  I will miss you guys and give you tons of updates when I get back!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Don't Give a Damn About My Bad Reputation

I know all I'm doing lately is apologizing for not posting enough, but again, I'm sorry!  We are leaving for our big Midwest/East Coast jaunt in a mere couple of days, so things have been quite crazy.  Tons of loose ends to tie up before we leave, people to see, neighbors to rip a new one, (seriously, y'all just don't even know) things to do, and on top of it one of my dear friends had surgery so I went to sit with her wife to keep her company whilst this was all going on.  In a nutshell, my friend had a tumor in her kidney that they thankfully caught early, but naturally we've all been very nervous for 2-3 months.  Yesterday she had surgery to remove the tumor and  I am happy to report that her doctor (who kind of looks like a bro version of Dave Grohl) is pretty sure it's benign.  YAY!!  We still have to wait for tests to come back to prove this, but Bro Dave Grohl was 95% on the benign diagnosis.  YAY again!

I have been so busy with all this stuff that I've been meaning to post more about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony (for brevity, we'll just say Rock Hall).  Videos, stats, me raging that skank Miley Cyrus is inducting Joan Jett, that kind of thing.  I just simply haven't had time, which is sad because I live to talk about all things Rock Hall, probably to the chagrin of everyone around me!  Anyway in a nutshell in case you haven't seen my previous posts, this is the Rock Hall Class of 2015:

As they have released more information about who is inducting who, and who is/isn't performing, I have been mostly disappointed.  Bill Withers is likely not performing, which is pretty disappointing.  I will be subjected to Fall Out Boy, John Mayer, John Legend AND Miley Cyrus.  Seriously the Miley Cyrus thing makes me so mad that as my grandmother would say "I want to chew nails and spit out staples".  I'll have to pack whatever the Plan B version of Valtrex is to combat all of this nonsense.  I am still super grouchy about Green Day getting in, I was honestly pulling for N.W.A., but I just have to make peace with it.

As an aside, I have to say how much it disappoints me when people rage about hip hop acts getting into the Rock Hall, and feel like people are missing the point.  Rock and roll is a genre but it's also a state of mind.  If it makes you question, if it makes you uncomfortable, if it's scary, if it makes you feel strongly...that's rock and roll.  When Chuck D rages against authority and injustice, it's just as rock and roll as when Neil Young or the Sex Pistols do it.  The purpose of the Rock Hall is to attempt to honor those who have had an impact on culture/other musicians.  Think about groups like Run DMC, Public Enemy and N.W.A and the impact they have had on music culture and the political spectrum.  Maybe you don't like it, but you can at least "get" it.  Anyway, that is my little rant for the day since I get tired of the prickish comments I hear all the time.

Of course the one thing holding me together is that I am beyond lucky to be able to see Ringo Starr perform with Paul McCartney.  I will be in the same room with them, and I will see them perform.  As a Beatles fan, if I think about it too much, I will get teary and emotional about it.  I am so excited. I am also pretty excited for the Stevie Ray Vaughan induction/set.  I've been angry for several years that SRV isn't in the Rock Hall, and now he's finally getting his due!  Gary Clark Jr. who is insanely hot a blues prodigy will be performing in the set, so I am very excited for that.

At the end of every ceremony there is an all star jam at the end, and I am really excited and anxious to see what this year's will be.  They are honestly magical and mind blowing no matter what, because you're seeing legends all on one stage, performing together.  I had to post the video of the one from the 2013 ceremony that we attended because holy shit.  The combination of hip hop/blues/rock and the vast combination of the people on stage seriously blew my mind.  To have been in the room for this, I can't even describe how insane the crowd was going.  Totally blew the roof off the joint.

