Friday, March 6, 2015


Not much rip roaring excitement to report this morning.  (Men you may turn away for a second) I am in the throws of "lady situations", so eating was tough for me yesterday.  I didn't go too overboard, but I did go to town on some dried cherries in the pantry last night when we were watching House of Cards and ate an extra serving and a half of those on top of the serving I had after lunch.  These are the times I'm thankful we don't have much in the way of treats or candy laying around the house.  Dried cherries were the best I could do to satisfy my sweet craving.  I went over my calories by 300 or so, but I'm not too broken up about it.  It's not like it was Ben & Jerry's or something.  This morning I switched things up and had my little handy egg salad wrap for breakfast.  Hopefully the bigger breakfast will keep me in control today.

I didn't feel well yesterday due to lady times and only got in a mile walk with Eric and his coworkers.  I feel much better today, so I'm going to take Molly for a stroll.

I am also in the hunt for jeans.  I have officially reached the point with my 18's that they just don't look great on me anymore because of how saggy they are getting.  It's ridiculous, when I walk I'm constantly doing the Matt Foley motivational speaker waistband tug.  Not the look.  I tried going to Goodwill yesterday and it was a big fail, none of the 16's or 14's I tried on fit, which seems odd considering how loose my 18's are.  I really don't want to spend a ton of money on jeans that I will eventually shrink out of, so I really don't want to go to a normal store. When I go take care of my aunt's cats today I may swing by Burlington Coat Factory to see if I can find at least a couple of pairs.  I know growing too small for my current jeans is a nice problem to have, I just hate shopping.  I have to try on every single piece of clothing I pick up because designers make things so different and crazy that I just never know how it's going to fit, plus my body is weird.  When I go shopping now I'm flustered because I have no idea what size I am, so I have to try on even more crap to try to find things that work.  Ah well.  I just want to look nice again!  I may also look for a couple of spring/summery interview outfit options.  I have been wearing a trusty black cardigan with what I refer to as my "Mad Men" skirt, and it is just way too hot.  Coupled with my anxiety hives where my skin gets all red and flushed, and the fact that Oregonians feel they have to have the heat cranked to 75 when it is 55 outside, I am usually about to pass out by the time I leave an interview!  Maybe I can find a short sleeve shrug type thing, I need a layering cover because I am trying to be modest so I don't walk in like Jessica Rabbit with my giant...assets.

No major weekend plans other than getting some walks in so that we can take full advantage of the crazy nice weather we are having this weekend.  They are predicting 67 for Sunday!!  We are going to get steaks and grill outside.  What are your weekend plans?

Had to leave off with this, I've been blasting my Beach Boys CD when I've been driving around the last couple of days.  Is there anyone better to play when it's sunny and warm?



  1. Oh man, I am super envious of your spring already springing. It's supposed to be in the 40's next week and you can bet your sweet ass I will be rolling around with my window down.

    Jeans are such a pain in the ass. Hope you find some good ones that are super cheap. when you are at the size you want to be I suggest investing in a few pairs of more expensive jeans. They will look better and last longer. Try Macy's. Until then, may the force be with you.

  2. I usually have good luck at Old Navy for inexpensive jeans. You can usually find something for less than $30 which seems reasonable if you think you're going to shrink out of them anyway.

  3. I hate hate hate jeans shopping. With the fire of a thousand suns! Ditto on Old Navy though because Target thinks ALL women are Amazons and at the very least 5'10".