Sunday, March 22, 2015

Tightening Up

It's funny, I feel like everyone I know who is in a weight loss journey is in a bit of a slump right now and having difficulty staying on track.  Part of me feels relieved because at least it's not just me having a slump, but then of course at the same time that makes me feel bad, because I want everyone I care about to succeed!  I wish I had some reason or sad sack story for being off track the last couple of weeks, but  I honestly don't.  I've just been in a funk.

I actually skipped my Tuesday weigh in last week, so I don't know specifically where I'm at, but I have had a couple of things happen that just let me know that it's time to take the reins back up and get serious.  The reappearance of the roll at my waist, clothes not fitting quite as well and my face feeling/looking fuller.  It's all fun and games until that stuff starts happening, and it's important to nip it in the bud.  I've been putting together a list of things that I can do this next week to get back into better habits and be more successful:

  • Faithful tracking on MFP
  • More wholesome eating, the bulk of the food being vegetables/fruits
  • No desserts (womp womp)
  • No drinking except for Saturday (our wine club pickup day)
  • Physical activity every single day
  • Water, water water!  (have been having so much trouble with this)

On the "more wholesome food" front, I made several smoothie packs this weekend, since I find morning smoothies are the best way for me to start out on a healthier note.  We had a grip of bananas that were going rogue, so I made individual baggies with a banana and a cup of strawberries to stash in the freezer.  That way I can just pull a bag out of the freezer in the morning and just make a smoothie for breakfast.  It will be a nice change of pace anyway.

Hopefully we can all get back to better habits this week and get those pants fitting better!


  1. Oh that's a great idea about the smoothie pack thing! No divvying out ingredients! Love this idea!
    Yea, I've been in a diet funk lately too but hopefully we will all be back on track soon.

  2. Love your smoothie packs...not just the idea but the color and organization...I just want to look at them :) I am excited that smoothie weather is coming...bring on the blueberries!

  3. I love the idea of prepping smoothie baggies ahead of time! I have a ton of bananas and frozen fruit in my freezer. I'd be more likely to use them in smoothies if we had them divvied up ahead of time.