Thursday, March 5, 2015

Need a Will? Call McGill!

No cohesive post today (You: Is there ever?) so I'm just going to section off some random thoughts I've got going on.

Bodies Suck

So I have sadly had to suspend my goal to do Stomach Formula for this month.  It started aggravating my lower back the way that it did back in January, and I was starting to feel the same pinching/burning sensation as before.  I can't afford to lose two weeks again, and at the end of the day, my walking/running has to come first.   Running gives me enough aches and pains without me going and seeking out an extra thing that will give me even more aches and pains.

The good news is that I am kicking ass in my step goal!  I've had well over 10k steps every day so far, and yesterday had a staggering 17,008 steps!  I've noticed that I've had a lot more energy and feel much better too.  I've been amazed at how exercise affects my eating too.  For some reason the more I exercise, the more likely I am to stay on track with my food.  I experience hunger, but not in the same way, and I feel much more satisfied with whatever I've planned out for myself instead of continuing to snack.  There are times I have to push myself to eat more calories so that I'm not netting a too low for the day!  Yesterday I was on Cloud 9 because my run allowed me to have a couple of Reeses Peanut Butter eggs after dinner.  Earned treats seem to taste better and mean more.

Nutritious Noshing

So I don't have an inflated ego or anything, but I am a pretty decent cook.  I love to cook, love to tackle challenging recipes and love to tweak recipes to see if I can make them better.  It's just what I do.  However there are completely random basic things that I have trouble making, and amazingly smoothies are on that list.  Seriously, I can make the most complicated crap, can make a perfect prime rib every time, but can't make a smoothie.  I always manage to screw them up in some way, either too much liquid, too much frozen stuff, too sweet, not sweet enough.  I have a Vitamix that I am honestly not impressed with, so smoothie making typically turns into a spectacular cursing fit.  But the last couple of days I managed to make really delicious smoothies without raising my blood pressure in the process.  Nothing fancy, it was just strawberries, frozen banana, almond milk and Tillamook vanilla yogurt, but I think the key was that I used fresh strawberries instead of frozen.  That way my stupid Vitamix didn't get all bent out of shape about there being too much frozen stuff in the mix.  The vanilla yogurt also is a nice touch.  Today I got wild and threw in a half cup of pineapple and it was even better than the one yesterday.

I've also been obsessed with an egg salad I've been making over the past few days for lunch.  I made a batch of hard boiled eggs in my steamer at the beginning of the week and have been using them for lunches.  I've been taking two eggs and grating them finely with a box grater, mixing them with two tablespoons of hummus (Sabra because it's the best hummus...I will fight you if you say otherwise) and about 4 chopped pickle slices.  Dudes it is seriously THE BEST.  I've been putting the egg salad in a whole wheat wrap with a handful of baby greens for lunch, and it's so tasty, flavorful and filling.  I need to keep this in the back of my brain for marathon training, since it will make a great post run meal due to the protein in it, plus it's fast to make

TV Chat

So I started feeling left out of the whole House of Cards thing, so we signed up for Netflix for the 8 bazillionth time.  We watched the first two episodes last night.  So far so good, although I'm not completely sucked in as of yet.  It's definitely a show that you have to pay attention to, I went upstairs for literally just a minute and was totally confused when I came back down!  Eric had to fill me in on at least two major plot points, and it's like "but I was gone for a minute".  I don't know how wild I am about the whole 4th person/talking to the camera thing either, I always find that a bit cheesy.  But, we'll keep watching, I think it's just going to take time to evolve for me.  We also put Masters of Sex in our queue since we've heard good things about it.

We've also been really, really into Better Call Saul.  It's no secret how much I love and miss Breaking Bad, and I was hesitant to get too excited about BCS because I didn't want to be disappointed, but I have to admit that I'm kind of falling in love.  Vince Gilligan, you are the man and the king of story telling.  And Bob Odenkirk is the greatest.  Just love him.  I wasn't sure about a show focused just on Saul Goodman, but it's been really way more interesting than I anticipated.  Seeing all these characters is like seeing old dear friends.

Gotham on the other hand....does anyone else watch this?  Very few people I know do, but I've just got to bitch about it for a second.  It started out so great and really interesting.  The kid who plays The Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor I think?)  is amazing and as of now is the only character who keeps me watching.  But it's totally gotten out of hand.  Too many story lines, too many characters being introduced, these plot points that seem to go nowhere.  And why the hell does Gordon go to calls all by himself, inevitably ends up in trouble and has to get saved?  I'm always like "THIS bitch" at least once an episode due to that nonsense.  Yeah let's go to the abandoned factory in search of a serial killer all by yourself ASSHOLE.  And newsflash, obviously we know Gordon won't die because he eventually becomes COMMISSIONER FREAKING GORDON and is a major Batman character.  I'm not exactly in suspense when this crap is happening.  Sheesh.  We're kind of hate watching it at this point, but I want to at least finish the season since we've come this far.



  1. Sorry about the back tweaky, but maybe you caught it before it got bad. Great job with those steps!
    We never watched Gotham because why watch Batman without Batman. Just didn't see the point but someone else at work said it was worth a watch. Maybe one day. Hope HoC picks up for you. If you are only on season 1, keep giving it a chance. It gets cray cray.

  2. Sorry about the Stomach Formula. I know you are going to miss Richard, but don't let us catch you sitting on the couch watching him and eating Doritos! I usually make my smoothies with fresh banana and frozen berries - blueberries are my fav! I am putting your egg salad on my "to try" list thought I am having trouble imagining grating eggs. We may be next on the Netflix bandwagon...I want some HoC. The talking the the camera bugged me at first, but now it works for me.

  3. Oh man, sorry about the back. But, at least you know what caused it. So glad your kicking ass at your runs and your mileage. I am most impressed.

    My husband watches Gotham and I can hear the frustration in his voice, too, when Gordon does stupid stuff.