Friday, February 6, 2015


This week has been very tough for me.  I think a lot of it is lady hormones, I've been feeling kind of depressed and anxious in the way that makes me want to crawl in a hole and not see anyone.  I've barely left the house this week, and Molly has made me pay for it since she hasn't been getting her walks!  Dogs really are best friends, they will let you wallow for a bit, but then they go into "ok time to get off your ass and take me for a walk" mode.  Tough love if you will.  I feel so anxious about my job situation and worrying about the future that it's pretty much driven me crazy.  I only got out and walked once this week and that's been it.  No excuses here, I could have gotten out and walked, I could have done Richard videos, I could have simply paced around the house.  I just didn't.

My eating has been really crappy this week and I had an especially bad day yesterday with some cookies.  A serving size of cookies is fine, 7 or 8 is not.  Some of that is hormones but I think a lot of it is that I haven't been active, which usually leads to me not feeling hungry or not even craving sugar/salt.  If I'm not active then I'm not eating right, and that always seems to be what happens.

I tell you all of this just so you know that I'm not perfect, I don't know it all and that yes I struggle and have really bad days.  I think it helps to acknowledge and honor "I feel anxious and have not had a good week," and then attempt to move on from it.  It's best to try to do it as soon as possible before you lose momentum, which is what I'm trying to do.  I hopped on the scale this morning and was up two pounds, so I'm definitely motivated to get back on track because I don't want to sabotage getting to the 100s!  I want it more than anything.  I'm going to take Molly out today and then get a run in tomorrow morning, and I know those things will help.  I'm going to look into signing up for a couple of races today as well, because I feel like having a couple of goals to work towards will help.

I will say that I love my ladies accountability group on Facebook.  After feeling really low all week, we ladies had an unexpectedly hilarious exchange yesterday that had me laughing hysterically.  One of our amazing ladies posted the video for Bryan Adam's "Everything I Do" along with her pounds lost report (Yay Anna on 1.3 pounds lost!), and it quickly devolved to a conversation about Robin Hood:  Prince of Thieves and Alan Rickman.  I had to include a snippet of our conversation below to show you how sometimes a good laugh with a bunch of wild women is just what you need to pull you out of a funk.  I have obscured names/faces in order to protect the not-so-innocent, and also so that Alan Rickman doesn't know who to file restraining orders against.

By the way, this string went on for 50 plus comments, and I was laughing so hard the entire time because we were like a bunch of crazy school girls.  Thanks ladies for being a bright spot in my day yesterday, having a good laugh and feeling like a silly youngster helped me a lot.  I wish more than anything we were all in the same place so that we could have an Alan Rickman movie night!  :)

On the flip side of Facebook...has anyone noticed that Facebook has majorly jumped the shark?  It's been that way for awhile, but I feel like the last year or so has been really bad.  No one is actually posting about their lives anymore, it's all people doing game invites, sharing content I'm more than likely not going to read, or starting arguments with some grand statement on politics/vaccinations/religion.  No one posts their "hey I'm getting married", or "hey here's my vacation photos" anymore.  It's pretty frustrating because I'm friends with plenty of interesting, intelligent people from all walks of life who have plenty of interesting things to post about.  But the interesting people don't seem to post anything, and the people who are in the "bless your heart" category post the conspiracy theories/memes/games what have you.  Facebook anymore is about who I'm having to hide, which seems to defeat the purpose of having it.  I think what really prompted my irritation this morning was that I opened my newsfeed and one of my friends had literally posted an autopsy picture of a murder victim.

I think the purpose of the post was "let's get justice for this person", but I was so busy doing a "holy shit, scroll, scroll, scroll" maneuver that I can't really be sure.  Maybe I'm in the minority on this, but I don't like dead bodies with my morning coffee.  Or ever.  I feel obligated to keep Facebook because I like my ladies accountability group, my greyhound group, and of course the Facebook page for Runs To Get Waisted needs to stay up.  I just wish people could get their freaking act together.

Anyway, I'm off to do breakfast and get some activity in!


  1. Yeah, you're definitely weird. I LOVE dead bodies with my morning coffee. On the daily.

    I think that's kind of what you get with social media. It evolves and changes. That's kind of why I've switched to Instagram for a lot of media updates now.

    Also, I love our group :D

    1. Yeah I find that Instagram is better for sure. Pretty pictures and less time for crazy talk, and Twitter is also growing on me quite a bit. I used to think it was stupid, but I am coming around on the value of it. I feel like I can follow what I want to follow and have any information I give a crap about in one place. I used to enjoy Facebook quite a bit, but I feel like all people do is creep my shit and never actually engage with me or anyone else.

  2. Our group is awesome even with its slight obsession with all things Michael Bolton and Alan Rickman!

    Yea, I'm firmly in the IG bandwagon too. I rarely update my blogs fb page and usually just stick to my newsfeed and our group on fb.

  3. Alan Rickman? Okay then you have to have seen Galaxy Quest (best movie EVER) and Dogma right....Tears in your eyes hilarious. But him being hot...not sure I can see that , nope....
    Not on facebook, diehard refusal, so can't join your fun group.
    However, if you are ever in Carolina for some reason, an Alan Rickman movie night sounds like a blast.

  4. I have out of town family so I try to post pics of the boys. But, a lot of times I don't post on FB other than our awesome group. I use IG but not enough. I only have it on my iPad so I don't usually have time to just scroll through it on my lunch and I forget about it at home. Social media is weird. And like you I spend half the time unfollowing people.

  5. And, man, Alan Rickman is a dreamboat. Seriously. That conversation made me laugh AGAIN just reading that snippet.

  6. I agree with Meg...that snippet made me laugh again too. Who knew? I guess I am not the cutting edge of Facebook - I still post plenty of "here is what I did and/or ate, look how odd my dog is, etc." not so much "if you don't agree with me you are stupid." Do people seriously think they are going to change someone's mind by sharing a snarky article?