Friday, March 13, 2015

Learning, Random Searches and Dirty Carpet

Not a ton going on this week really, but I don't like letting too much time pass by between posts.  This weekend is going to be busy!  I am very excited for tomorrow because I will be able to meet Katie from Runs For Cookies!  She is a huge inspiration for me, so I am very nervous and hope that I don't go full dork.  On Sunday I will be doing the Shamrock 8k, and I feel much more prepared than I thought I would, although I am SO glad that I switched from the half to the 8k.  It's supposed to rain Sunday and I'm kind of relieved about that, it should make my time a little better, and I won't have to slather up with 10 layers of sunscreen.  (aka the melanoma force field.)

This week I took my first course in the coding program I signed up for, and it actually made me feel the coding thing is attainable!  It's basically coding for babies, but that's kind of what I need!  I was very excited to earn my first badge for the basics course, and I wrote a whole line of code all on my own!  Okay it was just my name in a headline, then I was able to change it to blue, but still.  ;)  I am going to continue on, and also need to sign up with today so that I can start in on some InDesign courses.  It does feel good to sit and learn something new.  I got very adverse to doing that because at my last job there was a training just about weekly, sometimes 2 times a week, and it pulled you away from your actual work and caused you to have to work a 10-12 hour day.  I resented this usually rehashed stuff, especially since there were a lot of cutesy games and things involved, but now I'm pretty down with the online learning at my own pace.

And in "hey kids get off my lawn" news, y'all know I love living in Portland but sometimes there is an overload of cutesty, hipstery obsessions here that I don't get.  Case in point, the obsession that people have over the carpet at the Portland airport.  I consider myself a pretty sentimental person even if I have a Ouiser from Steel Magnolias hard candy shell on the outside.  But I have never understood the fascination with the carpet, why people felt the need to take pictures of their feet on it, and why everyone pretty much thrashed and wailed when PDX decided to pull it up to put down new carpet.  Rogue brewed a beer in honor of the carpet, people were getting tattoos of the carpet, etc.  Now the top story for a couple of days has been that they've selected 4 retailers here to sell off pieces of the original carpet and that people are getting on a waiting list for it.

Yes it's weird and bizarre.  Why you would want a piece of dirty ass 30 year old carpet that a million people have walked on is beyond me.  And not just walked on.  Slept on, puked on, spilled on, coughed on, sneezed get the picture.  We've all been enclosed with gross people on flights, do you really want carpet that has those kinds of germs crop dusted on it?  That is something a thousand Rug Doctors can never make clean, oh no they cannot.  It would be like wanting an Egyptian sarcophagus as your bed.  Yeah it's historical and shit, but there's also dead people leavings and possibly a curse in it.  And moreover, not to be that serious Debbie Downer person, but considering all that's going on in the world, this is really the top stories on the news?  I feel like Baby from Dirty Dancing when she's admonishing her sister for complaining about trivial stuff  ("Monks, burning themselves in protest!")  But seriously people, get a grip.

I wanted to leave off with something I found amusing.  So Blogger gives you stats about your page views, where you're getting views from (not personal data, just country/browser/device) and also a list of search terms that have caused hits to your blog.  These were mine for this week.

Several things:  1) It's hilarious and almost a point of pride that absolutely none of these have to do with fitness.  2) I remember each post that would have caused my blog to come up when people searched those terms.  3) Two Better Call Saul searches caused my blog to trigger, which is kind of the most awesome of all.

Did anyone see this week's Better Call Saul?  Oof.  I definitely felt teary towards the end, it was an incredible episode with fine acting.


  1. Ew, who wants dirty, old carpet. I have never heard of that carpet and now I will have to look it up.

    Have fun meeting Katie! And kick ass at your 8K!

  2. I just looked it up. People are weird.

  3. Okay, I am on the fence about the carpet. I don't think I would actually want a piece of it, but I would definitely take pictures. I am super sentimental. If I traveled through that airport to get home or see loved ones, I could see myself "attaching" to the sight of the carpet. And that being said, yes, take your pics and move on people - there are bigger issues in our world. Do the people intend to get enough to carpet a room in their house...or just a small square to frame in some artistic way?