Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Cracking Code and Photo Bombs

Well just eff a duck.... (that phrase isn't nearly as fun without the rhyme).

Let's get the ugliness out of the way, I weighed in at 206.2 today.  That's all my fault, we hella indulged over the weekend, plus we have a delicious cake laying around that I haven't been able to leave alone.  I'm just going to go for a run this morning and not obsess about it, but I've definitely GOT to start tightening my food stuff up.  Is it crazy that I find it easier to eat healthier in the winter months, including all the big holidays than when it's warmer?  What's that about?

In a completely different topic, I've been wringing my hands lately on how to get more training for extra software skills that I apparently desperately need.  Every job post that is super interesting to me wants various program skills like HTML/CSS, InDesign, etc, but that is just not something we worked with at my old job.  We were in Excel hell day in and day out.  I don't really want to go fully on back to school, and the honest to God truth is that I'm lazy and the thought of 4 years or more of schooling and having to deal with that in the evenings just doesn't appeal.  Anyway, we were watching the news last night and they had a story on about how there is a push to get more people in the tech industry here in Oregon, and there is a program where they provide free training online to those who are complete newbies who want to learn coding and other tech skills, and they also provide job search help.  I decided to go ahead and sign up for it!  I'm going to have to be disciplined about it, but hopefully I can learn some new skills that will also help me shift into different careers, and so I won't be playing a sad "womp womp" noise every time I send a resume off to a job that I know they probably won't consider me for.  I think it will also be good to show that I'm not just sitting around and twiddling my thumbs and watching soap operas all day, that I'm actually trying to learn new skills.  Now I need to find a similar thing for InDesign!

Since I don't have many other exciting things to share, I wanted to post some of the pictures that I wasn't able to the other day!  Steel yourselves, because here are my hot ass legs from the other day when I wore shorts for the first time running.  I'm still pretty proud of that.

And I shared one of these pics on my Facebook page, but I was trying to take some progress pictures yesterday when Molly decided to photobomb me in the bathroom so that I would stop my narcissistic ways and go walk her.  So much for me trying to suck in and not have a fat roll.  I almost didn't post this because of that, but eh.  I'm wearing a size 14 now instead of an 18 or 20, so IDGAF pretty much.

Molly says "Please girl, we all know who the prettiest b!tch in the mirror is..."

My aunt's cat Solitare, who despite the disgruntled look was actually purring very loudly and rubbing all over me like a hussy at a sailor bar.

A bee on one of the many flowers that are just exploding all over the place here.  I adore honey bees and their little grumpy old man faces.  Hopefully they will like all the flower seeds I planted this year!

A picture of my husband and I Friday on our little date.  He will hate that I posted this because he hates every picture I take of him, but IDGAF about that either because he's cute and I love him.

And on a similar note, when we went for a walk in our special park this weekend, I took a picture of the bridge where we got engaged, because I'm all mushy and have feelings.

And finally, Molly showing that she fails when it comes to proper couch usage.


  1. Molly thinks humans fail at proper couch usage and to quit your judging, lady. At least that's what I fet from that pose.

    Love all the pics! Sorry about the weight gain. You've got this!

  2. Loving all the pics especially the sassy Miss Molly! (Doyle totally lays on his back to and has no shame in showing his boy bits off). Sorry about the gain this week but you have a wonderful NSV today to celebrate though!!

  3. Oh Miss Molly, you never fail to get a laugh! Love your proposal bridge - such a romantic spot. I have thought about expanding my InDesign skills...if you find a good (cheap) program please let me know. I use it to layout our office newsletter, but I think I could do so much more... http://online.fliphtml5.com/bfqd/bitr/#p=1