I will try to post before we leave, but no promises!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Double Five 5 Miler - Race Recap

The human body and running make no sense at all, because today should not have been a good race for me.  I will be straight up, I was hungover, but in my defense we attended a very intense HOA meeting last night.  (Side note:  If you are house hunting, don't buy within an HOA like, ever).  I mean literally, two dudes got into this tense back and forth about parking on the street, and I was getting nudged sharply by my husband for showing him the Michael Jackson eating popcorn meme in response.  But seriously, it was one of those deals where you feel all hot and embarrassed for the two parties involved.  Luckily that died down, but then there was a lot of conversation about all the craziness going down on the street, safety concerns, etc.  It was actually one of the more productive HOA meetings we've had in the 10 or so years I've lived here, we voted on a lot of stuff, and we were all unanimous on the votes.  It was nice to talk about stuff that matters instead of people bitching about this one or that one not watering their grass.

My point being that when all of that was done, Eric and I got the hell out of there and had beers immediately to combat the crazy.  I didn't drink much water afterwards, so I woke up feeling like hell today.  I slept probably about 6 and a half hours last night, so waking up this morning was not pretty.  I was so close to just skipping the race altogether because I felt so crappy, but we had a little coffee, got ourselves together and got over there.

So the race I did today was the 5 mile race of the Double Five Challenge in Lake Oswego (there was also a 5k, or you could do both races, ie the Double Five).  I absolutely love, love, loved this race.  I told Eric afterwards that I almost didn't want to tell anyone about it because it was such a great experience, so I don't want it to get blown out.  ;)  I think I mentioned this before, but it was held at a park that has special significance for me since Eric got engaged there, we spent many happy hours there with my two late dogs Wicket and Natasha, and we also spread Wicket's ashes there after she died.  It's a really wonderful place, and I was excited to be able to do a race there.

Doing a small race after the atrocity of the Shamrock Run last month was seriously a treat.  Y'all know how angry I was after that race, it was so crowded and insane, and in my opinion poorly run.  Anyway this race had 56 runners compared to the 35,000 at the Shamrock.  We were cracking up as we lined up at the start line, and the dude next to me actually brought up the Shamrock and called it a "shit show", which just about sums it up.  I was seriously excited, I had so much room on the course that I could have done a Bob Fosse routine.  Seriously, this was my view almost the entire course.  It felt like it was my own personal race since I rarely saw other runners!  Thankfully the volunteers did a great job of marking the course and directing everyone, so I never worried about getting lost.  I was just able to run along and enjoy the scenery.

The course began next to the Willamette River and then wound through a residential area.  Lake Oswego is quite affluent, so the homes in these neighborhoods are gorgeous.  Definitely pretty scenery and tons to look at the whole time, and it made the race go by so fast.

The most shocking thing was how great I felt.  I barely walked the entire race, my lungs felt great, legs had plenty of snap in them, no leg cramps and I didn't get any side stitches.  I was like, is this for real right now?  I haven't run in literally like a month, hungover as all get out, but yet I'm having an amazing race.  It was also the best I've felt about myself emotionally in 3 weeks.  At about mile 4 I was asking myself, why the hell haven't I been on a run lately?  I mean seriously, I was on Cloud 9 compared to the last couple of weeks, and to prove it I took an action selfie where I look happy to the point of insanity. ;)  (Also yes, I wore my Motley Crue shirt and enjoyed the scandalized looks a group of snooty ladies gave me when they saw it.)  Anyway I need to remember that when I feel the worst is when I need to go for a run the most!

I also wanted to backtrack a little and talk about the participants and the volunteers in the race.  All of the volunteers were SO nice and helpful, it was seriously a pleasure to run this race because of them.  I was also really surprised by how supportive all the participants were with one another.  Every single person who passed me (I'm assuming the ones doing the Double Five challenge) said "good job", "way to go" or some other such encouragement, even the fast tiny shorts people.  Usually the fast people are so tunnel vision they never say anything to anyone, but everyone on this course was so friendly to each other.  The small community feel of the race was really wonderful, and it felt like such a supportive environment!

