Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Weigh In Tuesday


I weighed in today and had finally lost weight after being on a roller coaster for all of March.  Today's number was 203.8, so I am inching ever closer to the 100s for the first time in....well I don't even know when.  Probably 10 to 12 years.  I feel a little more back in the game when it comes to my head space, though I confess that this job search anxiety crap has not been helpful this month.  It seems that it's unfortunately going to carry on into next month, sooo...yeah.  Don't get me wrong, the loss is very exciting and I am still very committed to reaching my weight loss goals.  Today's loss gets me closer and closer to my health goals, and I'm proud for not throwing in the towel.  I'm just being honest that it's difficult to have unbridled enthusiasm right now since I'm feeling so much anxiety.

I am trying to come up with goals for April, which is tough due to our trip to Cleveland/Western NY.  The food back East is super delicious but in no way healthy, and I know we will be indulging at our favorite places.  We will also be walking around quite a bit, which I think will help somewhat counteract the insanity.  Also helpful is the fact that we are a bit older and wiser, and I simply can't put it away like I used to.  I'm getting to the point where I feel incredibly miserable if I have more than 2 beers!   It's funny to hear our conversations about going back to his hometown, 90% of our schedule revolves around which places we're going to eat and when.  There are certain places he'd be really bummed out if he missed them, and now I've been back there enough that I have a couple of must go places myself!  Luckily most of our "can't miss" stuff are the same things.

I love that my goals chat turns into a conversation about delicious food (wings and Beef on Wecks specifically).  Long story short, I'm coming up with goals today and will post them tomorrow!  ;)


  1. Oooh I have always wanted to try a Beef on Weck. I see it on Food Network all the time!

    My best friend moved away just out of high school so whenever she comes to town we have to go to certain places. It's funny because I rarely go to those places on my own, but if she's here let the eating begin! Ha.

    Congrats on the loss!

  2. Happy Loss!!! I am looking forward to hearing your goals and proud of you for staying in the game even when you are dealing with other issues. I had to google Beef on Weck. Yep, I would eat it...maybe minus the au jus.

  3. Great loss this week! I had to google Beef on Weck too! :)