Sunday, March 8, 2015


Holy cow, this has been one active weekend!  I am practically about to nod off as I type this, so if I don't make any sense, it may be because I fell asleep.  ;)

Friday night wasn't active, but it was fun.  I met Eric at a local bar for happy hour, then we strolled around, got a couple treats at a local bakery, got a coffee and sat outside.  Our weather continues to astound us, especially since I can't believe we were sitting outside at 7 pm in March in short sleeves!  Saturday we got up and puttered around the house for a bit, then went to the library to pick up a movie we had on hold and then went for a walk in the park that I ran in the other day.  We probably did a mile and a half to two miles, and it was so relaxing and pretty.  Afterwards we had lunch at a local brewery place, and I had a really yummy burger plus two hard ciders!  Later that night Eric grilled steaks and then we watched Willow (our library movie), which he had never seen before.  I was so gaga for that movie when I was a kid, I feel like I watched it probably 100 times.  I was pleased to see that it actually held up quite well over time, it didn't feel that dated at all with the exception of some of the animated stuff being a little clunky.  I really enjoyed seeing it again.  Eric said he liked it to, so win!

Today I went for a run and had a little bit of a revelation and a brand new experience.  I ran in shorts.  I have not done this before.  Ever.

If you've been around for awhile then it is no secret that I absolutely hate heat, to the point where I get anxiety and panic attacks if it's too hot outside.  There is a reverse seasonal disorder and without even going to a shrink to be officially diagnosed, I know that I have it.  Summers are brutal and anything above 70 degrees is horrible for me.  When most silly bitches are out baking in 99 degree heat and claiming to love it, I'm just want to curl up nude and in the fetal position inside of an igloo.  A huge part of my reluctance to run another marathon was not wanting to train during the summer again because no matter how early you get up you can't escape the heat.  I am going to start major training for Seattle right as the most brutal part of the summer hits.  It's not the biggest deal for the runs that are 4-7 miles, but beyond that it's going to be a huge mental test for me.  Being able to wear shorts when I train would be a huge help.

It's not that I dislike shorts at all, it's pretty much all I wear at home.  But I just don't wear them out in public much.  It is a habit that started when I was a kid and you couldn't wear shorts to school unless they came to your knee.  Well if you are 5 foot 8 and mostly legs that is nearly impossible, so I just didn't wear shorts much in public.  Some of my reluctance now is a vanity thing, I just really didn't look good in shorts at all for the past few years, and a bigger part of it is that short lengths/styles seem to come in grandma or hooker these days.  As I told my husband, I shouldn't have to get a bikini wax to wear a pair of jean shorts, you know?  And don't get me started on running shorts.  For women they are SO SHORT, to the point I'd have to have a skin graft from the massive thigh chafing I'd get.  You think I'm kidding, but I'm for real.  I have scars from past chub rub that ain't pretty.  I have very nice legs from the knees down, but my inner thighs are another very beefy, jiggly story.  But I'm much smaller now than when I did my last marathon, and getting smaller all the time.  I was able to pull out a couple pairs of jean shorts (size 14 thank you) that I've never been able to fit into before and wear them out and about this weekend.  It was nice to feel cool and summery, which made me realize that I want to be able to run and train in shorts if I want to.  So I decided to put on a pair of running shorts that I've never actually run in and take the plunge today.

It was weird at first.  I had breezes blowing in peaks and valleys that had never felt a breeze before, and it made me panic at first.  It's like oh man, am I somehow nude somewhere, is this supposed to be happening, am I covered up?  The last thing I need to do is scandalize a memaw.  But I was indeed covered.  I was uttering that line from Waiting for Guffman when Corky was like "Ima... I'm going to fight for my country! To fight... and yes, perhaps die... so that young men from here to Timbuktu can feel the wind of freedom blowin' through their hairrrrr!"  Except you know, the wind of freedom was blowing through my shorts.  I'm not going to lie, it felt great.  It was awesome to not be hot, to feel the wind on my skin and not feel so weighed down.  The shorts were too short though because my thighs still were chafing like a mother, so I may have to explore buying some guy shorts.  I'm glad I slayed that dragon, I mean I am not really self conscious about my legs.  If people see some jiggle and can't get over it, whatever, that's their issue.  I just don't want to chafe!

I ended up running 3 miles and walking one.  Not bad for a little Sunday morning jaunt!  After I came home and showered, we walked to the local taco truck for some lunch, then did yet another hike at a local park.  We walked for probably an hour!  As a result my Jawbone, which is probably dying of shock, says that I'm at over 20,000 steps!

I had a ton of pics I was going to post but Gmail was being a giant jerk and I was tired of fighting it, so I'll just sign off for now!


  1. Have you thought about wearing some sort of fitted, spandex short under your running shorts? My inner thighs have always rubbed even when I was in high school and pretty small.

    What an awesome weekend! GO YOU!

    And the Waiting For Guffman quote made me laugh. And I want to watch Willow again.

    1. I do have some of the spandex ones but have never been brave enough to wear them. I've used them as Spanx if you can believe that! I never thought about wearing shorts over them, I may have to try that. I was glad that Willow was just as cool as I remembered, and that more importantly, Val Kilmer was just as hot.

  2. Ahh back when Val Kilmer was quite the looker. sigh
    Great job and I NEVER EVER wear shorts. Only capris. I wear compression stockings now and they just look stupid with shorts (they are the plain boring medically given "nude" color) so they naturally show off how pasty the rest of my skin is so no way am I ever going to wear shorts if I don't have to. But I do second Meg's suggestion of wearing yoga capris or compression shorts/spandex.

    Ahh I love Waiting for Guffman! Need to watch that again.

  3. LOL at your description of the available shorts selection these days - grandma or hooker pretty much nails it!

  4. Sounds like a perfectly wonderful weekend. Congratulations on expanding your wardrobe options :)

  5. I'm with Meg. I say wear spandex shorts underneath. That's how I started and then I decided that I DGAF and just started wearing the spandex shorts when running in summer. It is so much more comfortable and cooler than having the extra layer of unnecessary material. And screw what other people think.