I did have to stop so I could get a picture of this bridge.  On the left there is where Eric proposed to me.  :)

Another great thing about this race was that it was so small, they literally sent me an email with my results about 5 minutes after I finished!  Good thing too since I forgot my Garmin!  I finished in 1:04:02, which really is pretty good considering that I took so much time off of running.

Afterwards I was starving because I hadn't eaten breakfast, and thankfully a French bakery I really love was just about a quarter mile away!  We sat and had a nice little brunch:  quiche, salad and really amazing coffee!  All in all, it was a wonderful day and I can't wait to do this race again next year!  I was so impressed with how organized the race was, so I am definitely going to look into some other races this organization does!

Friday, April 10, 2015


Much like Saul Goodman, I have been Slippin' Jimmy with the blog posts this week!  A ton of stuff has been going on is really my only excuse, but it's still no excuse.  My friend Anna and I were chatting via email today, and like my hard ass fairy godmother she says, "hope to see some posts soon from my favorite blogger..."  And we all know what ellipsis mean...

She's totally right, so thanks for the gentle push Anna!  So in a nutshell, here is some stuff that's been going on this week:

1.  I weighed in at 202.4 this week, so I am still losing!  That has really not been due to exercise, but to tracking my food.  Anyway, I'm so very close to my goal to be at 199 during this month!

2.  Still dealing with some emotional fallout for having the job I wanted yanked from under me.  This has been way tougher for me than I anticipated.  Lots of questioning, lots of feeling like a loser, lots of "I still don't know what the hell my purpose is" etc.  I know I need to get over it, it's just been tough and frightening so "getting over it" hasn't come easy.

3.  I have my 5 miler race tomorrow.  I have not run since the Shamrock.  And my ankle has been killing me since Shamrock.  This should be a blast.

4.  We are almost a week away from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony and our fabulous trip to Cleveland and Western NY.  I am SO EXCITED.  It will be really nice to get away  from here and get perspective on some things.  I need some stimulation for sure.  I've already started packing, and I need to pick out something to wear for the ceremony!

5.  I have gotten two people close to me (won't identify them because they are private people) to join MyFitnessPal and start tracking their food.  It's been awesome and has brought up some great conversations about food, nutrition and health enlightenment between all of us.  Both people like the tracking and the patterns they're seeing emerge, which is fantastic!  I know I'm not the picture of perfection, and God knows I'm not consistent, but it thrills me when I'm able to make even a tiny difference or convince someone to adopt a healthy habit.

I will post on a more regular basis next week, I promise.  There is just a lot going on (some other behind the scenes stuff) so it's been tough!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Catching Up

Sorry for the lack of posts the last few days, I've been in a bit of a "meh" state of mind.  Long story short, I was in the running for a job that I ended up not getting.  I didn't talk about it on the blog because I didn't want to jinx it, but I guess that theory didn't pan out!  I really wanted it and liked the company/the people there, so it made it all the more disappointing.  It just brings up a lot of emotional crap.  Anyways, I needed a few days to kind of lick my wounds and am still in the process of doing that.

So what have I been up to the last few days?

1.  Attempting to keep Molly's feet out of my face, because they reek like corn chips and because I don't need a dog toenail in my eyeball/mouth.

2.  Dodging hail!

We've had these super nutty hail storms coming through, which isn't that unusual for springtime in Oregon, but these have been particularly crazy.  As you can see, it was piled up like snow the other day!

3.  Planting yummy things

My herb garden needed some filling out, so I bought a few things the other day and I also planted some potatoes.  (German Butterballs, because us butterballs have to stick together).  I have a 2015 garden almanac that tells you when you are supposed to plant things, and the potatoes were supposed to be planted on April 1st,s o that's what I did.  We'll see if it works!  For the herbs I picked up more parsley plants as well as arugula and celery.  I've never tried to grow celery before, so we'll see how I do with it.  I actually really love celery leaves and you so rarely see them on the celery at the store, so at least this way I'll be able to have the leafy parts too!  I also got a few bee balm plants, which I have been trying to find for awhile, so I was excited to finally find them.  I am very obsessed with the bee die out that has been happening, (and frankly more people should get obsessed about it) so I try to do my part for the cause and to plant things that make the bees happy.  They are supposed to go crazy for bee balm, (the hummingbirds like it too!), so I've been wanting to get some.  I didn't realize you could make tea from it, so I guess it will be dual purpose.  I made some tea the other day and I don't think I used enough of the leaves because it barely tasted like anything.  I think the flowers are supposed to be the better part to use for tea.

