Monday, March 2, 2015

March Goals & Weekend Recap

I wanted to break today's post up into sections so that I didn't have a lot of random paragraphs floating around since I'm covering my goal recaps, new goal announcements, and the weekend recap.

February Recap

So I basically hit none of my goals for February due to sickness and just plain old not giving a damn.  I fell short of my 280,000 step goal by 41K steps, and while I ate quite a bit of salad, I missed probably about a week's worth of salads at at least one meal.  I lost my MFP streak, and don't even ask about the plank challenge.  That happened for about 2 days and then no more.

March Goals and Reset

February was just a bad month filled with a lot of illness and depression, but what can you do but just keep plugging along?  And that's exactly what I'm going to do.  I have a marathon at the end of the year that I can't lose sight of, and I've stalled myself from being in the 100s for over a month.  I'm tired of dicking around with all of it.  I've got my Shamrock Run 8k in 2 weeks, which is pretty sobering since I have lost quite a bit of my stamina.  I mean I won't have an issue doing it since Molly and I do 2-5 mile walks pretty much daily, but I won't be breaking any records since I haven't been running.  Anyway, my goals for the month are 10k steps a day (310,000 total), and I also spontaneously (as in late yesterday) decided to do another 28 days of Richard Simmons Stomach Formula this month.  I love how SF made me feel, and I also liked how muscular it made my legs and how much core strength I had.  Plus Richard is fun, and I could stand to have some fun return to my workout routine.

Weekend Recap

What a weekend!  Most of it was spent finally hauling an insane amount of crap to Goodwill, and also donating 6 (!!) boxes of books to the library.  It not only felt good to be able to get the books out of the house, but it is going to a good cause since they will help the library out when they have a book sale.  We also each signed up for library cards since we were a bit jelly of my aunt and uncle's ability to rent movies from the library.  It's a bit shameful considering how much Eric and I love reading, but this was the first time I've ever signed up for a library card up here.  I was annoyed but glad at how busy it was in there, it was total chaos and the employees seemed pretty frazzled.  At least people are still reading!

We also got our taxes finished up Saturday and are actually getting a refund back, so we were pretty stoked.  We decided to celebrate by going out for a beer and some tater tots at this place called the Raccoon Lodge.  I had the most wonderful sour beer that was made with honey, lime and ginger.  It was one of those beers that drank reeeeeally good and that could have really bitten you in the butt later on from being lulled into drinking too much.  I had two glasses and could have easily had a third!  And a fourth.  ;)

So I decided to try to go for a run on Sunday to see where I was at physically, and sadly it was a bit of a disaster.  To start with my Garmin totally took a dump, which always causes a bit of a panic for any runner and especially for me.  It's done this a couple of times before, and long story short you have to do a soft reset on it and then it works.  That didn't help me for my run though, so I had to download Runkeeper after I parked.  I really don't like Runkeeper at all, it constantly loses satellites and the talking on it irritates me especially since I didn't realize I had my phone at full volume, so the bitch was shouting my business to the whole neighborhood.   I was dressed in gloves, a long sleeve tech shirt and heavy running pants (all black) because when we got up that morning it was 29 degrees.  I didn't count on how fast it was going to warm up, so it was almost 55 degrees with blazing sun by the time I made it to my normal route.  I walked a mile with Molly then put her in the car to run my first mile and was instantly miserable.  I was so hot, and was beginning to have flashbacks and anxiety of how miserable it is to run up here in the summer.  I probably would have been okay in capris and a tee shirt, but the cold gear stuff was just too much.  I felt like I was crawling but managed to do a sub 12 mile.  I didn't feel good at all though, my lungs were burning and my legs felt heavy.  It's not a good feeling to have one mile exhaust you and make you feel defeated when you are running a full marathon at the end of the year.  I got Molly out of the car and walked another mile with her.  We were both hot and miserable (I had her in a sweater, the poor thing), so I decided to call it a day.  I am trying to not dwell on it too much while also trying to acknowledge that I'm far behind where I need to be at physically when it comes to my running base.


I'm letting my breakfast settle right now and then I'll be doing 2 different Richard videos, plus probably taking Molly for a walk at some point.  She may have to miss out on that one today because I decided this weekend that I'm done with trying to walk her around my house.  There are too many unleashed dogs, skanks and creepers, including some schizo guy who was screaming and talking to himself on Saturday.  It sucks to have to drive 15 minutes away just  to be able to safely walk my dog, but unfortunately that's the way my neighborhood rolls.  Hopefully once I get a job we can look at moving, which has been my fantasy for about 5 years now!

Speaking of jobs, I have a second interview today from one of my interviews last week.  It's for the job that I'm much more interested in, so fingers and toes crossed for me!  I am nervous about it because apparently there is going to be yet more testing/assessment going on, and I am not a good test taker at all.  Stupid anxiety.  Hopefully it all won't be as bad as I'm thinking it will be.  I am totally my father's daughter and as I've gotten older I seem to live by his creed "Expect the worst, hope for the best and whatever I get is a plus."  ;)


  1. You know what? I am going to try the Richard videos this month. They are on youtube?

    Everyone has a really, really crappy run. Some people have a whole bunch of them during training. The key is to learn from it and not let it get you down. So it sucked. Got it. You will move on and be a running rock star!

    I know you will kick this month's ass!

  2. Oh wow good luck today! Sending positive 2nd interview vibes!

    Sorry about the crappy run, but it was still a run nonetheless and you weren't sitting on the couch! March will be much better for both of us!

    That beer sounds interesting. I found some Abita Strawberry Harvest in my local grocery store and I excitedly grabbed a 6 pack. I swore only 1 per day and only on the weekend but I already messed that and had 2 yesterday. So good though!