Thursday, March 19, 2015

Rock Legends, TV Chat and I Heart My Friends

Wanted to break the post into sections since I have such vastly different topics going on!

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

I can't believe this but it's only about a month until our trip to Cleveland/Buffalo!  I am really excited about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony, and of course seeing Eric's family/friends.  Yesterday the Rock Hall released some of the presenters and performers for the ceremony, and while I am very disappointed about some of them, I am beyond thrilled for others.  I'll start with  some of the lame stuff before I go to the thrilling stuff.

  • Fall Out Boy will induct Green Day, which is honestly more douche than anyone should have to bear in one evening.  It's no secret, I am so irritated that Green Day is even getting in, but this is almost too much.  So in these ceremonies, typically the person who does the inducting is either a close friend or someone who was influenced by the band/performer being inducted.  I guess I am just getting old, but if Green Day is influencing bands like FOB to exist just kind of props up my opinion.
  • Bill Withers is not performing, which is really disappointing.  I have scrunch face because Stevie Wonder and John Legend performing his set, I really don't care for either one (yes I know I'm in the minority).  
  • John Mayer is inducting the great SRV, which it's like, I'm going to have to bathe in Purell and pop some Valtrex from having to be in the same room as him.  *shudder*

Now on to the good stuff...

  • Gary Clark Jr will be performing in SRV's set.  If you have never listened to his music, you really should.  He is incredibly cute talented and was heavily influenced by SRV.  I personally think he should have done the induction speech, but ah well.
  • They are keeping Joan Jett's inductor and information about the people performing with her a secret, which leads me to speculate that Cherie Curie and/or Lita Ford will be involved.  That friends, would be exciting.  A Runaways reunion?  Yes please!
  • Beck will be performing the Lou Reed set, which is really cool.  Once they announced that, it totally made sense to me.  Definitely looking forward to it!
  • Now this...this is everything.  Paul McCartney will be inducting Ringo Starr, and they will be performing together.  We are seeing the only two living Beatles perform together, which they very, very rarely do.  This moment will be huge for me.  The Beatles are everything.  I love them so much that I have lyrics from "Strawberry Fields Forever" tattooed on my shoulder.  I mean, it's serious business for me.  Eric took me to see Paul McCartney a couple of years ago and I cried through the whole show pretty much because it meant so much to see him live and hear those songs live.  To hear Ringo and Paul together, I don't even know what I'm going to do other than pre-order my "The Bitch Died Happy" tombstone, because I'm probably going to just drop dead from happiness.  The theory is that the end of the night jam will be "A Little Help From My Friends", which...I'm just going to wear an adult diaper so I can pee myself repeatedly.

If you are interested in reading more about it (which I doubt because my hubby and I are the only ones who seem to be obsessed), this is a great site:

I am excited about Buffalo too, I love going back to Eric's hometown.  My mother-in-law is pretty awesome and it's always good to see her and all of Eric's family/friends.  (And I won't lie, I'm pretty excited to go to my fave wing place.  ;)


Today I had a nice moment.  I scheduled a walk and talk with one of my best guy friends since it had been a couple of months since I'd seen him.  When he walked out of the building and saw me he was like, "my God, you're so skinny!"  Far from the truth, but it was good to hear it anyway!  Not that many people comment on seeing changes in me, so it's always a bit thrilling to hear that I look different!  He also told me that he had made some changes to his eating habits because of my blog, which is flattering, but I am still not used to people telling me that I inspire them!  No one should model their behavior after mine, except of course my razor sharp wit.  ;)

TV Chat

I am dying with Better Call Saul!!!  It's a spoiler free zone here, so if you haven't seen it or aren't caught up, don't worry, I'm not here to spoil it for you.  But seriously, I am so addicted.  And there are only 3 episodes left for this season!  What is with these shorter seasons in TV shows now, it's driving me nuts, I am going to be so sad when the season is over.  Anyway, I love the show, it's very different than Breaking Bad (much slower paced and much more humor), but I am so into it.

We also are finally hooked on House of Cards.  It definitely took about half of the season for me to connect with it, but we're definitely into it now.  We're almost finished with Season 1 (we have one disc left)!  Definitely getting cray!

Also, did anyone delve into the documentary The Jinx about that crazy Robert Durst dude?  Holy crap.  So I have to admit, I wasn't even aware of this guy really, so when all the arrest stuff went down I was like "okay probably should watch this documentary" considering my love of true crime stuff.  If you guys have HBO and like this type of thing, you MUST watch it, because it's seriously the most crazy, compelling thing I have ever seen.


  1. I need to figure out a way to watch this Jinx show. Also, words cannot express my jealousy that you get to see that last two beatles perform!!!!

  2. I had to have my husband translate a lot of the band stuff but I got it. I hate Greenday and John Mayer. Douche canoe central. Love the line about taking Valtrex hahhahahahha.

    1. Shh...don't tell Mary, but I had to Google SRV...I hope I have it figured out now :)

    2. Ha! Stevie Ray's name is so long I just abbreviate. ;)

  3. So excited for you that you get to go to the induction - I didn't realize regular folk could go :) I completely agree about BCS and HOC. But the short seasons and interminable time between seasons is killing me!!! I watched the first episode of The Jinx this morning. I have to wait until Saturday for the next 5 to record. Maximum creepiness for sure.

    1. It's seriously one of the best documentaries I've seen. I keep trying to convince Eric to go through it and he's all like "I feel like I've seen what it's about". it's like um no, you haven't not experienced the crazy.

  4. Oh man oh man I am super duper jelly about you getting to see Sir Paul AND Ringo together. I'd be needing that adult diaper too. And the tombstone come to think about it. I LOATHE Green Day so yea, right there with you. I can take John Mayers singing but I think you are right. Douche indeed on a personal level. I adore SRV. AND Holy Crap if there is a Runaways reunion! WOW!

    BCS YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I am in love with that show too! HoC this season was meh but... the final ep made up for it and it definitely got better as the season wore on. I think you will really like Season 2. Both 1 and 2 are definitely my favorites with HoC. I think we're going to start watching The Jinx this weekend. I had told Chris about it and he's definitely down. We have been digging on documentaries here lately and are looking forward to watching the Scientology dubunking one coming out soon called Going Clear. We also are planning on giving a look-see to Interstellar. I've been wanting to watch that.

    Awesome on that compliment from your friend! That's really sweet of him to say that!

  5. Holy crap. The more I read your blog the more I like you. I too looooooooooooooathe Green Day. Eugh. I want to stab my ear drums with tweezers whenever I hear them. I have taken to shouting over them in the car if the person I'm with doesn't change the song/station. Yes, I hate them so much it drives me to be obnoxious. That part of the Simpsons movie where they drown in the toxic lake? Best. thing. ever.

    Just think though...make it through that and you get to see Paul and Ringo! Jealous! Enjoy that experience, it truly is once in a lifetime now!!!!!