4.  Trying new things in Portland

It's been awhile since we've been to downtown Portland, in fact I think the Shamrock Run was the last time.  It's just a bit of a to do, plus we've been trying to explore some local places and take a break from Portland proper.  Today we decided to go downtown, have lunch somewhere new and walk around for a bit.  It's been a really long time since we've eaten at a food cart, so we tried a new one (to us) today called The Frying Scotsman.  I got the haddock and chips and it was insanely delicious, so I highly recommend it if you're local, or if you decide to come visit.

We had a couple of fails today, I wanted to try to go to Blue Star Donuts since everyone raves about them, so we get there and there was literally a line of 40+ people in this tiny shop.  (I think some places in Portland do the insane line thing on purpose, I've never been anywhere else where restaurants have lines like places in Portland do.)  Anyway, my anxiety hasn't been great lately, so while I was determined to stand in line for a bit, claustrophobia got the best of me and we left before I had a full blown anxiety meltdown.  I was already mouthing off in a loud and salty manner about the entitled, clueless dad in front of me, and things weren't getting any better, so it was best to leave.  A $4 donut is not worth that, plus that was probably the Lord's way of saying "Girl, your waist tho...".  After that we tried to go to Powell's bookstore, which is normally the happiest place on Earth for me, but it was also packed to the gills with people and we ended up having to leave before Eric had to scrounge together bail money for me.  No matter where I went there were hoards of people, even the metaphysics, psychology and paranormal sections.  For the record I was in those sections because I was trying to find a quiet space more than I was trying to find books about those subjects.  ;)  Anyways, when I would find somewhere quiet and try to gather myself a bit, someone would literally walk up and get practically shoulder to shoulder with me.  This happened 3 separate times.  It's like, may I get you some KY so that you can get right up my a** or what?  Powell's takes up a city block, there's room for all of us, get away from me.

I am sure you gathered this, but I have personality "quirks" that I keep fairly well masked, though probably not as much today.  I'm actually very nice despite some of my joking around, but I do get the type of anxiety that makes me want to curl in a fetal position and rock in a corner.  Some days it's better than others and I'm super zen, but when I'm on a bad jag (like I am lately due to the job stuff) I get ramped up really quickly.  I get incredibly anxious in groups of people and get very claustrophobic in certain situations, and when that happens the verbal filter comes off at that point.  I can't even control it, and my verbal geyser of  anger and inappropriateness can offend the nation.  I get super ragey when people won't respect personal space when there is personal space to be had, ie standing so close to me we're touching shoulders.  And hopefully this won't label me as the meanest person in the world, but children make me incredibly anxious most of the time, especially if they are screaming and carrying on.  Which most Portland ones do because they have kale freebasing hipster moms who look the other way while little Chartreuse and Bok Choi are tearing up the joint.  (Dear close parent friends who are reading this, I'm not talking about your kids since y'all have some damn sense and your kids are lovely).  

Anyway, Blue Star and Powells were both an eclectic celebration today of all the things that take me from zero to ten, so I was about to have a nervous breakdown by the time we got out of Powells.  I could probably get meds from a doctor for my anxiety, but why do that when your husband just walks you to the closest wine bar so that you can get a glass of champagne?

Does anyone have any fun Easter plans?  We are going to eat dinner with my aunt and uncle tomorrow, so I'm very excited about that!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

March Recap + April Goals

March Recap

I'm fairly pleased with March compared to last month.  I struggled in February with depression and a horrible cold that dragged on almost the entire month, so I really didn't hit any of my goals.  In March however I crushed my step goal of 310,000 steps by taking 339,251 steps!  Hitting mini goals really does matter, I felt so proud of myself for hitting my goal and it definitely is an incentive to keep going.

I also had a goal to do Stomach Formula again, but as previously discussed it started aggravating my back.  I couldn't risk a back injury like I had for all of January (coincidentally when I was heavy into Stomach Formula), so I felt it was best to stop.  As much as I love Richard, Stomach Formula will have to be permanently retired.  I guess the good news is that perhaps the hand weights weren't the thing injuring my back, so maybe I can start working towards tightening up my flying squirrel arm flaps.

Weight wise I did end the month on a loss, but not by much.  I started the month at 204 and ended at 203.8.  I can't be too bummed out about it, because I got my crap under control and ended in the negative before things got too out of hand.  I feel like I am learning and improving all the time.  Old me would have thrown in the towel, new me set the towel down for a couple of weeks, but then picked it back up.

April Goals

April is going to be a weird animal in a lot of ways due to our trip to Cleveland/Western NY in the middle of things.  I'd thought about having a running goal for this month, but let's face it, it ain't gonna happen.  I can barely get in a running groove when things are perfect and I have all the time in the world, and it's certainly not going to happen when we've got a fast paced vacation week going on.  I did settle on doing a stricter running goal for May, since I will definitely need to ramp up my game for marathon training, which will have to start around July (blech).  The good news is that we'll be doing tons of walking on our vacation, so I am not worried so much about activity levels, it's more of the food issue.  I'll have to be very vigilant about not overdoing it.

After doing some pondering, here are some goals and ambitions for the month:

  • Get to and maintain a weight of 199 or less by April 30th
  • Don't lose MFP tracking streak, especially not on vacation
  • Take 310,000 steps

I am usually very against trying to reach a certain weight in a set amount of time.  It's why I haven't set a forever weight goal honestly.  We know the scale can be a big old a-hole, so setting specific number goals can often end in failure for any myriad of reasons.  I used to say "I'm losing x pounds this month", only to get sick or face circumstances that didn't make it possible.  Then you feel disappointed and badly about yourself, dive into a swimming pool of cake and it's all over but the shouting.  But this is a goal I think I can attain.  For starters, I should have been in the 100s a month ago, but I dicked around and here we are, a little less than 5 pounds away from 199.  I'm over it, I'm ready to be in the 100s.  I think having that goal will remind me to buckle down until we leave, and then not go insane while on vacation in order to maintain what I've accomplished.  I feel so determined to get there that I think setting this goal is appropriate at this stage of the game.

It's no coincidence that I ended the month with a loss once I got my MFP tracking streak back.  (10 days and counting yo!)  I have long made peace with and gotten over the resentment of knowing that I will have to track food for the rest of my life.  I can maybe take a break here and there, but the weight always starts creeping back up if I go longer than a week without tracking.  I used to rail against the world and be so angry about not being "normal", and having to think about every tablespoon of everything I eat.  After reading forums on MFP with people in maintenance, I realized that the reason many "normal" people are slim is because they track their food and are mindful.  Tracking is a helpful tool and a way to diagnose ways to improve my health, not a punishment.  It took me a long time to come to grips with that, but here we are.  And the fact of the matter is, when I don't track, I gain.  My goal this month is to get in the 100s, ergo I track.  Simple as that.

For the step goal it's easy.  When I'm mindful of steps, I lose weight.

On an NSV note, a couple of little things excited me this week.  One was looking down and realizing that I can see my feet without a Herculean effort to suck my breath in.  It's kind of awesome.  Another thing?  I'm a side sleeper, but have discovered lately that my knees are getting bonier, so it hurts to sleep like I normally sleep!   I have to stack my knees differently or sleep on my back.  Bones.  Who knew those were there?!